Gurkha Cellar Reserve, East India Trading Co. and a Contest!

Gurkha_Cellar Reserve_MaduroAfter receiving a wonderful package from the folks at Gurkha last week, I decided to dig into some of the samples from the last IPCPR show.  As always, the folks at Gurkha have an enormous booth and always have some exciting offerings.  I’m the first to admit that I’m intimidated by the huge array of products in the Gurkha portfolio.  I haven’t smoked a tenth of the lines they produce, but the ones I have smoked have been pretty darned good!  One of my recent favorites was my Friday, end of the week treat smokes, the new Cellar Reserve Maduro. This cigar replaces the Criollo 98 wrapper with Brazilian Arapiraca, and it’s a terrific smoke loaded with black coffee and cocoa.  I was hoping to watch the lunar eclipse while smoking this, however I either missed it or it was far too subtle for my eye.  The cigar, however, wasn’t a disappointment. I was sorry when it was finished.  I’ll have to get my hands on more. I’ve enjoyed the heck out of the Gurkha Seduction (and one I had last week didn’t wow me like before, maybe they’ve aged out after only 2 years?), this Cellar Reserve Maduro (or it may be called the Limitada) may pass the Seduction as my favorite in the line.


Gurkha_EITC_Rogue RuthlessSaturday I decided to plunge into Gurkha’s East India Trading Company‘s new offerings, first off,  the Rogue Ruthless, which is a box pressed 6″ x 54 cigar with an Ecuador Habano wrapper. This was a loosely rolled cigar, and burned faster than I would have expected. It had some rich and peppery flavors and certainly held my attention.  My biggest complaint is that the bands were so hard to get off! Other than that, the bands are fine and are quite eye catching.  Nice cigar, I’d smoke it again for sure.


Gurkha_EITC_Prize FighterAfter dinner I selected the final cigar of the day, the Prize Fighter, also from Gurkha’s East India Trading Company.  This is a budget offering packaged in Fresh-lock pouches.  The cigar had a Ecuador Connecticut wrapper and was loosely rolled like it’s Rouge sibling. This is a mixed filler cigar as evidenced by the scraps of tobacco I had to keep picking out of my mouth. This, to me, is forgivable in a cigar that retails under $2.  For a cigar in that price range, it was very tasty and mild. It had the grassyness you’d expect but pleasantly smooth.  My example did have a significant tunnel at the midway point, but after it burned passed the void it was fine.  I’ve definitely smoked more expensive cigars that I enjoyed less!


Here’s a few pictures of the booth from last July’s IPCPR show:




Gurkha Prize1_102013On an related note, I’ve got some goodies laying around that I want to share with a lucky reader. This will probably be the last contest before things get crazy in December. Here’s the story:  last week I received a very nice package from the folks at Gurkha.  The package contained this really cool “can” containing one of their leatherette roll up pouches with five cigars, and a folding cigar scissors.  This was a gift to me, but Gurkha Prize2_102013I have been the beneficiary of their generosity on too many occasions and I want to share this with my readers.  I’d gladly smoke the cigars, trust me!  If this wasn’t enough, I happen to have another of the roll up pouches from last summer’s trade show, as well as one from the 2012 show, both of which have been resting in my humidors.  So there’s 15 very nice Gurkha cigars, and the really cool scissors (I’ve been really digging the Xikar MTX I got recently, this is a handy tool!).  Just leave a comment here and I’ll select a winner at random on Wednesday.  Usual contest rules apply. Thanks to Bianca at Gurkha  for the gift and for allowing me to share it with my readers!


That’s it for today!  Until the next time,





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193 Responses to Gurkha Cellar Reserve, East India Trading Co. and a Contest!

  1. Carolyn Hopkins

    Love this! I’d enter any contest if I have a chance to win some Gurkhas! Cellar Reserve is one of my favorites, no doubt!

  2. Jake Krell

    I love Gurkha and I have not bought or tried any new releases in the last two years. Actually haven’t made any cigar purchases in 2 years. Life has kept me busy. That and 5 kids. Great giveaway. Thanks for the chance.

  3. John Cooley

    That is a very enticing selection of Gurkhas!!

  4. i’ll gladly take those Gurkha cigars off your hands! how about some contest love for a canadian BOTL?

  5. Joe

    Nice article. I look forward to trying these, I wasn’t a cigar smoker until I tried gurkha..

    • Joe

      I have to get my Gurkhas sent from the USA as I can’t find a uk based supplier. So winning these would be a huge bonus

  6. ruben nieto

    Very nice,would love to win…. been thinking about taking up cigar puffing again…this would be a good starter.

  7. andrew kozak

    The prize looks great. The reviews are spot on

  8. Jeff Horn

    Agreed with previous post, your blog is an excellent read, and your generosity is most appreciated I look forward to many more fine articles, as well as hopefully more opportunities to participate in such awesome giveaways as this one thanks and keep up the good work

  9. Efren Beaumont

    Oh Wow! Here in the UK it is difficult to source Gurkha Cigars but I’ve been fortunate to try various vitolas and must say Gurkha are currently my favourite line of cigars. Thank you.

  10. Raymond Noriega

    I remember the first cigar I ever had, a Wicked Indie by East India Trading Co. From choosing that one in particular out of the hundreds in the humidor, to the Gurkha Beauty I smoked just this afternoon I have yet to be disappointed by a sick produced by K.Hansotia. Being in Korea for the next few years decent quality cigars are a bit hard to come by and anything would be appreciated especially some fine Gurkha specimens such as the ones you’re allowing one lucky reader to take home. Well regardless of winning or not you’ve definitely gained another consistent reader on your blog thanks for all the cigar reviews and best of luck with all your endeavors!

  11. Kristopher Miller

    I saw a link to your blog from Gurka’s FB page. Great write-up! I have bookmarked your site and look forward to reading more!

  12. David Simmons

    I haven’t tried any of the East India offerings yet but my current favorite, despite it’s rating, is the Evil XO.

  13. Mario Hernandez

    “The Best Jerry, The Best,” never smoked a bad Ghurka!

  14. John Kundt

    New to your site but love the reviews. Keep it up!!! #Gurkhaforlife!

  15. Drew D

    In it to win it!

  16. John Butler

    Great blog. Thanks for the reviews. Very unique contest prize.

  17. Michael Barrett

    Good Blog.

  18. Boozefighter Stogey

    Not only would I luv to win those cigars, I would really luv to smoke them. I have tried the Ruthless and like it, as I do most of the Gurka cigars.

  19. Todd B

    Hokey Smokes! What a great giveaway. Wait, I didn’t mean hokey smokes to sound bad, that was a Rocket J. Squirrel quote!

  20. bobhh

    Cool package with great cigars!

  21. Larry Conn

    Gurkha Gurkha Gurkha!

  22. matt winstel

    a Gurkha gift pack like that one makes Christmas shopping hard for the wife – can’t top this!

  23. Craig…nice sacks….lets see..sample 1/2 …donate the rest to Cigars For Warriors….that would be my overall enjoyment…..

  24. Devin D

    This is a nice package.

  25. grem

    I also have trouble getting the bands off of Gurkhas. But small price to pay for great cigars. Cheers.

  26. That leatherette is really interesting. How well does it hold humidity?

    Thanks for hosting a contest Craig!

  27. Scott Harman

    Gurkha dedication is sitting outside in my 30 degree garage (northern indiana) enoying a Cellar Reserve. It’s damn cold and rainy but i’m enjoying it! Thanks for the chance to win! I think my hands are numb!

  28. Tom Cali

    It’s never boring when you smoke a Gurkha! I even have two Grand Reserves that I have set aside with a bottle of Scotch for a special occasion! it would be great to win something new to smoke.

  29. michael preston

    Sweet case! Saw those before, thought they may actually be useful. Maybe ill find out. Had a cellar reserve last night in fact

  30. Michael

    Great stuff. Gurkha is my favorite.

  31. I would love to win. Can’t find gurkha’s in Cincinnati!

  32. Chris Burger

    I’m a SWAT team leader and before every raid I smoke a Gurhka 1887 black lable, I would love to try these out and I might share a couple with my team members… Nah I’ll let them stand next to me

  33. Tom Morales

    Love Cellar Reserve and Ghost! Keep em coming!

  34. Peter Holowatenko

    Nice article. I will definitely have to come back to check out your new articles. I’ve enjoyed a few Ghurkas and am looking forward to my next one. Have a great day and very nice of you to pass your giveaway to someone else.

  35. Chris Burger

    Sounds like some really great cigars, Gurhka has always put out great cigars at fair prices

  36. Warren G

    That is a awesome Selection Gurkha Cigars in those wraps. A true smokers dream. Nice variety from mild to full. That’s something that would make my smoking day. I love everything Gurkha…….

  37. SJ

    Nice review. Going to try the Cellar Reserve Maduro based on your recommendation!

  38. Derwin Villanueva


    All of the above…

  39. Jacob hommer

    Sir, I recently began paying much more attention to cigars during my most recent deployment. It gave me much needed time to contemplate and decompress whilst jotting down notes on what I did or did not enjoy about the cigar. Needless to say, it was a hell of a pastime. My father, a much more seasoned aficionado of cigars kept me pretty well stocked and I saved some Gurkhas to smoke with him when I got home. It has become a tradition of ours to enjoy some sticks on the deck when I am home and catch up. If i were selected for the prize, I would love to make this a great gift for my dad this Christmas and if I am not, than you have a reader who just discovered your page and enjoys reading your thoughts.


    Jake H

  40. This is certainly the 2nd blog, of your website I really read.
    But yet I really love this specific one, “Gurkha Cellar Reserve, East India Trading Co.

    and a Contest! | CigarCraig’s Blog” the best. Thanks ,Oliver

  41. Andre Barthels

    Love to win it, me and my friends enjoy a good Gurkha smoke whenever possible and I can see their eyes pop out seeing me opening the leatherette!

  42. chekk12

    Great stuff.keep it coming.