Guest Take A Cigar For A Walk Review: Tommy Berry and a Pirates Gold!

Here’s another update from our intrepid TACFAW (Take A Cigar For A Walk) reporter, Tommy Berry:

Hello folks! I hope that everyone had a great Memorial Day weekend…I know I did and got to do some fishing with the kids…as well as smoke several great cigars. One in particular that I want to review is the “Pirate’s Gold Rothschild” that I smoked this weekend during a walk. I received this cigar from a friend of mine over at I had never heard of these before, so I knew nothing about them. After a little research, I found that they are priced between $1-$1.50 each, what a value. I like value sticks sometimes, but the key word there is “sometimes”. Most companies think they need to cut back on body and flavor to hit the “cheap cigar” mark. I can tell you that the folks that made this one did no such thing…it was great. With its Robusto size, Ecuador wrapper and Nicaraguan and Brazilian filler…it was a great little smoke!


I began my walk just after lighting it. It smelled awesome, as this one had some age on it per the sender. It stayed lit without any problems, lasted me a good 90 minutes to the nub…and yes, I smoked this sucker down to the nub. Overall, I really enjoyed and would recommend this smoke. I see that you can find these at a few places sometimes for a 20 pack, less than $20! I’d try another!


I started boot camp last week and it is killing me…but I am loving it! This Marine (and she’s a tough lady) is exactly what I have needed! She is also really helping me out with my diet…and I am still eating good, just added some things and took away a few others that I can live without. I can already tell the difference. I will give you more information on it once I get through a few weeks…if I survive.


We had some delays on our home purchase, however it is still moving forward and we hope to be in the new home by the end of June. I will be sure to keep you posted!


Craig, thank you for allowing me this time…you do great work and I appreciate it!


Long ashes to ya!


Thanks Tommy, and I’m glad to hear that the Boot Camp is working for you!  Look forward to hearing more about your progress!  As far as the home buying goes, if it is meant to be it will happen.   Usually the way it works is that the deal may fall through, and the next week you’ll see on the news it blew up in some strange methane explosion or something.  What will be, will be! You’ll be thrilled when it happens!

I grabbed a Puro Indios Viejo toro for my walk, thinking that this cigar is a cousin of sorts to the Pirates Gold.  I’ve enjoyed these in the past, and they are usually dirt cheap.  This one smoked like it was dirt cheap, but the flavor was good.  I always liked the Puros Indios flavors, but back in the ’90s they were known for being plagued with construction issues.  “Dowel Rod” and “Tent Peg” were frequent comparisons. This one had a loose enough draw, bu the smoke production was just off, as if it was over-humidified, which would be strange since I smoke out of the same humidor all the time.  Anyway, after my walk, about half way through it straightened itself our and was an acceptable smoke.  If you can find these for $20 -$25 a bundle go for it, especially in the corona size, they are a bona fide value.


Contest Winners!

I’m sorry to say that of the 8 entries in this weeks contest, only 5 are eligible per the rules.  The lucky recipients of the C-Gars Ltd. Ring Gauge Guides as chosen by the random number generator on are Chris McCann and none other than Tommy Berry (whom I couldn’t think of a good reason to disqualify!).  I should have both of your addresses around here someplace, so I’ll drop these in the mail tomorrow (unless you want to help me out with an e-mail and save me some digging)!  Thanks to all who entered.  I am planning to have another nice cigar contest in the next couple weeks, so stay tuned!

That’s it for now.  Thank again to Tommy Berry Jr. for his contribution, and, as always, I wish him the best of luck in his various endeavors!  Keep it up, man!

Until the next time,


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  1. Wayne Nye

    These sound great Craig! Looking for some today!