Guest Take a Cigar for a Walk Review: DB Takes a Bolivar for a “Mow”!

Here’s a great twist on “Take a Cigar For A Walk” by our favorite serviceman, DB Dronnoff.  I always love when I read about, or see, someone enjoying a high end cigar while doing something so mundane as mowing the lawn!  We have our “yard ‘gars”, but why not enjoy a killer smoke while doing something that may be considered boring or routine!  So, without further ado, here’s DB:

After reading many of Craig’s Cigar Walk reviews I thought it was time to get off my @$& and submit a review myself.  This time I decided instead of just a walk I would also do something constructive (Honey-do’s) like mowing the grass.  So here goes my “Take a cigar on a mow” submital.

It was a unusually sunny day here in the Suffolk region of the UK, and my grass had started to get out of control.  Before I cranked up my trusty mower, I reached into my humidor and pulled out a cigar I have been dying to sample.  A Bolivar Libertadores Exclusivo Francia that was gifted to me by a fellow BOTL from France.  The Bolivar Petit Libertador is a 2008 France regional edition and comes in at 4” (102mm) by 50, making it a petit robusto.

After several pulls on the mover cord and a a test run, I lite up this little powerhouse for what I was assured would be a great experience. This cigar has the classic Bolivar band, with a second band which reads Exclusivo Francia. Immediately at the start I detected a creamy taste that ended up extending about halfway through this 4″ cigar.  Midway through my mow and about halfway into the cigar a light citrus zestiness started and ended up continuing until the end of the cigar.  This surprising flavor makes it a wonderful summer smoke when you don’t want anything too heavy…Like mowing your yard.

The burn of this cigar was quite even despite smoking it outside walking around.  I have found that in these cases the shifting winds tend to force the cigar to burn uneven.  That didn’t happen to the Bolivar, maybe it was just luck.  The ash was a light solid texture mixed with peppery flakes.  It never really had a chance to grow longer than 1.5″ due to my marching up and down the yard pushing the mower.

I soon finished my mowing task and retired to a chair out back to finish enjoying this fine cigar…without working up a sweat.  Bottom line: Apart from being a gorgeous looking cigar, the Bolivar Libertadores is an amazing smoke, with a light citrus zestiness throughout.

Another day in beautiful England is now comming to an end.  If your looking for a cigar to enjoy during your next mowing experience, enjoy it with the Bolivar Exclusivo Francia.

Aim High,


Thanks again to DB for the excellent report on what most of us consider a very special cigar!   As for myself, I had a fine Memorial day at the Delaware Park racetrack watching the ponies and enjoying a Joya de Nicaragua Cabinetta Robusto.  This line extension is one of my favorite cigars lately.  No matter what size, they always deliver a nice smoking experience all the way around.  I do need to get my hands on more of the Lanceros though.  It was awfully fun watching them being rolled in the factory!

After we got home, I decided on a short smoke, an El Titan de Bronze Hemingway.  This little Cameroon wrapped perfecto had been sitting in the humidor since August of 2008 when I got it at the IPCPR show.  I’ve had a few of them many years ago and was never really impressed, but this one was a gem!  If they changed something over the years, it was for the better in my opinion. Great little cigar. Sadly, as I research this a little, I don’t see this size listed on the webpage.  It was a 4″ x 46ish perfecto, not unlike a Fuente Short Story.

That’s about it for now. Watch for a another TACFAW report from Tommy Berry, Jr. coming soon!

Until the next time


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3 Responses to Guest Take a Cigar for a Walk Review: DB Takes a Bolivar for a “Mow”!

  1. Tommy Berry (quo155)

    That is a great idea! That’s actually how I started out “walking with a cigar” in the first place. I generally smoke a good stick each time I mow…makes it much more interesting (the mowing!). Great review!!!

  2. TriMarkC

    Nice review! So did the smell of cut grass mess w any of the flavors or aromas?

  3. DB

    Thanks for your comments! No the grass smell went so well with the cigar flavors/aromas. Nothing finer than cut grass…Add a cigar and ya got the true experience of summertime!

    DB (USAFCigar)

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