Guest Review: Diesel Unlimited d.5 by Tommy Berry Jr. – Sunday October 24, 2010

My name is Tommy and man do I love a great cigar…at any time of the day! I smoke on a regular basis and try to get at least one in a day. I have been smoking throughout the past fifteen years. I was born and raised in East Texas and currently live with my wonderful wife and three kids. I love the Lord and all of the things that He has put into my life. Besides smoking cigars, I enjoy spending time with my family, listening to records, hunting, fishing, working with wood in my shop, watching sports and my day job of working for a local Architect firm. I also enjoy spending time on the internet buying, researching, reviewing, and chatting with other BOTL’s about cigars. Please feel free to email me if you ever have any questions regarding cigars. If I don’t know the answer, I can sure point you to the right source.

Diesel Unlimited

The Diesel Unlimited is the latest of three cigars created by masterblender AJ Fernandez. This cigar was recently released during the 2010 IPCPR in New Orleans. The previous two cigars in this line are the Diesel Unholy Cocktail and the Diesel Shorty, both great smokes for full body cigar lovers. AJ is also known for many other brands that he has created, such as the Rocky Patel Fusion, Man O’ War, and the Padilla Habano.


I recently ordered me a box of these, after trying one from a friend. I ordered and will be reviewing the d.5 (5.5×54), one of several sizes in this line. These come in boxes of 20 from anywhere between $59 to $89, nicely bundled with burlap in a great looking, yet simple cedar box. These cigars retail for around $3.50/a stick…a great price for a well made, full body smoke…packing lots of punch and flavor!


I paired this tasting with a glass of ice cold water! I did not want anything else to come through from any spirits…so that I could enjoy the stick as a whole…and all by its lonesome!

Cigar…before the smoke:

Let me explain the cigar as it appears. As you may be able to see in the photos, this has a very dark, Honduran Ligero wrapper that is grown in the Copan region of Honduras. It is quiet oily in appearance and has been crafted beautifully. This is one of the best looking cigars that I have seen. The cold draw had a very nice draw to it and it held hints of chocolate. This cigar has a very nice feel to it…a nice hefty cigar for its size. On a side note, I am beginning to realize that I really enjoy this particular size of a cigar, as I love the fell of its shape in my hand and mouth.


After lighting this cigar, it burned quiet unevenly for about the first 10 puffs. However, with a little help from a single torch lighter, I was able to even it up myself…and the rest of the cigar held an outstandingly even burn. It also held a rather cool burn throughout the cigar, down to the nub! The only other issue I had (besides the initial uneven burn) was that it went out one time, at about the halfway point. I was able to quickly get it relit without compromising its flavors. I would like to add that this cigar also had a perfect, easy draw while smoking.

The ash on this cigar held a “salt and pepper” appearance while holding its ash for about an inch and a half before falling off when I placed it on my ashtray. It continued this appearance throughout the entire smoke.

The smoke was very aromatic (flavors listed below) and was white with hints of light blue in color. A beautiful colored smoke to me!


The Diesel Unlimited held a very nutty flavor. It often reminded me of almonds and walnuts…with even an occasional hint of pecans. The nuttiness lasted through most of the cigar. It also had hints of black pepper, some hints of coffee beans, and the occasional hint of chocolate and leather. If I had to pick one flavor that stood out for me, it would be the nuttiness…which was a nice change from other smokes that sometimes can contain too much “pepper”.

In regards to the overall flavor and strength, this cigar is a full body smoke…but to me, a well seasoned smoker, it was a bit on the mild side…which was great as it allowed me to be able to successfully pull out individual flavors for this review…as well as my enjoyment! This also allows folks that do not smoke often, or are new to the scene…to be able to enjoy this cigar without making themselves sick…that’s a plus!


If you are either a long time cigar smoker, or a beginner…this cigar is one I highly recommend you try. You can’t beat the price with this quality, the flavors are awesome, and it should be rated well in any other review. At this point, I can’t honestly say that I like it more than the Unholy Cocktail (which is on my top 5 list)…but it sure gets close, and on the same token…coming from the same line of AJ’s cigars…it was a nice change. I am glad that I bought a box of these!

Tommy Berry, Jr.

Many thanks to Tommy for writing up a very nice review. I’m envious of those who can put their tastes into words like this. I will attempt to include more guest reviews in the future.

That’s it for now,




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  1. I have had five of these out of a box and I must say that your review is spot on. I personally like these better than the Unholy Cocktail because to me these have a more refreshing and light character to them. Even though it is strong it could probably be smoked earlier in the day. Plus I am a stickler for a cigar having enough sweetness and this one has quite a bit. Great job on the review.

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