Gran Habano STK Baracuda and a Marcus Daniel Cigars Kiev and a Video

GranHabanoSTK_Baracuda_MaduroIt’s been a slow smoking week for me, the bitter cold here having some bearing on that.  So I figured it would be a good time so smoke some new, interesting and unusual cigars.  Friday I decided to spark up the Baracuda Maduro that the the folks at Gran Habano had sent me a few months ago. This was presented at last summer’s IPCPR show, and features a Pennsylvania Broadleaf wrapper, not something you typically see!  The wrapper was a few shades lighter than a typical maduro, and it had a totally different flavor than I have come to expect from a cigar labeled “maduro”.  That being said, the flavor was exceptional! Very different and unique, with frequent flavor changes that made it very interesting. One moment there would be some coffee flavors, the next some earth and pepper. This was a very entertaining cigar to smoke and I’ll be on the look out for a couple more to see if the experience repeats.


MarcusDanielKiev_LR_Gran ParejoA couple months ago a recent;y retired former co-worker returned from a wedding in Florida where he met a cigar roller who was demonstrating his skill at the wedding.  Knowing I  am a cigar fan, this gentlemen managed to procure some samples after chatting up the gentleman rolling, who was, apparently, Marcus Daniel Morine, the proprietor of Marcus Daniel Tobacconist in Olde Naples, Florida.  The three cigars I was given were all on the larger side, and I wanted to give them some humidor time before smoking them, as I had no idea how long they had been out of the humidor and wanted to give them the best opportunity to present themselves as the blender intended.  There were two of the Dominican made Kiev line of cigars, a “Cloud Grown” Ecuador Connecticut, and a Habano Limited Reserve, and a Miami made Marcus Daniel® Habano.  I chose the darker of the three last night for my evening walk and cigar, the Kiev LR Gran Parejo. This is a substantial cigar, 6½” x 57, well made, with an easy draw.  My example had a bit of damage on the foot, which I never noticed at all when smoking.  It burned perfectly and had pleasant flavors on the medium bodied side.  As I’m writing this and doing a little research, I came across the price list for these on their website and I don’t think I would buy this cigar in the $45 price bracket. I was a bit stunned at that pricing. For me, it was a good, $8 or$9 cigar, nothing so special to warrant that kind of pricing (really, what cigar does?), but it was a nice, satisfying smoke.


Since I’m a little light on content this time, I thought I’d share a neat video that I was asked to watch and share.  Frank Correnti Cigars in Toronto, Canada, has been making what were called “Clear Havanas” in the ’50s. They hand make cigars from Havana leaf, and claim to be the only factory doing that in Canada.  I’ve never smoked their cigars, but I’ve heard of them over the years, and the folks at Notion Boulevard did a really nice job with this video.  Thanks to Zack there for passing this along.



That’s if for today. Not sure what’s on my schedule, but I may try another one of the cigars from Marcus Daniel, or I may rummage around for something else that strikes me as interesting, I rarely know until I dive into the humidors what I’m going to smoke at any given time.  So, until the next time,





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  1. John Hateley

    That Gran Habano sounds tasty, I’ll definitely be on the lookout.

  2. Commish

    Good to know about the new Habano. I’ve had some of their others and not high on them. Willing to give this one a chance.

  3. Dan Colley

    I am in agreement with you about a random dive into the humidor. I rarely know what I am going to light up until the lid comes up on that wonderful smelling wooden box. Sometimes it’s planned, but most times not.

    Right now, I’m in hog’s heaven. Our GC forum had a contest that I won. The prize was 75 (yes, seventy-five) cigars. I’ll be smoking a lot of frontmarks and vitolas that I’ve never tried. There wasn’t a single hound dog in the lot !!! It will also help me when budget time comes around !!! I know that I could never afford that AF Anejo that was in the prize pack. What a nice cigar that one was !!!

    Anyway, wish you could be here where the weather is warm, the skies are blue, and the breezes light.

  4. JScott

    Thanks for the video. I’m watching it during my Packers vs the Cowboys game. Packers aren’t lighting it up by any means. Maybe Aaron Rodgers should have had a Gran Habano before the game. It couldn’t hurt!

  5. JScott

    Wow! Pack just beat the Cowboys. Maybe Rodgers did have a Gran Habano at halftime!

  6. BImpson

    Great video Craig. The passion comes through. Thanks for sharing.

  7. Nice video! I have enjoyed it throughout. Thanks for sharing with us.

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