General Cigar’s New Site, a My Uzi Weighs a Ton and a 1502 Emerald

PrintThe news came down today that General Cigar Co. launched their new website at I probably signed up for membership on the site in 1997, and somehow or other I won a couple boxes of Macanudos, a box of 25 Price of Wales and a box of 10 Prince Philip.  For a newbie such as I was, these boxes were quite a treat, and I have fond memories of taking my kids trick-or treating on Halloween for a couple hours enjoying one of those giant cigars.  I never quite got into web forums, but not long ago started making random appearances on the CigarWorld forums.  I know I have a handful of loyal readers that are regulars there.  From just a little bit of poking around, I see that the “Products” section is a big improvement over the old site. I used to get frustrated that I couldn’t find a size chart, or when I did it was a .PDF file.  Now you can easily find the sizes in a given marque, as well as some blend information.  I’m happy to see that one of the biggest cigar companies out there has updated their site to accurately reflect their product offerings.  Well Done!


MyUziWeighsATon_DigitalSon6A few weeks ago I received a pair of the My Uzi Weighs a Ton Digital Son 6 coronas from Will at This size is exclusive to Outland Cigars in North Carolina.  I recently gave away some MUWAT Baitfish, which were originally an exclusive for another shop, but have now been released to regular production.  I still haven’t smoked a Baitfish, and I have to admit that the 60 ring original MUWATs were not really what I expected.  I thought they were a little bland, quit honestly.  Not the case with the Digital Son 6 (and I would guess the Baitfish), as I found this to be a super tasty smoke.  It had some spice, it had some sweetness, and it was really a brilliant smoke.  As per normal, I smoked it while walking the dog on a brisk Monday evening before a Flyers game.  Many Thanks to Will for passing this on to me, I will smoke the second one soon as I won’t be able to keep myself from it.  Jonathan Drew and the Folks at Joya de Nicaragua hit a home run with this size.


1502_Emerald_ToroTuesday evening I smoked a 1502 Emerald Toro. I was waiting to smoke this until warmer weather, my though process being that it was a milder cigar,  not appropriate for winter smoking.  I heard through the grapevine that it was loaded with flavor, so I couldn’t wait any longer.  This is a nice box pressed toro, 6 x 50, and like the Ruby and the Black Gold, it features the wrapper folded over the foot of the cigar.  This gives a burst of the wrapper flavor off the light, which is really quite unique and interesting.  The cigar is solidly medium and full of flavor.  To say that this is my least favorite of the line isn’t really fair to the cigar, it’s a stellar cigar.  It I were to rank the three lines, the Emerald would be Excellent, the Ruby Amazing and the Black Gold Un-freaking-believable.  The 1502 line is exceptional, and thanks to Gary Griffith for sending me some to try.  I look forward to smoking more of these and meeting Enrique Sánchez, I don’t know how I didn’t meet him at the Delaware Cigar Festival.


My hosting provider change has occurred, and I hope everything looks and acts the same as it did before!  I’m still trying to figure the e-mail out, so if you need to reach me, send me a direct tweet (@cigarcraig), or leave me a comment.  I should have it all fixed up soon.  The process was daunting and stressful, but the support at was very good and walked me through everything.  I’m pleased with their service so far, please let me know if you see any problems!


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3 Responses to General Cigar’s New Site, a My Uzi Weighs a Ton and a 1502 Emerald

  1. Dennis

    Everything looks good to me!

  2. Thanks for the mini-review Craig. I do agree with you, I think both of the smaller UZI sizes, the Bait Fish and Digital Son 6, both focus the flavors of the UZI blend. Glad you enjoyed it!

    • Thanks for the comment JB! I actually haven’t had the Baitfish yet (although there are still a bunch in the “contest” humidor, thanks!). I’ll have to pick a few up the next time I see them in a shop. If they are anything like the S6 I’ll be very happy.