General Cigar Dominicana Trip – Day Two Photos and Summary

Day two of out visit to General Cigar covered a lot of ground (so to speak).  We visited the tobacco processing, rolling and packaging and growing.

We started with a visit to the filler processing facility, where we saw the stripping, sorting, and preparation for storage in the warehouse.

From there we toured the rolling galleries and all of the finishing operations.  What strikes me besides the absolute enormity of the operation is the controls in place at every step.  It’s no wonder that you rarely have a bad cigar from General.  Every employee we were introduced to had been there for 10, 15, 30 years and loves what they do.

We finished the day with a tour of one of their farms from the seeds being planted to seedlings being planted in the fields.  Again, plants as far the eye can see.  It’s very early in the growing season so the fields are filled with tiny seedlings, I can only imagine how beautiful it will be in a few months when they are mature.

Following the tours we dined at a gazebo overlooking the valley, where we had an opportunity to hang around and chat with members of the management including el Jefe, Dan Carr.  There was a little rain and lightning, and some bats, but no one noticed much.   It was a terrific end to a long and informative day.

I’ve included some more photos of the day, once again, I’ll work on captioning them at a later date.

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2 Responses to General Cigar Dominicana Trip – Day Two Photos and Summary

  1. Swede214

    Hi Craig, I now that you are busy, but just have to say that this is very interesting, and the photos are great, thanks.

    • Thanks for the comment. It’s been a blast, lots of great information. I’t amazing to see and I will do my best to share my experiences with you over the coming weeks,