General Cigar Dominicana Trip – Day Three Photos and Summary

Day 3 was very busy. We received the tobacco for our blends, learned to bunch that tobacco and put it into molds, toured the box factory, wrapped our cigars then took a trip to the Centro Leon museum and the monument which inspired the La Gloria Cubana Obilesco.


The day wrapped up with dinner at Camp David Ranch with spectacular views of Santiago and delicious food and company. An awards ceremony of sorts ended the day with our own blend Macanudos presented to us, a special sampler commemorating the trip, a box of La Gloria Cubana Artesanos Retro and a certificate.


It was a fantastic trip, General Cigar really went out of their way to welcome us and show us every facet of the cigar production. We were provided with cigars to smoke along the way, and many of us became reacquainted with cigars we had forgotten about. I really enjoyed the Macanudo Maduros, Crü Royale and 1968, what they refer to as the yellow box Partagas and the Partagas Black, as well as the regular old La Gloria Cubana Wavell and the Retro. I’m sure it sounds like I’m “drinking he kool aid”, but General Cigar is a company that has it’s act together. They take care of their people, they make extremely high quality cigars that taste great, and care about what they are doing. Thank you to everyone involved for making my last 4 days a memorable experience, especially Victoria McKee Jaworski who did a terrific job setting this whole thing up.

That’s it for now, stay tuned for more detailed reports over the coming weeks!

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  1. Mark Reinhold

    Boy , putting cigars together sounds like Boondoggle II. Wish I could be down there with you . Enjoying reading this


  2. Swede214

    Hi Craig, looking forward to reading more about your ”cigars days”.

  3. Lloyd L.

    I really want to go on a cigar factory tour like the General Cigars tour. That sounds like a great experience.

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