Galano Primero Cigars from Ybor City

Galano Cigars is a boutique manufacturer in Ybor City, Florida that makes handmade cigars in several varieties. They have a Classico line, with a Connecticut shade wrapped robusto and Toro and Torpedos with a natural wrapper. They have the Selecto line, same sizes with a Habano wrapper. Then at the top of the scale is the Primero, the extremely limited toro that’s 6½” x 52 or 54 with a pigtail and packaged in nifty clear plastic boxes. I was the fortunate recipient of some of the Primeros, and smoked one the other night. These are limited to 2500 cigars,  and have a very rustic Pennsylvania Broadleaf wrapper finished with a pigtail with, due to the way they are packaged, is squished flat, giving the appearance of a cigar that hasn’t had a cap applied. It pops up with a little coaxing. The PA wrapper is the only detail available, I did a lot of searching and didn’t find a lot out about this line at all, except what they present on their website. As a matter of fact, I searched and for “Galano” and came up with nothing on either site. I must have the exclusive!

Galano_PrimeroI categorize the Galano Primero as a maduro cigar, which is a good cold-weather choice for me, and I love the PA Broadleaf. I have to assume the filler of this cigar is Nicaraguan, that’s the vibe I got anyway. For a super-premium cigar at a very high price, I wonder about using what many would say is an ugly wrapper, it certainly doesn’t look the part of a refined and elegant $20+ cigar. It is made in the US, and it is very limited,  which I’m sure plays into the price. I’ve come across other US-based boutiques with high price tags, the Marcus Daniel line comes to mind. I give full credit to the torcedors for the perfect construction and draw on this cigar, and it has loads of great flavor. Dark, lush flavors with a bunch of sweet spice, dark fruit, coffee and cocoa. I loved it, it was really quite good, and I’ll definitely smoke it again. I’m not sure I wouldn’t buy three Nica Rusticas, or a bunch of other mid-priced cigars, over one of these, but it’s certainly a cigar worth trying and enjoying.  I’m appreciative of the opportunity, this cigar is worthy of recognition. This factory is now on my list of places to visit the next time I find myself in Ybor City (which will be the first time!).


That’s all for now, I’m trying to decide if I want to go to a cigar event tomorrow night or not. I’ve got the winter blues I guess, and my back porch is quite comfortable with the propane heater, going out after a long day at work is something I really have to talk myself into. Anyway, that’s all for now, until the next time,








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  1. Dan Colley

    Craig, when you decide to go down to Ybor City, let me know. Maybe we could hook up. I live about a two-hour drive from Tampa. It’s been a while since I’ve been there and I surely could use a classic Spanish dinner at the Columbian Restaurant.

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