First Wednesday Contest Two Days Late, and a Kilo Cigar

I missed the Wednesday post, it’s been a hellish week at work, so I blew it off. I asked on the Facebook page if anyone minded if I posted it late and the sentiment was positive.  It seems people love the chance to score some freebies!  So I rummaged through the humidor and pulled out about 10 cigars and found some other odds and ends. More on that later, I have a couple of cigars I want to talk about first!



Kilo_RobustoI signed up for The Cigar Authority Care Package, which is a monthly care package of cigars that they are going to smoke on the show during the course of the month, so I dropped the folks at 2 Guys a note asking to include a couple of the new Kilo cigar (and charge me for them) that is the creation of Barry Stein. Barry created a version of this cigar when he was working for Miami Cigar and Co., and it’s been re-imagined through the United Cigar Group and made by Noel Rojas who makes the Guayacan line.  I received the care package along with the Kilo cigars last week and smoked a robusto this week.  The cigar is made up of an Ecuadorian habano wrapper,  with Nicaraguan Corojo 2006 binder and three ligero fillers from Aganorsa and Rojas’ farms.  This is a strong cigar, with lots of flavor.  It burned perfectly, much like the Guayacan toro I smoked later in the week to compare. Kudos to Barry for realizing a dream and bringing a very nice cigar to market. Good smoke, but not for the feint of heart. The idea behind the care package is to smoke the cigar that corresponds with the show, preferably while watching The Cigar Authority show live on Saturdays. I generally find myself listening to the podcast version during the week, so I try to remember to smoke the cigar while listening. there have been some spectacular cigar included in the packages I’ve received. It’s an entertaining show and is in my regular rotation.




contestI pulled some favorites out of the humidor, as well as a sampler of Southern Draw cigars, and a Stage V Cigar Clinger.  The Southern Draw sampler includes a Kudzu, a Firethorn and a Quick Draw Pennsylvania, all tasty smokes from the A.J. Fernandez factory. Also included is a Nica Rustica Belly, an Arandoza White Robusto, a Classic Cigar Habano Blend from East India Trading Co., a Tortuga Reserva Cedro Belicoso, a Buena Vista Short Churchill, a Six-Sixty Robolo and a Black Abyss Toro (the last two from the factory that makes Aging Room and Señoreal).  All cigars I like to smoke.  It’s hard to say what else might fall into the shipping box when it goes out. Usual rules apply, if you’ve won in the past few months you’re out, just leave a comment here to enter. I’ll pick a winner next Wednesday (maybe), November 11, 2015.


That’s it for now, until the next time,






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  1. Mark Pousard

    Sign me up!!

  2. Brian Impson

    Holy mackerel. That’s quite a prize package for something you just threw together. I don’t think anyone will complain about being two days late. We just appreciate your continued support of our shared passion for the cigar lifestyle.

  3. Dave

    Looks great!

  4. Derek C.

    Thanks for the contest! I enjoy reading your blog posts!

  5. Great prize Craig.. Any chance you’re coming to Vegas for the Big Smoke?

  6. Tommy D

    Nice prize pack Craig. Enjoy the weekend.

  7. great contest. great review of the Kilo!

  8. Curt williams

    Pick me please

  9. Thanks for the opportunity Craig. Good luck everyone.

  10. Texican8

    I can’t wait to try that Kilo!

  11. Jerry B

    Looks like a nice sampler. Thanks Craig. Have a nice weekend.

  12. Kevin Shahan

    Looks like a great haul!

  13. Allinton

    Put me in

  14. Matt Wells

    Thanks for the chance!

  15. Craig

    Great contest. Thanks.

  16. jjo

    Sounds like Barry has produced a winner. Good for him!

  17. Swede214

    As always, Thanks for your contests.

  18. Chris Matt

    Another great contest. Good luck everyone. Thanks Craig!

  19. James Appello

    All good smokes in this group!

  20. Donald Santos

    Those are some awesome looking cigars

  21. As always, a great group of cigars you chose to pass along, thanks for the contest!

  22. Jake P.

    I was really looking forward to your thoughts on Barry’s KILO. Glad it was enjoyable. Might have to sell (read: rent) Dog out for some extra cash to order some, lol.

  23. fich

    Gee, I’ve never won anything before.

  24. schon garrison

    Great contest. Thanks

  25. Jared

    Excellent review.

  26. Wow, that’s some prize package! Thanks for the contest. 🙂

  27. Zeegarboy

    Please put me in. Who Dey!

  28. Matthew Denico

    As always interesting

  29. mike

    find myself car shopping unexpectedly , due to a deer. any of these would go great in the new one, thanks craig

  30. Eric Sturm

    This is awesome! Talk to you Wednesday:)

  31. Great prize pack for the last minute. Thanks for the contest. Enjoy your post.

  32. jay

    criag, thanks for another great contest!

  33. John Hateley

    Love Southern Draw, thanks for the contest(s)!

  34. So close I can almost taste em.

  35. Tim Brannon

    Thanks Craig!

  36. Duane Holmes

    I was lucky enough to have been given a Kilo by Berry when he first came out with them. It was an outstanding smoke!

  37. Lloyd Ladrillono

    I’m a fan of Barry since he had his own blog. Hoping to find a KILO around these parts.

  38. Mike Perry

    How have the Cigar Authority Care Packages been? I thought about subscribing to that deal, just haven’t gotten around to it yet. You think it’s worth it?

  39. Matt Ross

    Thanks, Craig – as always!

  40. Bob langmaid

    Man, I would love to try that Kilo!! Thanks for the giveaway opportunity!

  41. Commish

    Love the Freebie’s!

  42. paul1954

    wow! I must live in bum-f@#k-egypt to not have heard of those Southern Draw cigars before, but please send some my way. thanks for the contest!

  43. smoke770


  44. nice, would love to add those bad boys to the humi!!!

  45. Charlie H.

    Thanks so much Craig! I’m feeling lucky! I really need some Secret Santa material!

  46. Patrick

    Always look forward to your reviews. That sounds like a very bold cigar.

  47. JScott

    Thanks for allowing me to smoke vicariously through you!

  48. Nick Kalamotousakis

    Nice contest

  49. Shneor Ashkenazi

    Thanks for your contest.

  50. Steve C

    Thanks for all your great work, and the great contests too.

  51. What a great prize. Great, premium cigar selections. It would make anyone’s week for sure. Fingers-crossed!

  52. KRUK

    Hmmmm… TORTUGA!!! Nice set of sticks you have there sir!

    • Mike Perry

      Hey KRUK, does Craig let you use KRUK, or does he require a real name for his blog comments…? 😉

  53. Steve W.

    Love the blog

  54. Bruce Wienckowski

    Love Barry! Miss his Fantasy Football League!

  55. Joe K

    I haven’t tried Southern Draw yet

  56. Dan Colley

    You know me and Tortugas. I’m a player !!!

  57. Patrick

    Ok I’m going with a higher post number today. Thanks Craig.

  58. Jesus C.

    Thanks for the contest

  59. Adrian quick

    Love the contests and the selection from your humidor.

  60. Great selection….Light ’em up!

  61. Looks like an awesome selection. Happy to have an opportunity to to win the is sampling.

  62. Jared

    Great giveaway!!!!

  63. Lonnie w. Brooks

    Ah man, what a giveaway, I hope my number comes up! Thanks Craig for offering a great contest!

  64. KOPTim

    Are you planning another visit to Cigar Mojo in KOP ?

  65. Paul May (officer Paul)

    Love the Kilo. Got a box from Primo in Santa Fe during the release party and picked up what could be the last box in a store from the same place a year later. Haven’t tried the new one yet, need to get one of those.

  66. Tim

    This is a great give away! Cheers.

  67. DJ Kozerow

    Love to try the smokes you mentioned. So many new sticks, I can’t decide which ones to try.

  68. Theo B

    Wow what an awesome giveaway. Would love to try some of your favorites.

  69. Ken Fellenstein

    Great contest!! Would love to try these!!

  70. Jeff Ketcham

    Finally got to try a Frog Splash, have searched obsessively since you wrote about them. Great and unique “little” cigar. This contest looks awesome too, sign me up!

  71. Yossi A

    GR8 contest!

  72. Malcolm

    Wow, I could use some sticks here in AZ! Dig the site!