First Wednesday Contest featuring a Gurkha IPCPR Toro Sampler

Gurkha SamplerIt’s the first Wednesday of the month, so it’s Contest time! This month’s giveaway is a six-pack of Gurkha cigars from the IPCPR show, the IPCPR Toro Sampler. There are six cigars in this sampler, one each of the Gurkha Heritage in a 6½” x 52 size with a Ecuador Habano Rodado Wrapper, Nicaraguan binder and fillers from Nicaragua, Dominican Republic and Pennsylvania, a Cellar Reserve Platinum in the Hedonism size, 6″ x 58 with an Ecuador wrapper and binder and fillers from Nicaragua, The Cask Blend in a 6″ x 58 Gran Robusto size (like the Platinum, a perfecto) with a proprietary wrapper, binder and filler, a Royal Challenge Maduro, the only true toro in the bunch at 6″ x 50 with a Broadleaf wrapper, a double binder of Habano and Honduran and Dominican and Nicaraguan fillers, the Cellar Reserve Edicion Especial, again in the 6″ x 58 Hedonism perfecto size with a Corojo wrapper, Dominican Olor  binder and 18 year aged Dominican filler, and finally the Classic Cigar: Havana Blend from the East India line in a 6″ x 54 size with a San Andres wrapper and a proprietary blend for the binder and fillers.  These are packed in a bright orange box.


You know the rules, leave a comment here for a chance to win. I’ll select a winner at random next Wednesday, October 14, 2015.  By my figuring, Sean Kevin Conroy, Matt Wells and Dan Colley are ineligible because they won contests in the last six months.  Must be 18 years old to enter.  Thanks to the folks at Gurkha for supplying this month’s prize!


That’s it, until the next time!






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72 Responses to First Wednesday Contest featuring a Gurkha IPCPR Toro Sampler

  1. Chris Winter

    A Gurkha Five Pack; It’s Splendiferous!!!!…… 😉

  2. Nick howard

    I love gurhkas and would love to win this contest!

  3. Mike Perry

    Never been a big fan of Gurkha, but am willing to let these change my mind 😉

  4. Matthew Denico

    These are great cigars..

  5. Swede214

    And one great contest, again! Thanks Gurkha and Craig.

  6. Steve C

    Thanks for the great contest, Craig.

  7. davewiz

    Very interested in the new Gurkha offerings, great brand!

  8. Matt Ross

    Smoked any of these, Craig? Any of them good?

  9. Derek Carpenter

    Thanks for another contest Craig! Love to win!

  10. Kevin DeGarmo

    I definitely need these!

  11. Travis Dulaney

    Hope to win this.

  12. Benjamin

    A comment.

  13. fich

    I don’t think I’ve ever had a Gurkha.

  14. Haven’t smoked a whole lotta’ Gurkhas, so this would be perfect for me!!!

  15. George

    Gurkha samples. Yes please

  16. Amazing prize! Love Gurkhas!!!!!!

  17. Tim Brannon

    When I started smoking cigars about 10 years ago Gurkhas were one of my favorite smokes. Then I purchased some from an online seller and they were awful. I haven’t smoked one since my disappointing purchase. I am sure if Craig is offering these Gurkahs as part of his monthly contest they are excellent! Looking forward to the opportunity to renew my initial love for Gurkhas!

  18. I can’t remember the last Gurkha I had smoked. I think it was a Black Dragon I bought as part of a sampler pack from CI. I may even have one or two hidden in my humidors. Still, it would be nice to acquire these…

  19. Tommy D

    Those look great – thanks Craig and Gurkha

  20. Gurkha yes I will take them off your hands! My address is ……….

  21. Texican8

    Great contest brother!

  22. Gurkha, Gurkha… hmm. I hear some are good, I wonder if these are it.

  23. Anyhony

    I have enjoyed other Gurkhas, would love to give these a try.

  24. Narek B.

    Love the Gurkha, haven’t tried the reserve yet.

  25. Ron Cerino

    Would love to sample some Gurkha’s!!

  26. it has been a few years since i have had a gurkha, would like to see if they fit my palate now

  27. I see a lot of people complain about Gurhka’s I myself have never had a bad Gurkha and happen to enjoy them. Thank you Craig and good luck everyone.

  28. And heeere we go! Smoke Em if you got Em!

  29. Zeegarboy

    Just read an article in CA all about Gurkha and its owner – some of the most expensive cigars made. I would love to give em a try. Thanks for the contest!

  30. Joel Scott

    Nicely presented and explained! Gurkha seemed to get a bad rap from many cigar podcasts years ago. I’ve always enjoyed them and thought they were a very good product. I really enjoy the Red Witch line.

  31. Freakboy791

    I’m out of cigars!!! Lol.

  32. Mr. Scotch

    I’m not familiar with the Gurkha line, would love to give them a try.

  33. KOPtim

    Never had a Gurkha. Hope I get a chance

  34. jay

    craig, i’m in!!

  35. Tim S

    Great Contest, Always available to try some different cigars.

  36. Jared

    Keep smoking

  37. John Hateley

    Another great giveaway! Thanks!

  38. Brian Impson

    My son graduated from Syracuse this year, so I’m all over the SU Orange packaging. Go Orange!

  39. Commish

    Like’n the selection of Gurka’s!

  40. Kevin Shahan


  41. Let’s give this a shot! Thanks for the contest ^_^

  42. Pat Geer

    Always looking for a Gurkha I really enjoy. Has been very hit and (mostly) miss, but mainly because of burn issues. Completely fresh might help. 🙂

  43. Robert Gabriel

    Light them up!!! Nice…..

  44. Emily

    Gurkhas are by far my favorite

  45. Jake P.

    [gets napkin to wipe up drool]
    Happens every time I see a beautiful assortment of Gurkhas.

  46. Charlie H.

    Thanks so much Craig! I love Gurkha cigars sooo much I hope I win!

  47. jermaine

    Gurka has won me over after spending time apart.

  48. Donald Santos

    Love Gurkha really like to win these

  49. Mark Pousard

    Sign me up!

  50. Peter

    Good luck to me.

  51. paul1954

    i smoke lots of Ghurkas, but none of these. I would love to try these.

  52. Patrick

    I’m in, thanks Craig

  53. Does this packet have my name on it👍

  54. Duane Holmes

    I’ve not smoked that many Gurkhas over the years, maybe it’s time I did.

  55. Jeff

    Gurkha makes a pretty good stick. Haven’t run across a bad one yer

  56. still undecided about Gurkha. I think I need this to help me figure it out.

  57. Lee Orozco

    I do like the Gurkhas I’ve had so far. This would allow me to try a few more.

  58. Benjamin brandt

    I like Gurkha.

  59. Love Gurkhas ! Would be a phenomenal win!

  60. Gurkhas are not in my normal rotation, This contest would allow me to change that.

  61. smoke770

    need to try some more gurkha only had 1

  62. Looks like a great selection, only have had one of the bunch

  63. Kyle Haines

    Sounds awesome, fingers crossed!

  64. adrian quick

    gurkhas were some of my first cigars

  65. Jerry B

    The Cellar Reserve is a good cigar. Count me in.

  66. David P

    I am new to the Gurkha family. Would like to try to fit in

  67. Phillip

    I’d love to try a good Gurkha. Thanks!