Drew Estate Undercrown and the IPCPR Booth

I normally would sit on IPCPR samples for a while, but I just couldn’t wait to try the new cigar from my friends at Drew Estate, the Undercrown. My son, Corey, and I took a pair of them out for a walk and enjoyed them very much. The story goes that the Liga Privada rollers were smoking the Ligas non-stop (and who can blame them) and the raw materials were in short supply, so they came up with their own blend to smoke. Steve and Nicholas tweaked the blend and came up with the Undercrown, made to sell at a lower price point than the Liga Privada line. Corey had heard about this from Jonathan on our Cigar Safari trip in March, but I must have missed hearing that titbit. Anyway, my wife mentioned that the aroma wafting in the windows was very chocolatey, and I did taste some chocolate in in the blend. We both really enjoyed the cigar, and can’t wait to see these hit the shelves. Seek these out over the next few months.

As long as I’m mentioning the Undercrown, here are a few quick video walk-arounds of the Drew Estate booth at the recent IPCPR show:


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5 Responses to Drew Estate Undercrown and the IPCPR Booth

  1. Agent 86

    That looks amazing. I fear that my local stores won’t get them since I can’t even get them to stock the Liga Privada’s. I guess that’ll have to be my first big mail order if someone gets them.
    Once again a great job keeping us in the know.

    • Your remind me of an interesting detail that I omitted. The Liga Privada line is only available at exclusive Liga Privada retailers. The Undercrown will not be limited to those select accounts as I understand it. Anyone with a standard Drew Estate account will be able to carry the Undercrown. Sorry I missed that detail!

  2. Lloyd L.

    I have yet to smoke anything from Drew Estate Liga Privada line. I have smoked a few ACID and the Tabak Especial (which I really like a lot). Undercrown is one that I’ll set my sights on, but I still want to get my hands on a few LP T-9’s.
    Looks like the IPCPR event was a blast! Man, I hope I can attend the event one of these years…

  3. Hey brother. Really liked the videos and the fact that you’re rockin the Google+ … See you very soon and all the best.

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