Cornelius and Anthony Meridian Cigars

CorneliusandAnthony_Meridian_RobustoI’ve been really enjoying cigars from Cornelius and Anthony over the past year, the Cornelius Toro was on my list of most memorable cigars of 2016. To recap, Cornelius and Anthony is the premium cigar division of S&M Brands, which is the Bailey families 150 year old tobacco business based in Virginia. They make cigars at the El Titan de Bronze factory in Miami (the Cornelius) and the La Zona factory in Esteli, Nicaragua (the rest). Tonight I smoked the Meridian, one of their newest offerings. The Meridian has a rosado Ecuador wrapper, Nicaraguan binder and fillers from Nicaragua and the Dominican republic. It comes in four sizes, the Robusto at 5″ x 50, Corona Gorda at 5½” x 46, a Toro at 6″ c 50 and a Gordo at 6″ x 60, ranging in price from $8.25 to $10.25. Tonight I smoked the robusto in this line. To my palate, this is the strongest cigar in the Cornelius and Anthony line, but with great flavor. I hate to make comparisons, but, to me, this cigar had the great flavor of the Cornelius, which is subtle and nuanced, kicked up to 11 in strength. It’s rare to find such a powerful cigar with such flavor. There was a sweetness, along with a spice, and some cream that coats the palate. The construction was flawless, with an even burn and a perfect draw. I had trouble putting this cigar down, and I am looking forward to trying it in the larger sizes, in hopes that greater length, or girth, will temper the CorneliusandAnthonystrength a little. I can only imagine the kick that the Corona Gorda packs. I’ve smoked the Cornelius and the Daddy Mack in the Corona Gorda sizes and they both seem to have more of a bite than the larger sizes. Of course, this is because the thinner vitolas burn a little hotter than the larger ring gauges, not because of some wrapper to filler ratio nonsense, but perhaps that’s a slope to slide down another time.  Steven Bailey and his partners at La Zona have really created a tasty cigar with the Cornelius and Anthony Meridian, that is, if you like a strong cigar with loads of great flavor! I really like the color of the band too, it really appeals to me, it’s a plus that the cigars are great as well.


It’s a short one tonight, that’s all I got!  Until the next time,





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  1. Dan Colley

    Sounds like this one would be right up my alley. I like a powerful cigar. By the way, who won the bobble-head Mr. Punch with the football helmet?

  2. I want to try all of their cigars someday

  3. Wilson Franke

    I enjoyed the Robustos and concur with your impressions. With all the Cornelius and Anthony blends I’ve found the Robusto size to be the one I enjoy the most.

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