Contest Rules

Rules contests are held at the sole discretion of me, CigarCraig.  I select the winner either at random, or through some other arbitrary means which is always fair and impartial.  Entries are made by leaving a comment on the post which announces the contest.  Entries made on any other page or website are ineligible. A prize winner is ineligible to win another contest for a period of 6 months.  Prizes are either provided by manufacturers, vendors or by CigarCraig.  Winners must e-mail their contact information to so that the prize can be mailed. In the event that the winner fails to come forward in 7 days, and reasonable measures have been taken to contact the winner, an alternate winner may be named. The carrier is at the sole discretion of CigarCraig, who will make every effort to mail as soon as possible.


Previous winners:

Dennis S – Drew Estate Pocket Knife – 12/13/2009

DJ – Holt’s visit prize pack – 01/23/2010

PatriotGeek – Drew Estate Cutter – 02/13/2010

Tim Scouten – Joya de Nicaragua Antaño 5-pack – 03/25/2010

Wallaper – Drew Estate Cap and Cutter – 04/18/2010

Chris McCann – Hoyo de Tradicion 5-pack – 04/26/2010

Joel “doblemaduro” Scott – Drew Estate Liga Privada no.9 5-pack – 05/10/2010

DB “USAF_CC” – Joya de Nicaragua Antaño 5-pack – 06/06/2010

Duane Holmes – Joya de Nicaragua cap and cutter – 06/06/2010

Joel “doblemaduro” Scott – Vegas de Santiago Assortment – 07/07/2010

PatriotGeek – Drew Estate Liga Privada no.9 5-pack – 08/01/10

J.A. Solis – Drew Estate Hat, Liga Privada Cutter and a new Liga Privada T53 Belicoso – 09/05/2010

Joel Scott, Keith Hollar and Joel Solomon – a Hamilton’s House Selection Torpedo – 10/13/2010

Darrell Doramus – Joya de Nicaragua Antaño 5-pack, cap and cutter – 12/19/2010

Chris Matt (freakboy791) – Drew Estate Liga Privada no.9 5-pack – 03/23/2011

Duane Holmes and Agent86 – La Gloria Cubana Serie N 5-pack – 03/30/2011

Lloyd Ladrillono – La Gloria Cubana Serie N 5-pack – 04/10/2011

W.G. Thorn (MoBarbq), Jim Barnett (jimbobber) and Wayne Nye –   StogieBoys Stogie Register – 04/24/2011

Allen (chieze1090) – La Gloria Cubana Serie N 5-pack – 05/09/2011

Chris McCann and Tommy Berry, Jr. –  C-gars Ltd Ring Gauge Card – 06/08/2011

Lloyd Ladrillono – Box of Oja Cigars Mestizo Atrefacto – 07/14/2011

Paul Grammer – General Cigars sampler including Macanudo Millionaire 4-pack – 08/14/2011

TriMarkC and David Korotkin – Macanudo Millionaire 4-pack – 09/14/2011

Carl Lindstrom aka “Swede214” – Rosie Napravnik Bobblehead and a Veritas DEA 7¼” x 58 Solomon Connecticut – 09/28/2011

KekoaKai and Kyle – Macanudo Millionaire 4-pack – 10/2/2011

Steve Christopher – A Prize Pack consisting of a Drew Estate cap and a Liga Privada cutter, a Cigar Journal, a C-Gars Ltd. ring gauge card, a Liga Privada T52 Belicoso, a Monte Pascoal Belicoso and a American Eagles Half Corona. – 11/13/2011

December 12-24 – Too many to list!

George Satterfield – Grimalkin Coffee Mugs and a Robusto courtesy of Emilio Cigars and -02/08/2012

Doug Bryant – a 10 cigar prize pack (a 20+cigar pack was also sent to to be distributed to soldiers serving abroad) – 04/18/2012

Bob Greene – Mitchell Orchant’s book, “Once Upon a Time in Cuba“ – 06/20/2012

Allen C, JScott, foozer69smoke770FF184 – two 3-packs of HoyoDeMonterreyCigar Reposado en Cedros cigars over the month of July 2012

Christian Logay – A Selection of goodies from CigarCraig’s Humidors, 10 cigars – 09/2/2012

Dennis, Joel and Jim – gift packs for making donations to the Tick Borne Disease Alliance – 10/31/2012




5 Responses to Contest Rules

  1. Tommy Berry (quo155)

    Great contests!!!

  2. TriMarkC

    Like Quo155 said, great contests!

    Actually, I really like how you’ve laid out this page – a clean and simple list. I also like how you link to each of the manufacturers’ websites throughout – nice!

  3. Gary Fritz

    Hey Craig,I remember you from the ASC newsgroup,We swaped some cigars once.Do you remember me at all.I’m from Coaldale PA

  4. Swede214

    Hello Craig,first to say ”Thanks” for the contest,found you about two weeks ago, nice.