Contest! Fight the FDA, Win a T-Shirt and Some Cigars!

Abe and the folks at Smoke Inn and Kiss My Ash Radio in Florida are offering some T-shirts to bring awareness to the plight of the cigar industry at the hands of the FDA, so I though tit would be fun to buy one and give it away in a contest. Of course, I’m going to include some cigars, and I’ll probably add a couple here and there before the package ships to the winner. I’m funny that way.  So check out the shirts at , all proceeds are going to Cigar Rights of America  to help with the fight.  I bought a black extra-large “FDA Can Kiss My Ash” shirt and you’ll recognize the cigars from the last few months posts. Remember, there will be additions to the ones pictured!


Kiss My Ash


So you know the drill, leave a comment to enter, one per person please, and I’ll pick a winner on Sunday, June 5, 2016. You must be of legal smoking age to win, and everyone is eligible this time around. Spread the word, go buy some t-shirts from Abe, and good luck! Thanks to Abe and the folks at Smoke Inn for offering these shirts for sale!


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Please, if you haven’t already, go to the following links and sign the petitions.

Join Cigar Rights of America!



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48 Responses to Contest! Fight the FDA, Win a T-Shirt and Some Cigars!

  1. Pj Chopp

    Abe and his employees at Smoke Inn are top notch people who understand customer service.

  2. Awesome contest! Thanks Craig

  3. Dan Colley

    I should be a bit more loyal to my former mates at FDA, but I just can’t. When I worked for them (1972-1986), I’m glad that I was not a part of the war on tobacco. I probably would have quit. Even back then, I was a cigar smoker.

  4. Allinton Wattley

    Great contest…lets keep the fight going. Sign the petitions and be heard.

  5. Matt Ross

    Kiss My Ash!

  6. Cassel Jefferson

    Thank you for contest, got my fingers crossed. I’ve signed petition and plan to buy two different ones then u posted next month.

  7. Mike Hanna

    F the FDA.

  8. Steve C

    Thanks Craig and sponsors.

  9. Love this. Great sponsors.

  10. Jerry B

    Count me in Craig. Thanks!!

  11. smoke770

    great contest!

  12. Texican8

    Love what you & Abe bring to the cigar community! Keep on fightin!

  13. Donald Santos

    Yes we need to stop the F***ing Douchebag Administration

  14. Michael Stewart

    Awesome contest!!

  15. Those tees are kiss ash. Thank you and Abe for another sweet giveaway.

  16. This isn’t an entry (extra large lolz) but out of the choices, I think you picked the best one. I’ve never met Abe, but have talked to him on social media a few times. From that and all I’ve heard from others he’s a great guy. That being said…

    Other than “your” shirt, the others are childish. I don’t see how anyone would take our cause serious were I wearing a cartoon scarecrow, a cartoon man urinating + the F-bomb, or the word “douchebags”. To me, it smacks of Junior High School humor.

    I understand the money raised goes to fight the good fight, but there’s zero chance of me convincing a non-cigar smoker to take action on an issue, where our government is blatantly overstepping its bounds, if I’m wearing one of the aforementioned shirts.

    My $.02

    • Jack, the shirts are not a forum for a debate of the politics. The shirts were designed to bring attention to the cause. To turn heads sir. So let me inform you the top selling shirt is the guy urinating on the FDA, the next two are the Scarecrow (which in my opinion was a very nice satirical reference to an American Icon) and “D-bag” shirts, with the one above being the least popular.

      These shirts seem to being doing the job because folks are buying them, contributing to the cause and spreading the word. They are doing their job.

      Thanks Craig for helping spread the word! Wear your AntiFDA Gear Every Friday!!!

      • First, I’m disqualifying Abe 🙂 I’ll be honest, when I chose the shirt to give away, I chose one that I would wear and I thought was the least objectionable, I do have one and I will wear it! Different strokes for different folks, I just don’t give away stuff that I don’t like myself! Spreading the word, creating awareness and contributing to the cause are the most important.

  17. mike mccain

    Thanks Craig and Abe for the giveaway, everyone has to sign the petitions and be heard before we lose our favorite sticks.

  18. Tim

    F the FDA!

  19. Thanks for the contest Craig. If you’ve ever listened to Kiss My Ash then you know how passionate Abe is about the hobby we all share. More shop owners should get involved as much as he does and not sit back with the mentally that it’s gonna get overturned and yes I’ve heard this from a few shops. Thanks again Craig and Abe. Good luck everyone.

  20. Alfred Yard

    It’s more than winning tshirts and cigars. It’s about freedoms being taken away an to much big govt over reach.. Please sign the petitions out there and join CRA.. I did

  21. Jeff Ketcham

    FDA, worry about your own ash.

  22. Mark Pousard

    Sign me Up!

  23. Brian Impson

    That’s a great slogan. I’ve signed ever petition I could find and contacted my local representative. I’ll try to do my share, but we need everyone to do theirs. Thanks for what you’ve done Craig.

  24. Freakboy791

    Thanks Craig. Everyone sign those petitions (unless you own a secret cigar factory)

  25. We need to take a stand against the FDA! Protect our rights.

  26. Steve P

    Great contest. Sign me up!

  27. KOPTim

    “In this present crisis, government is not the solution to our problem; government is the problem.”

  28. Tommy D

    Thanks Craig and the folks at Smoke Inn for this prize

  29. Great idea! Get to Smoke Inn and purchase other “cigar awareness” t-shirts to spread the message. If you haven’t joined a group like Cigar Rights of America (CRA), now would be a great time to join. Thanks for all you do Craig and Abe!

  30. Patrick Geer

    Definitely awesome. I’ve already signed the petition, but am amazed at how few signatures there are.

  31. Craig,

    Do you think there will be any rallies/gatherings to help raise awarnes on the pending FDA issues?

  32. Commish

    Love the shirt and will wear it to Church!!

  33. Duane Holmes

    Everybody needs to get off their ashes and do what they can to fight this. Today cigars, tomorrow ……..

  34. Ooo, thanks for this! Ima git me a hoodie! 😀

    (Also maybe some cigars. “I’m feeling lucky” )

  35. paul1954

    Thanks, Craig and Abe. Why does the government think that they know what is best for everyone all the time? I guess we are just too stupid to be allowed to make our own choices.

  36. Kevin Shahan

    Keep up the good fight!

  37. Joe Canez

    Thanks for the contest Craig that would be an awesome shirt!!

  38. Charlie Hascall

    Thanks Craig! I would proudly wear that shirt! #fuckthefda

  39. Swede214

    Great job Craig, thank you and Abe!

  40. Mike W

    Thanks for another great contest!

  41. Adrian quick


  42. George

    Smoke Inn has always done right by me! Happy to support them and the fight against the commies!

  43. George

    Craig – this is just an add to my previous post. The more I think about the FDA regulating premium cigars, the more it becomes clear that our federal government is now truly fascist. It’s not socialism – it’s classic fascism. Check the dictionary. If they wanted regulate for health, then food stamps should only be used to buy healthy food, regular and diet cola should be banned, and being overweight by more than X pounds should have a penalty attached to it. That’s what fascists do – all in the name of doing good.