Contest! Famous Smoke Best Humidor Jar Sampler

It’s contest time!  I was going to post a mid-week review but the cigar I was going to feature didn’t do it for me. It was something I bought a few months ago on a recommendation,  but it was unimpressive so I’m going to forget about it and move on!  My friends at Famous Smoke Shop have offered to run a contest with me this week instead. Use the Rafflecopter below to enter to win a Famous Smoke Best Humidor Jar Sampler containing the following: 1 – Asylum Straight Jacket 50×5, 1 – Carnage Robusto, 1 – Romeo y Julietta House Of Montague Toro, 1 – Immortal Toro, 1 – La Gloria Serie RF No. 13, 1 – Room 101 El Mas Chingon No. 2, 1 – Vudu Dark No. 13 and 1 – Cigar Monster Humidor Jar 1.3L.  Seven cigars and a Humidor Jar, retail value is $70.40.


a Rafflecopter giveaway


Thanks to the folks at Famous Smoke Shop for providing this great prize! Contest ends Wednesday, April 6, 2016. You must be of legal smoking age in your jurisdiction, and the winner will be selected by the Rafflecopter thing…so your bribes will not help this time :-).


That’s all for now, until the next time,





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22 Responses to Contest! Famous Smoke Best Humidor Jar Sampler

  1. Steve W.

    Thanks for the contest

  2. jjo

    There must be something going around these days. I’ve been hearing about a lot of less than stellar experiences lately among my friends, and have experienced many myself, more so than usual.

    Kudos to Famous, a solid retailer.

  3. Patrick

    Good prize, thanks Craig and Famous

  4. Bob Langmaid

    Awesome Sampler, EXCELLENT humidor!!!

  5. Thanks Craig & Famous Smoke Shop

  6. Karl

    I love samplers.

    Thanks, Craig.

  7. Craig B

    Awesome contest, thank you Craig and Famous Smoke Shop. Excellent sampler and collection.

  8. Mike McCain

    looks like a good selection, thanks for the near april fools day contest

  9. Gary Walston

    Go,GO, Craig.

  10. Thanks Mr. Craig, & Famous Smoke !!!😁
    Very Cool Happy Smokes Prize !!!

  11. Thanks Craig and Famous Smoke for another great contest.

  12. Andrew

    Nicely done!

  13. Commish

    Love the humidor~

  14. Larry Conn

    Gee I’ve never tried one of those. Love your contests! And thanks to Famous for the prizes.

  15. Damn Rafflecopter! I don’t tweet! You were the last holdout Craig, although I get why you did it.

  16. Swede214

    Thanks Craig and Famous for the contest, I, like Xolotal, I don not use Facebook, Tweet.

  17. paul1954

    yeah, not a tweeter either. but thanks for the contest.

  18. Steve Santini


  19. Jay Rabinowitz

    Sounds like a great assortment
    Hope I win

  20. TriMarkC

    I was just talking to a friend yesterday about those occasional negative cigar moments that happen, and how to either avoid them or reduce their impact. And what better way to get past it than a great contest!! Thanks Craig & Famous Smoke Shop!!!

  21. Perietta Migranté

    thank you Craig + Famous Smoke Shop for an awesome contest!

  22. Brian Impson

    Great assortment there. And a jar to boot.

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