Contest! El Artista Exactus Super Coloso and Ashtray!

It’s been a while since I had a proper contest, and my friends at El Artista Cigars have offered to sponsor a series of them! Tabacalera El Artista has roots going back to 1955, and has been making cigars in the Dominican Republic ever since. Some of their brands are Pulita, Puros Ambar, Big Papi (David Ortiz, the Major League Baseball star, whose appearance at the 2017 IPCPR show drew big crowds), and the Exactus.  Today’s contest features the Exactus Super Coloso, a huge 11″ x 90 cigar, with an Ecuadorian Connecticut wrapper, Dominican Wine Fermented Criollo 98 binder and Dominican Criollo 98 filler. this is a lot of cigar, chances are you’re going to want someplace to rest it when you smoke it, so also included is a beautiful Exactus Ashtray. While I haven’t personally smoked the Super Coloso, I’ve enjoyed the Robusto quite a few times, good stuff.

Exactus Supercoloso + Ashtray 2Exactus Supercoloso + Ashtray

Normal contest rules apply, leave a comment on this post to enter, and I’ll select and announce the winner next Wednesday, August 16, 2017. One entry per person, and you must be of legal smoking age in your jurisdiction to win. this contest is open to all whether you’ve won recently or not. Thanks to the folks at El Artista for providing this cool prize!

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43 Responses to Contest! El Artista Exactus Super Coloso and Ashtray!

  1. P. M.

    that’s a huge cigar! the ashtray is lovely. thx 4 the opportunity!

  2. Looks like a baseball bat!

  3. KRUK

    Oh please pick me!!! Bob Murray at Holy Smokes in Manchester NH loooooooooves these!!!

  4. steve Wegner

    That’s a crazy stick

  5. Steven Allen

    WOW! Thats one huge cigar, will need a hugh pour of whisky to go with it!

  6. George Hartmann

    I’m in Craig! Thanks!

  7. Clint Ferrell

    Holy “Super Colosa” Smokes! I thought the Yeti 7×70 was large, but this beast is exquisitely large. Thanks for the opportunity.

  8. What a smoke! Thanks for the giveaway

  9. Brian Impson

    I’m not familiar with El Artista Cigars, but I’ll give the a look first chance I get.

  10. Kevin Shahan

    Super cool ashtray!

  11. Patrick Geer

    That’s a huge cigar and a beautiful ashtray! Thanks Craig and thanks to El Arista too!

  12. Jared Berel

    Now that’s what I call a real cigar!!!!!

  13. Lonnie Brooks

    Wow, what a cigar! And a awesome ash tray to boot! Would love to try both!

  14. Max J

    I hope I win just so I can take that challenge and smoke that bad boy! Thanks Craig for the sweet giveaway!

  15. paul1954

    WOW! That cigar is so big that I might have to hook it up to my hookah and share it with some friends. (just kidding – I don’t have a hookah – REALLY!.)

  16. Mike Perry

    Daaaaaaaaamn! I thought the Monte A and Partagas Lusitania were big ass cigars…11×90 is good for a double-header where each game goes 15 innings! Good luck finishing this monster to whomever wins.

  17. Patrick

    I’m in…interesting stick

  18. Dennis Huddy

    Aloha. That cigar fits me. (sorry if this is a double entry. I didn’t get a confirmation on the first one.)

  19. Freakboy791

    Wow what a cool prize ! Count me in

  20. That thing is YUGE!!! And the ashtray is exquisite!!

  21. Jeff Ketcham

    In this case, it is the size that counts.

  22. Victor B Miller

    This cigar could be the last thing on my bucket list. Must have…think of the photo ops!

  23. Michael Schiappacasse

    It’s a Bird, it’s a Plane, ….Holy Cigar Batman !!!!! It’s a SUPERCIGAR !!! Thanks Craig !!!

  24. Donald Santos

    That’s one huge cigar

  25. Karl Brooks

    Good Lord! Is there a cutter large enough for that cigar?

  26. Chase

    Thanks for the chance!

  27. John Budka

    Awesome! Thanks for the contest

  28. Ha ha this is a great giveaway Craig, I don’t want in the contest, just wanted to say hi.

  29. The Ashtray is very nice, the cigar, too darn big.

  30. Tommy D

    That is awesome! Thanks to El Artista for the giveaway!

  31. Swede Lindstrom

    If I win that cigar and ash tray, I will have to look for some of the lighters I think are in my junk drawer. Thanks Craig and El Artista.

  32. Joe K

    Great contest Craig, hope to see you at a local cigar bar sometime soon

  33. Mike W

    I’m in! Thanks for another great contest!

  34. Sorry that I’ve been away from the blog for so long. Without going into too much detail, it started off with my modem taking a dump and ended up with my cable/isp provider having to rewire everything from the street to the cable outlet in my bedroom. There were two completely different feed lines coming into the place and they eliminated that problem and replaced all of the coaxial cable. That precipitated a lot of other work in the apartment. In short, it took almost two months to get it all sorted out and I missed checking in with you all.

    Thanks, Craig. As always, it’s a great contest. I just dropped an ashtray on the floor recently and when it hit my metal desk frame, it shattered into hundreds of shards so a new tray would really come in handy. Wish me luck. (I’m still vacuuming up small pieces of that ceramic from the carpet.)

  35. Jay A Reiniger

    I live the ashtray, but that stick is nutso.

  36. Kirk

    Thanks El Artista and Craig for the chance.

  37. Duane Holmes

    Well that looks like a great way to spend an afternoon and part of the evening. Thanks for the chance Craig.

  38. Derek C.

    That is a massive cigar!

  39. Adrian Quick

    What a monster!

  40. Lonnie W. Brooks

    A awesome stick, Craig thank you for doing so much for your followers!

  41. I’ll probably have to take a vacation day just to smoke that cigar if I win.

  42. mike mccain

    Thanks craig, and the fine folk at el artista for the contest…wow is that thing huge