Contest! Cigar Prop and Tobacco Locker Cigar Bar

I guess it’s been too long since we had a contest, right?  Has to have been a couple of weeks. This time we are featuring Cigar Prop and the Tobacco Locker Cigar Bar in Port Charlotte, Florida.  Kevin, the creator of the Cigar Prop has put together a nice prize pack including two of his new Cigar Prop XC, a portable Cigar Prop that fits in your wallet. I have a prototype that has been with my in Las Vegas and at the Connecticut Barn Smoker. It’s a very handy item!  Also, courtesy of Tobacco Locker Cigar Bar, are four cigars: A Jose Carlos, a Pappy Van Winkle, an acid Kuba Candela, a Fat Bottom Betty. The Jose Carlos is Tobacco Locker’s brand and is very nice. The other three are Drew Estate products. There’s a good chance I might send a selection of cigars from my humidor to the winner as well!



In addition to comments here as entries, go to Cigar Prop’s and Tobacco Locker Cigar Bar’s Facebook pages and “like” them.

We’ll select a winner next Wednesday, October 4, 2017. Usual rules apply.  Leave a comment here and good luck. Thanks to Kevin at Cigar Prop and The Tobacco Locker Cigar Bar for sponsoring this contest!


That’s all for now, until the next time,






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50 Responses to Contest! Cigar Prop and Tobacco Locker Cigar Bar

  1. Antonio Santulli

    All nice cigars, except I never had a Pappy Van Winkle, always wanted to try one.

  2. Brian Impson

    Pappy Van Winkle? I thought that was a bourbon. If not, I’ll still pair it with one.

  3. Frank Germaine

    Send me that Pappy please 🙂

  4. Steve Christopher

    Thanks to you and the sponsors for another great contest

  5. KRUK

    Port Charlotte Pirates… Lemon Bay Manta Ray here!!! Class of 2000!!! Kick those Pirates butts!!! 🙂

  6. Liked both pages, awesome contest

  7. Patrick

    Okfine I’m in. Thanks Craig.
    Life is good

  8. paul1954

    Craig, thanks for the contest! I have only had one candela cigar, and I thought it had a bitter flavor. What do you think of the Kuba Candela?

  9. Texican8

    Nice! Those are 4 i haven’t tried yet. Thanks for hosting another giveaway

  10. John Budka

    What a great prize pack. Thanks again Craig, and good luck to all.

  11. Donald Santos

    Thank you Craig and the sponsors for a great contest all cigars I have never tried and the pappy been on my wishlist since it was first released

  12. Jeffrey Martin

    Thank you for another chance to win some goods. Good luck to all.


    Great prize pack!!

  14. Karl Brooks

    I like that cigar prop.

  15. Derek C.

    Awesome prize pack! All new to me!

  16. lorri garelick langmaid

    What a great prize!! Thanks to Cigar Craig and Cigar Prop!!

  17. Great contest Craig thanks for the opportunity!! Shout out to Cigar Prop and Tobacco locker!!

  18. Photo ops with the cigar prop. Thanks for another opportunity at some sweet prizes.

  19. Mike Schiappacasse

    THANKS for the contest Craig!
    & THANK YOU! Cigarprop…been following you on the instagram for a while, NICE WORK!
    & THANKS, to The Tobacco Locker too!

  20. mike mccain

    Thanks to the Tobacco Locker and Cigarprop for the items, and Craig for running a contest ( yet again). The Cigarprop sounds handy, as I just balance mine on steps, or a tree limb or whatever is handy when outside…or the cigar never leaves my hand

  21. steve Wegner

    Thanks for the contest

  22. Perry

    I haven’t smoked any of the 4 cigars. thanks for another awesome contest!

  23. Howard Glaeser

    Great selection, thanks for the contest!

  24. Freakboy791

    The cigar prop makes more sense than an ashtray, right?

  25. You’re the man Craig. Thanks for all the great contests.

  26. Mike W

    As always, thanks to you and your sponsors for another great contest! Life is Good!

  27. Lee Sorensen

    The cigar prop looks awesome! I love how small it is! Great for travel. I have also become a huge Drew Estates fan!! Would love to win this package!

  28. Roger Soucy

    Awesome selection!

  29. Garry Cawthorn

    Done and done!!! That is a Sweet selection….And thanks for the chance!!

  30. Dan Colley

    Chloroform in a cigar wrapper? NOT for me !!! I’m not a big fan of the candelaria wrappers anyway, but chloroform? Really? I’m not quite ready for embalming fluid.

  31. Patrick Geer

    Great cigars. I’ve been looking at those props too since you started talking about them. Thanks!

  32. Swede Lindstrom

    Thanks Kevin and Craig, grate contest!

  33. “The other 3 are Drew Estate products.” 😉

  34. Adrian Quick

    Thanks for the opportunity. Love the page

  35. Interesting take on the Kuba Kuba. Definitely would give it a try. Thanks for the contest.

  36. Lonnie Brooks

    Thanks for doing a contest!

  37. David Precht

    one nice selection in the pic, i have been dieing to try the pappy

  38. Myrl Lawrence

    Looks good.

  39. Randall Simon

    As always great contests and reviews.

  40. Narciso

    Is that a regular sized Kuba Kuba with a Candela wrapper?

    • CigarCraig

      That’s correct! It’s pretty good too from someone who isn’t much of an infused cigar smoker.

  41. Joel Scott

    Infused Cigar Smokers untie!😉

  42. Kyle Brewer

    Id love tp try a Pappy!

  43. Kirk

    Thanks Craig