Cigars in Reykjavik Iceland

My wife and I are in the middle of a couple days getaway to Reykjavik, Iceland, someplace we’ve never been to and decided now was as good a time as any to scratch it off the bucket list. As far as cigars go, I actually haven’t smoked one here yet. I did buy a five pack of Cuban Jose L. Piedra Cazadores for around $18 US at the airport duty free, which had a modest selection of Havanas, Davidoff and Balmoral cigars. The more popular brands and sizes carried a high price tag, and I didn’t really want any enough to spend too much, hence the modest purchase just to be able to say I did. 
There is one tobacconist in Reykjavik, Bjork Tobacco Store, located in the shopping district in the downtown area. I stopped in and spoke with Thulin, the owner who told the story of how the prior owner successfully fought to have the cigars, tobacco and cigarettes openly displayed in the store as opposed to keeping them hidden. I  need to visit again and talk to Thulin some more and peruse his small selection of premium cigars. His stock was stored in three tower humidors that bore the Habanos branding. He mentioned that the Macanudo Inspirado (which was released in the US this year, but has been out in Europe for a few years) has been one of his best sellers. Like I said, I will visit again before we leave. 

If this post looks different it’s because I’m writing it using the iPhone WordPress app. If it’s too terrible I’ll fix it when I get home! So far we haven’t seen the Aurora Borealis, but Reykjavik seems like a nice enough town, although I think I’ve heard as many American accents as I hear at home! 

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  1. Dan Colley

    I wish I could be there with you. After all of my Dad’s sea stories, iceland is a place that has been on my bucket list ever since I knew what a bucket list was. Enjoy yourselves.

  2. smoke770

    great post! enjoy iceland

  3. Ted Langly

    Quorum. lol.

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