Cigars and Hockey – Alec Bradley Connecticut and Tempus and a Merlion

Screwpop_PunchThe last time I mentioned the cool match holder/striker that was brought to my attention, so this time take a look at this new cigar punch from ScrewPop, who makes a variety of tools that have integrated clips that double as a bottle opener.  This is an aluminum body with a stainless steel punch blade and the cover screws on with an o-ring to keep out the crud.  Next time I stop by Cigars International I may pick one of these up to see how it works!  ScrewPop also has clip-able screwdrivers, knives, flashlights and mini-Bic lighter holders.  Pretty nifty stuff.  Please note that this is not a paid endorsement, just something that came to my attention that looked pretty cool.


Alec Bradley_Connecticut Robusto Thursday evening I finally decided to smoke the Alec Bradley Connecticut that Jon Lipson gave me at an event a while back.  This is another cigar that bucks the trend of mild Connecticut cigars.  While not a particularly powerful smoke, it had loads of flavor and was solidly medium bodied.  It had the signature Ecuador Connecticut wrapper flavor, with some real depth and body.  I liked this smoke, it was different enough from the similarly wrapped American Classic Blend (which I really like).  I almost thought it was kind-of like a Tempus with a shade wrapper, not that that’s a bad thing.  Very nice smoke.


Merlion_ToroFriday evening I went out to dinner with my wife and her father and had a delicious flounder stuffed with crab.  I probably would have made another cigar choice afterward if I had chosen steak, but I naturally gravitated to a Merlion Robusto for some reason (aside: did anyone pick up my series of puns in my last post?).  I don’t know what I’d have selected if I had eaten duck.  Anyway, the Merlion is the sequel to the La Sirena, which is a cigar I really like, but haven’t really smoked enough of.  The Merlion is made by La Aurora in the Dominican Republic and is a bit milder than it predecessor  with an Ecuador Corojo wrapper and a generous smattering of tobacco from Brazil.  I enjoyed this on a post dinner walk and it was a nice cigar to follow an excellent meal.  I can’t remember if this is one I bought at the Delaware Cigar Festival or was an IPCPR show sample, but it was missing one of the ornate bands, not a big deal to me as it’s one fewer band to remove, but the double banded presentation is quite nice, much like the impressive bands on the La Sirena line.  Another nice job by the folks at Miami Cigar and Co.


Alec Bradley_Tempus RobustoI’m a big Philadelphia Flyers fan, and the last several months has been frustrating without hockey to watch.  Hockey is really the only sport I like, to be honest.  I had the good fortune to attend the opening game of the season yesterday.  Unfortunately they didn’t really start playing until the end of the first period and couldn’t manage a comeback over a pretty defensively solid Penguins team.  I really don’t like the Penguins much, and I kinda wish the fans would chant “Penguins Suck” instead of “Crosby Sucks”, because Crosby is a skilled player, he’s just a whiny little bi…..sorry, I’m straying from my point.  When I got home I decided I’d smoke an Alec Bradley Tempus to see how far off I was on my thoughts about the Connecticut.  I can’t really make a judgement on the similarities between the two except that they are both very nice cigars.  The Tempus is a bit fuller bodied and was a very nice smoke. I don’t know if there are any cigars in the Alec Bradley line that I really don’t enjoy.  There seems to be something for everyone in their portfolio.  Even though the Flyers didn’t win, this Tempus was a winner.  The Wells Fargo Center, where the Flyers play, does have a Cigar Bar, and I’m trying to get a tour to feature in a future post.  Holt’s used to have the cigar concession in both the private club area and adjacent to one of the bar areas.  I have been to a couple games many years ago where we could enjoy cigars before going to our seats. Sadly, the indoor smoking regulations put an end to that.


I’m afraid that’s all I have today.  The TV will be on at 12:30 to see if the Flyers look better against the Sabres today, and I’ll find something to smoke afterward no doubt.  Until the next time,





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5 Responses to Cigars and Hockey – Alec Bradley Connecticut and Tempus and a Merlion

  1. can’t wait to try that AB Connecticut. i had the chance to buy some the last time i was in seattle and neglected to do so, completely by accident. that won’t happen again!

  2. Doblemaduro

    I am looking forward to trying the Alec Bradley Connecticut wrapper cigar. I tend to lean towards Connecticut wrapped cigars. Yesterday I had the chance to try the new San Lotano Oval Connecticut and it was incredible. I also have to go to Screwpops website and check it out. It looks awesome. Thanks for the Info.

  3. Nathan Zimmerman

    Sorry about your Flyers Craig…I hope the cigar was better for you. (Thomas Vanek…2 goals, 3 assists:5 points) 😉

  4. The Commish

    Just got a sampler pack of AB’s on Friday and looking forward to lighting one up if it ever gets above 0 in wisconsin!!! Good idea on the Screwpop.

  5. czerbe

    Hey Craig I had the chance to try the AB conni and I really liked it. I still think the EPCNW is hands down the best breakfast stick out there but this was a great Connie. Great write up and Go Flyers!