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2 Responses to cigarcraigslist

  1. Craig,
    WOW I just got home from our trip and the mailman pulled up with the cigar package. Thank you for the support of the troops through us. Cigars4Troops has sent thousands of cigars to troops serving in Iraq and Afghanistan. We are now receiving requests from Africa and the military hospitals which we will support. Our mission is to supply cigar based care packages to the troops serving in area’s where they can not get good cigars and we have started giving out care packages to troops in military hospitals. It is a passion of ours to take care of the troops as long as we receive requests. !00% of what we receive is sent to the troops. As always I have been providing cigars and accessories along with shipping out of my own pocket as my way to who the appreciation to the troops who give so much for us.

    I want to thank you personally for sending the cigars and cutters which will be sent to the troops in our next shipment. We have had a recent loss in donors and sponsors but I am working hard to get more onboard. I also want to thank you for the cigars you sent for me. I will certainly enjoy them and think of you as I wish we could smoke one together. Who knows now day we just may have the chance. Again Sir Thank you for your support!
    Chris Taylor
    Founder and Owner

  2. Kafie Cigars

    Hi Craig,

    I just love your love for cigars. We are just starting but with our love with cigars we have created Kafie Cigars. Quality cigars made in Honduras, for more information please check out our page!