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You know, everyone posts their top whatever lists this time of year and I had way too big a list to try to include every cigar I became enamored with this year. There were some great San Andreas wrapped cigars this year that really did it for me, like the ORTSAC 1962 S.A., Room 101 S.A. and the La Palina Maduro. On the other end of the spectrum, the Foundry was refreshingly different and surprised my tastebuds. The 1502 Black Gold was mind-blowingly good, as was the La Aurora Cameroon. The Recluse from Iconic Leaf Cigar Co. is definitely worth mentioning as well. It is a great time to smoke cigars, it’s really hard to find a bad one. In light of this, I thought I’d highlight some of my fellow bloggers hard work in compiling their lists. Some may not be lists of 10, but I give extra credit for originality! These are listed in no particular order to avoid any unnecessary ego inflation :-). – They have 6 reviewers and I wasn’t going to give them 6 out of 10 spots on my list, even though I consider all those guys friends.  Click through to see each of their respective lists. – Coop isn’t even done counting down his top 30 yet so tune in over the next few days to see what his top cigars of the year are.  – Both Tony and Daniel have their top tens posted.  Again, love these guys, but they have to share a space on my list! – David takes things two steps further and posts his 12 favorites of the last year.  The Pinolaro is one that would also be on my list if I were to have one. – Peter does David at the Tiki Bar 3 better with his top 15.  It’s not a competition here guys!  We are in this for the common good!  The Ortega Serie D would make my list too, but in maduro over the natural.  I guess it’s pretty obvious that I’m a sucker for the Mexican Maduro leaf. – This piece lacks any attribution that I can see so I don’t know which of the contributors list this is.  He (or she) provides a simple list of pictures.  I have to say that the Concert, new this year from CAO, doesn’t get enough airplay (see what I did there?), it’s nice to see it on this list. – Anthony at CigarBrief has his split his top 5 list up into two parts. Check back to see part two. – Kudos to Shawn for naming a $3.50 cigar as his number one. I’ve enjoyed cigars front the La Zona factory and look forward to trying this one. Well done! – Stace takes it up a notch by publishing three lists and breaking it up into light, medium and full. Brilliant. – Covering Your Ash is another site with a team approach, so each of the contributors have their own lists.  The Ezra Zion Inception certainly deserves the top spot as it’s a stellar smoke. – This final link is a podcast, which as far as I’m concerned is a just a blog in audio and video format (it’s my list, it counts if I say it counts!).  They have three lists and you can either listen to the show or read the lists on the website.  I have to agree with the Cain F Lancero and the Undercrown Corona Viva on their lists.  The Cain F Lancero is even  fairly inexpensive.


So there you have it.  Check out everyone’s lists and thanks to all of these sites for publishing their lists (so I don’t have to!).  I’m sure there are some that I missed, and if that’s the case, I’m sorry.  This is by no means a comprehensive list, just ten sites that I thought did a great job.








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  1. Doblemaduro@

    I greatly appreciate the list! Here’s looking forward to a great 2013!

  2. Thank you so much or including me. Everyone on your list of websites has done a great job. To be included on a list with touch great names and assets to the industry is a true honor.

  3. jjo

    Craig, thanks for posting the other lists for us. BTW, the list you linked for is from Griff. Mike W. himself has since posted his top 5.

    Kudos for all the great work this year, and a very Happy New Year to you and your family.

  4. Craig,

    Thanks for including us and Happy New Year! Solid lists all around.


  5. czerbe

    Craig great idea with the Top Ten of Top Tens very cool. Also great to finally meet up with you and your Bride the other day, thanks againa and I hope you have a very happy New Year