CigarCraig’s Holiday Giveaways No. 3 – Drew Estate Goodies!

Happy New Year’s Eve to everyone,  2017 is just about in the books, the year went by really fast.  I honestly don’t know what to expect from 2018, but I’ll keep smoking cigars, visiting shops and going to events I suspect. So I wish everyone a safe and happy 2018, and be careful out there tonight!  I’ll be finding an appropriate cigar to smoke this evening, that’s for sure.  Anyway, there’s the business of selecting the winner of the La Gloria Cubana Contest, which includes a travel humidor and a dozen La Gloria LaGloriaCubana ContestCubana cigars. The random number generator selected Trent Berry as the winner!  Trent, please send me your address so I can ship this off to you!  Once again, thanks to Rami at General Cigar Co., Cigar Cigars in King Of Prussia for having a great event with Ernesto Carillo which caused me to open my wallet and end up with a cool humidor to give away, and of course, General Cigar Co, for being an awesome steward of a long loved brand.  Gee, I wonder what today’s giveaway is?


Contest (note: not Comic Sans this time Mike P!)


DE Contest2017Today’s third and (maybe) final giveaway of the season is a collection of goodies from my friends at Drew Estate. Included are some items that may not be very common in the wild. These are items I’ve received over the course of the year, there’s a Barnsmoker cap from the Connecticut Barn Smoker (I’m not a hat guy), a DE backpack which contained a lighter, ashtray, and other assorted goodies which was from the media party that DE threw at the 2017 IPCPR, some various stickers that I’ve accumulated over the years, some of which are from my last visit to the factory in 2013, and a selection of cigars from my humidor including Undercrowns (and example of each wrapper), a KFC, a Nica Rustica and some Joya de Nicaraguas because Drew Estate distributes them and I have a bunch.  I’ll add to it if I come across more stuff. Once again, it’s not that I don’t appreciate these gifts from Drew Estate, I do, but I like to share my good fortune, and I have lots of “stuff”! You know the de4l, leave a comment here to enter and I’ll pick a winner next Sunday, Jan 7, 2018. As always, thank YOU all for your continued support!


That’s all for now, until the next time,



(I was thinking of making a version of the logo with a party hat and one of those noisemaker, party things, for New Years, but lack the patience for that right now…something for me to work on for next year!)



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  1. John Budka

    Congrats Trent. Thanks again Craig for doing this. I want to wish all a very happy, safe and prosperous New Year.

  2. Thanks Craig for the contest. Nothing is better than free Cigars. Have a great New Year.

  3. Happy New Year!
    DE4L… WOW thats a lot of SWAG.
    Thanks Craig for sharing your blessings with us.

  4. Mike W

    Thanks again for another great contest! Happy New Year to all!

  5. Chuck Nichols

    Happy New Year!

  6. Wishing you the happiest of New Years, thank you for sharing your good fortune in this contest!

  7. Daniel S

    Fingers crossed for that booty. Good looking out Craig. Happy new year.

  8. Happy New Year and thanks for another great giveaway!!

  9. Brian Impson

    Happy and healthy new year to all. I could use a new backpack. That’s a nice collection of stuff you are cleaning out.

  10. lorri garelick langmaid

    Wishing you guys all the best for the new year!!

  11. Mike

    That’s a very generous package. Thanks for sharing! Happy New Year!

  12. Akpreacher

    Thanks for sharing the “stuff”

  13. Jeff Ketcham

    That haul would make anyone’s New Year start off right? Thanks for the contest and Happy New Year.

  14. mike mccain

    Happy New Year Craig and all. Somehow I missed contest #2, but I have been so sick since Xmas eve, I haven’t even smoked a thing. Finally on the mend- have a better 2018!

  15. Happy New Years (eve), Craig, enjoyed your insights again in 2017 & looking forward to more in 2018.

  16. Merry New Year Craig! Here’s to another great year for your blog!

  17. Jason Mitchell

    Need more, Teddy Brosevelt

  18. Congratulations Trent. Thank you Craig and Happy New Years.

  19. Jamar B

    Happy New Year. Thank you for the giveaway….DE4L

  20. Great contest!
    Have a great and safe NYE..

  21. Gary Jones

    Love some DE swag. Great giveaway to closeout 2017. Happy New Year.

  22. I love how widely distributed DE has become, you can literally find it anywhere. Thanks for the contest Craig

  23. Adrian Quick

    Happy new year and thanks for the opportunities

  24. Dan Johnson

    Hey Trent, congratulations man those are some really great cigars! Again, thank you for the opportunity Craig. I would love to see these Drew Estate goodies added to my collection 😁

  25. Happy New Year!! Keep doing what you do!!!

  26. Allen chieze

    Craig I always like reading your posts. Have a happy New Year!!

  27. paul1954

    Thanks, Craig, for being so generous. Happy New Year! And congrats to Trent Berry.

  28. See not going to win… Happy New Years.

  29. Kevin D. Shahan

    Happy new year!

  30. Freakboy791

    Happy New Year all ! Based on the 10 minutes I just spent outside, I don’t see any outdoor smokes happening any time soon. Wow.

  31. Patrick

    What a great prize Trent. Enjoy those special cigars
    Happy New year Craig and all the Cigar Craigheads
    Life is good

  32. Agent 86

    Happy New Year Craig. Hopefully you have a successful trader filled with cigar smoke.

  33. Donald Santos

    Happy New Year Craig awesome giveaway thankyou

  34. Great contest and prizes to start the New Year. Happy New Year to you Craig. Thanks

  35. Nathan Zimmerman

    Happy New Year Craig. Thanks for the contest.

  36. Duane Holmes

    A safe and prosperous 2018 to all !

  37. Commish

    Would be great if it wasn’t 10 below w/37 below wind chill to enjoy any of these great prizes!! Waiting for spring! Thanks Craig

  38. Morgan Geoghagan

    Thanks for contest and Happy New Year!

  39. Happy New Year Craig. Congratulations Trent, enjoy those Coleccion Reservas. Cheers to a great 2018!

  40. Patrick Geer

    Happy New Year! Thanks for the contest, and as always, the great write-ups on the cigars all year.

  41. Matt Rosenthal

    Happy New Year, Craig

  42. Lee Sorensen

    Happy New Years to all!
    I have become a huge Drew Estates fan.
    I have loved almost every cigar they produce.
    Great swag bag!!
    Thanks for the contest!

  43. Tad L Smith

    Happy New Years! Keep up the great work!!!

  44. Arline

    Happy New Year Craig! Thanks for sharing the love with your give aways and your knowledge!

  45. Smoke770

    Looks amazing! Happy new year!

  46. Chase Abernathy

    Another awesome giveaway! Happy New Year Craig!

  47. Steve C

    Thanks for all the great stuff you do, Craig. HAPPY NEW YEAR, ALL!!

  48. Matt Henrich

    Thanks Craig

  49. P. M.

    Craig, thanks for another awesome giveaway! wishing you the very best in 2018!

  50. Jerry B.

    Thanks Craig. Count me in. Hoping for a better 2018

  51. Tim S

    Happy New year and thank you for this years contest.

  52. Curt evans

    Awesome give away. Thanks. Happy new year to you too. Stay Smokey #De4l #DrewDiplomat

  53. Swede Lindstrom

    Thanks Craig,Happy New Year.

  54. John Fizel

    That’s some cool stuff. Nice to see someone more fortunate giving back.

  55. John Hateley

    Happy New Year!

  56. Karl Brooks

    Almost missed this.

    Thanks, Craig.

    Happy New Year!

  57. Another good contest. Thanks for doing this for us.

  58. Kirk

    Great looking giveaway Happy New Year.

  59. Matt

    Hi Craig. I recently found your website and have enjoyed reading your thoughts on cigars. I feel your pain with the weather, it is supposed to get all the way to 5 degrees here today. Yuck! By the way, I enjoyed your recent appearance on the Cigar Authority. Best wishes.

  60. Nathan

    Thanks for doing this giveaway! I follow your Instagram and I think I’ll have to start reading your blog! Happy New Year

  61. Thanks for the review and contest!

  62. Mike Perry

    I was at a Drew Estates event, which was the Christmas party for one of the shops I frequent. I ended up winning one of the heavy crystal ashtrays, plus got a Pappy hat, Acid cutter,and a Liga Privada patch. And I’ve got a couple of those triple jet Drew branded lighters. ALL QUALITY STUFF! And none of it uses Comic Sans… 😉

  63. Nice collection of items! I would love to win. Thanks for the chance!

  64. Matt Wells

    A new giveaway- awesome!! Thanks for doing this!!!

  65. mike phelps

    Giveaways of herfer stuff. Now that is away to excite us lover’s of the leaf.

  66. Would love to try. Thanks for doing such a great job on this blog