CigarCraig’s Holiday Contest Number Two: Xikar Xidris Lighter and Holt’s Contest Winner

Mi Querida_Muy Gordo GrandeOK, OK, I know, I said I was going to post the winner of contest number one earlier, but I slacked off Friday and went to visit a shop in Chestnut Hill (Philadelphia), PA called BnB Cigars (not to be confused with BnB Tobacco, different company altogether). I’ve met Vince, the manager of this shop on several occasions and consider him a friend, he’s been a long time reader and I was long overdue paying him a visit. Vince as stocked this shop with the most impressive selection of boutique cigars I’ve seen. He’s got the largest RoMaCraft selection anywhere, just a ridiculous depth of product. He also knows way more about some of the really geeky boutique stuff and will be my go to info source on such things, I think. I walked out with a handful of cigars that I had read about, but never seen in the wild. But the motivation to pay this great little shop a visit was my old friend Steve Saka was dropping by, and I had to pick up some more Mi Queridas and smoke them along with Steve and the fine folks there CraigNSteve@BnBat BnB. I smoked the Mi Querida in the larger Muy Gordo Grande size, the 6″ x 56 and loved it. It was a bit smoother than the smaller ring gauges, obviously, which was OK with my for a multiple cigar evening. I also managed to get my hands on Steve’s new 4″ x 48 Gordita size in the Mi Querida line. If it compares to the line like the Short Churchill compares to the Sobremesa line it will be a winner. It’s always educational and entertaining hanging out with Steve, and I was glad to finally get to visit this terrific shop. Thanks to Vince for the hospitality (including a great cup of Twin Engine Coffee that, along with the cigar, prevented me from sleeping most of the night!), definitely a must visit shop in the Philly area (and online, they ship!).


Today’s holiday giveaway is a new Xikar Xidris single flame torch lighter courtesy of the fine folks at Xikar. This one is the very sporty yellow and black version. When Xikar sent me two of these to try out I was honestly torn between this one and the tan with gun-metal, and opted for the tan because I needed a “classy” as opposed to “sporty” lighter in my portfolio. I’ve mentioned before that I’ve been using the Xidris lighter exclusively for the past several Xikar Xidris Yellowmonths and it works great. It’s my go to lighter, it’s got a great heft, yet not too heavy as to pull your pants town, and lights every time, unless it runs out of gas, which isn’t very often because it has a generous fuel tank and a window so you can see when it’s low. Anyway, one lucky reader will win this beautiful and functional yellow and black Xikar Xidris lighter. So leave a comment like usual, I will be picking a winner on Wednesday this time for sure, so stay tuned (spoiler alert: contest number 3 looms). Thanks to Xikar for sending these lighters along for me to try, and going along with my giveaway plans!



I’ve consulted with’s random number generator and, after taking out a couple of comments that weren’t eligible, it was determined that the winner of the Holt’s $20 Gift Card is Tommy D. Please send me your details so I can pass them on to Holt’s so they can get you your gift card! Thanks to Lexi at Holt’s for making this possible! I like to visit the center city Philly store when ever I’m nearby, and they might even be carrying Sobremesa and Mi Querida sometime soon!  Thanks to everyone who entered, and good luck in the upcoming contests!


That’s enough for today, until the next time,






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61 Responses to CigarCraig’s Holiday Contest Number Two: Xikar Xidris Lighter and Holt’s Contest Winner

  1. Brian Impson

    Congrats to Tommy D. I’ve been using Xikar cutters for years. Love their products. Great company to deal with. I’ll bet the lighters are excellent.

  2. Great photo of you and Mr. Saka.

  3. Steve W.

    The lighter looks like a winner

  4. Coffee & cigar is always a great combo. Happy holidays Craig!

  5. Matt Ross

    Two great ambassadors for this industry!

  6. Derek C.

    Congrats Tommy D! Love Xikar and the products they make. I’ve owned a few of their products over the years great quality!

  7. Alan Price

    Merry Christmas Craig. Love the Xikar products!

  8. mike mccain

    I have some Xikar equipment and consider them to be top notch, with the Gold Standard warranty. Nice to see you with Steve

  9. Duane Holmes

    I can always use a new Xikar lighter.

  10. Jeff Ketcham

    Congrats to Tommy. That lighter looks nice and festive, it would be hard to loose with that bright neon glow!

  11. Mike W

    Another great contest, thanks Craig and Xikar! Happy Holidays to all!

  12. atllogix

    Congrats brother! I’ve heard good things about the Xidris and I’ve wanted to give it a try. If my SS sees this thanks a lot bro/sis you’re amazing.

  13. Congrats Tommy…and great stuff Craig! Merry Christmas!

  14. Congrats Tommy. Best thing about those Xikar lighters are the fact that they have a lifetime warranty. Good luck everyone.

  15. Not going to win…. Thanks anyway.

  16. Glad to see you met Saka. Seems like
    an intimidating guy to me. Sobremesa was a really nice smoke – smaller the better on that one.

  17. What is it about cigar lighters that capture our hearts? I only need one and I could rub two sticks together, but butane lighters are some of the best eye candy next to a perfectly wrapped Nicaraguan cigar. I love them all and find my classic Zippo just a little old fashioned.

  18. paul1954

    Probably not going to win either, but I am still hopeful. 🙂 I much prefer single flame lighters! Thanks for making things interesting,

  19. Freakboy791

    I need a new lighter! I am still lighting cigars off the gas burner on my stove.

  20. smoke770

    nice lighter! thanks!

  21. I love the short churchills, if the gorito is as good, I’ll be sold!

  22. Joel Scott

    Thanks again for running this contest Craig. I’ll look forward to trying the cigars that you mentioned in your article.

  23. KRUK

    I only use Xikar, so let’s add this to the collection!!! 🙂

  24. John Hateley

    Love Xikar, always room for another!

  25. Lonnie W. Brooks

    I would love to win those lighters, here’s hoping I do! Thanks Craig for a great giveaway.

  26. Maineiac

    Nice lighter. Thanks for the contest.

  27. Randall Simon

    Great contest and congrats to all winners. Merry Christmas

  28. Tommy D

    Thank you Holts and Craig for gift! Happy holidays to all readers!


  30. Dan Colley

    Poor guy wanted to get a yellow cigar lighter and look what he had to settle for !!! I am partial to lighters with a sight glass as well. I have a Bugatti triple torch and it has a sight glass in the side. Very helpful.

    I hope you have a wonderful Christmas and a healthy and happy new year. I’m looking forward to some lessening of Governmental interference in the cigar industry and some new blends as a result.

  31. Donald Santos

    Great contest I would like to win that cool sporty lighter

  32. Nathan Zimmerman

    Mi Querida, eh? Gee, I never…

  33. jjo

    That is a sporty looking lighter. I don’t mind having my pants pulled down on occasion, though.

  34. Merry Christmas! Great pic of you and Sakasquatch BTW!!

  35. KOPTim

    Great gift ! This would be great for those windy winter afternoon smokes on the porch. Craig – if you are free, the now open again Cigar Mojo is having a nice event tomorrow ( Tuesday ) in KOP. Check it out.

  36. Great gift idea. Xikar makes great products and its hard to beat their warranty.

  37. Ryan

    Great looking lighter. Xikar always makes the best products.

  38. jaime rosenthal

    Great gift. So nice of you to have giveaways around the holidays

  39. Joseph

    Great contest!

  40. Dan

    Merry Christmas and thank you

  41. Frank Germaine

    Awesome lighter I need this!

  42. Xikar, I need another for my collection. I don’t have one of their lighters. Thanks for the great giveaway.

  43. Karl

    Having another Xikar lighter is always good.

    Merry Christmas.

  44. Love the look of this lighter. Can’t wait to try Steve’s other blends.

  45. Czerbe

    You are the man Craig

  46. Tim S

    Man could I use a new lighter. And I could actually find that one being so bright.

  47. Swede Lindstrom

    My favorite color, yellow. Thanks Xikar and Craig.

  48. Jose A Solis

    My first lighter and my go to lighter are both Xikar, love their products. As I love this time of the years with the contests run by Craig. Thank you!

  49. Jonathan Kaiser

    The lighter looks amazing! Perfect!

  50. Scott Wilson

    Nice Prize! and great shot of you and Saka

  51. Paul Cauchi

    Hey Craig, greetings from a fellow Philly boy, AS WELL as a fellow BnB patron. The contest is a great idea, Xikar stuff is awesome! Thanks for the cool posting and maybe I’ll see you at Bnb some time.

    Paul Lucas

  52. Glad to see you’re running your contest despite obstacles.

  53. Patrick Geer

    That looks like a great lighter! And an excellent shop visit. 🙂

  54. Bruce Wienckowski

    Count me in. My 6 y/o “go to” is on its last legs.

  55. Commish

    Very nice! Thanks for that gift.

  56. Dear Santa Craig,
    All I want for Christmas is a new Xikar lighter!

  57. Patrick

    Very nicely done Craig.
    Life is good.

  58. Kevin Shahan

    Oh man is that pretty!