CigarCraig’s Holiday Contest Number Three: Island Lifestyle and Tommy Bahama and Xikar Contest Winner

So I came home tonight to find the Verizon Fios completely out, TV and Internet, which totally craps in my cornflakes as I had plans to write this post and watch the Flyers game.  After an hour on the phone, and the mind-blowing idiocy of just trying to get a human on the phone, they scheduled a technician for Friday…ironically, there was a Verizon truck right across the street at the pole doing something just before the outage. Coincidence, I’m told. Anyway, T-mobile to the rescue and I can announce the winner of the great Xikar Xidris lighter, and tell you about today’s giveaway!


Tommy Bahama 1A few months ago I posted about the Island Lifestyle cigars, as well as the Tommy Bahama ashtray and travel humidor. I would honestly use the hell out of the humidor and ashtray if I didn’t already have my fair share of accessories, so I figured they would make a great giveaway!  I’m going to include one each of the Island Lifestyle Aged Reserve Cigars because I can still give away my own cigars if I want to!  These guys won one of the Tommy Bahama 2best in show awards at the 2016 IPCPR show, so they have some credibility. So there’s the  Island Lifestyle Aged Reserve Cigars in three wrappers, Connecticut, Sun Grown and Maduro in this prize package. Island Lifestyle is  the exclusive manufacture for the Tommy Bahama cigar accessory line, and if you ever wander into a Tommy Bahama store, you’ll find a nice display of cool cigar cases, humidors, ashtrays and whatnot. They have a really neat folding ashtray with a cutter and lighter,but that’s not included in this give
away. The Tommy Bahama travel humidor is a larger size and will hold five 60 ring cigars,  but here’s a helpful hint: it will hold ten 5″ x Tommy Bahama 350 robustos!  The ashtray is a large, melamine ashtray with clip on rests, it looks like a fine ceramic ashtray, but if you drop the thing it will fare much better I think.  So that’s the gift this time around! Same rules apply, leave a comment to enter and I’ll pick a winner on Sunday (or Monday, Sunday being Christmas day and all). Thanks to the folks at Island Lifestyle Importers for providing these cool items! I kinda wish I were in the islands right now…




Xikar Xidris YellowThe winner of the Xikar Xidris lighter is…While I;m thinking of it, it’s been rather relaxing doing casual contests over three or four days, unlike the insanity of the daily contests…anyway, you wanted to know who won the great yellow and black lighter, and it is Lonnie W. Brooks! Congrats! Please e-mail me your address so I can send this to you.


That’s it for now, until the next time when I should have TV and internet back….





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53 Responses to CigarCraig’s Holiday Contest Number Three: Island Lifestyle and Tommy Bahama and Xikar Contest Winner

  1. Thanks again for the great contests sir! Been meaning to pick up a bigger travel humi, this one is beautiful

  2. Joel Scott

    Tommy Bahama. Oh mama !

  3. curt williams


  4. Ddhbkh1023@

    One more can’t hurt.

  5. Steve C

    Great prize Craig, would be great for Christmas! HAPPY HOLIDAYS ALL!!

  6. Matt Ross

    Never even heard of these cigars before – very interesting.

  7. Mike W

    Thanks for another great contest! Happy Holidays, Bro!

  8. Very awesome prize haven’t tried that cigar yet!!

  9. Ahhhh
    My idea of relaxation..

  10. atllogix

    Thanks for the many opportunities Craig. Thanks to my SecretSanta from Gainesville! Thanks to the real Santa, and a shoutout to Mrs. Kringle, I know it’s quite a busy time for the both you! Thanks Holts, Xikar, and Island Lifestyle Importers!

  11. Frank Germaine

    This would be perfect. Tommy Bahama is the bomb. Thanks Craig & Good Luck All!

  12. Dennis Huddy

    Great contest. Who is more Island Style than a Hawaiian.

  13. Congrats Lonnie!

    Thanks Craig…sweet prize!

  14. John Hateley

    Thanks for the contest!

  15. George Hartmann

    I’m in! Merry Christmas Craig!

  16. jjo

    Geez, you have better things to do on Christmas Day than to post a winner? Have a great one, brother!

  17. Ken Fellenstein

    Very Cool!

  18. KRUK

    Love me some Tommy B Hawaiian shirts!!! It will match perfectly!!! 😀

  19. Chase Abernathy

    Great giveaway! Thanks for the opportunity.

  20. I will have to check these out at the Tommy B store. Great contest. Merry Christmas.

  21. Brian Impson

    What a great workaround, give away your own cugars. BRILLIANT. Stupid law needs to be repealed a.s.a.p.

  22. Have a great Christmas Craig!

  23. Jeff Ketcham

    Tommy B FTW! That gear looks awesome, someones going to be very happy (might as well be me…)

  24. Cool biz, does it come with some sunshine too? Happy Holidays Craig.

  25. Merry Christmas and thanks for the giveaway opportunities brother!!

  26. Another sweet giveaway thanks for the chance and Merry Christmas Craig.

  27. Didn’t win. And not going to win again..

  28. Tom Lindner (xddco)

    I’ll be heading to the Keys tomorrow….the Islands await! Of course, it’s only a short drive for me. Stay smoky, Craig!

  29. jay

    this is my year to win!

  30. MorganGeo

    Merry Christmas! What a great prize! Would love it!

  31. Allen

    Merry Christmas from California Craig! it’s been awhile since I have posted been pretty busy and now leaving on deployment. This would be great for this deployment.

  32. AWESOME!!!!!! From a huge TB fan this would be a great add to my collection. Merry Christmas ad thanks for all the cigar info all year round.

  33. Commish

    To you and all the followers – Merry Christmas.


    Another great giveaway, Craig! Although I did miss the usual cigar review. 🙂

  35. Kevin Shahan

    I’ve been eyeing all the new Tommy Bahama stuff at my local cigar shop. They are sexy for sure!

  36. Jose A Solis

    Have a wonderful Christmas celebration. Enjoy.

  37. Randall Simon

    Thanks for the great reviews and contests.
    Merry Christmas

  38. Craig can’t thank you enough for all you do for the cigar community

  39. Patrick

    Still have a Craig Christmas.
    Life is good.

  40. smoke770

    Thanks Craig!

  41. paul1954

    Good tip about Tommy Bahama.

  42. Freakboy791

    I’ve actually been thinking about islands quite a bit lately.

  43. CCraig, I have had the same issues with Comcast and missed a Flyers game. So, here’s to improved technology in 2017 and hopefully some Island cigars to celebrate an Orange & Black Victory.

  44. Tommy D

    Congrats Lonnie.

  45. Donald Santos

    Merry Christmas Craig sounds like a fantastic prize. I also would like to let you know I sent my Secret Santa gift out and according to the tracking information it landed safety

  46. Kelly Cressy

    Hi Craig! I always screw up my contest entry….but here it goes….I am heading on a 2 week road trip of the Southeast and sure would love the Tommy Bahama ashtray and travel humidor….be great for my trip through the Low Country. The cigars would be great too!! If I win I will send pics from my travels! Merry Christmas! Kelly Cressy Sugar Magnolia Southern Belle Road Warrior!

  47. tim brannon

    Great contest prizes Craig! I will be checking out the Tommy Bahama cigar accessories. They sound like unique quality merchandise. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

  48. Mike McCain

    Unfamiliar with the cigar line,but you are always a go to for reviews, merry christmas

  49. Dan Colley

    I can always use another ash tray. I absolutely need one in the kitchen !!!