CigarCraig’s Holiday Contest Number Four: General Cigar Co. and the Tommy Bahama Winner

Davidoff GolfI hope everyone who celebrates had a wonderful Christmas yesterday. As JJO suggested in his comment on the last post, it turns out I did have better things to do yesterday than post the winner, including having a big breakfast at our daughter’s house with the granddaughters and our kids, then taking a drive to visit more family in New Jersey. While at my bro-in-law’s in Jersey I got to smoke a glorious Sobremesa Short Churchill, which was wonderful. Christmas Eve I managed to smoke a Davidoff Golf Scorecard Edition, a gorgeous 6″ x 55 toro. These are presented in a five pack, ostensibly four cigars for your golf foursome, and one with a gold secondary band for the winner. These carry a pretty hefty price-tag , $114 for 5 at CI, who starts off the description with “Some things Bolivarare matches made in heaven – like bacon and eggs, mac and cheese, and of course, golf and cigars. “, which I find to be a rather pedestrian way to start a paragraph about a pretty expensive cigar! Anyway, it was a spectacular smoke, even though I don’t golf. It had loads of creamy, spicy flavors that were quite entertaining. It turned out to be pretty hard to find something suitable to follow such a stellar smoke, so I went with a Bolivar Royal Corona that had been floating around the humidor for 5 years or so. It was up to the task and was a great smoke, on the milder side, on par with the Davidoff. It was a pretty great couple of cigars on a reasonably nice winter’s day.



GCCLet’s keep it going! I have some goodies from General Cigar for today’s giveaway!  There’s a Punch Bobblehead, a tin CAO Flathead Steel Horse sign, a pair of very nice La Gloria Cubana Cigar Scissors, and a Macanudo Inspirado Colibri Grip cutter, which is rubberized with orange blades, very sharp-looking. It’s hard to say what else might fall into the shipping box while I’m packing it up too, it’s been known to happen. Anyway, usual rules apply, leave a comment to enter,  I’ll announce a winner on Wednesday!




Island LifestyleI almost forgot to announce the winner fo the Tommy Bahama ashtray and travel humidor, and Island Lifestyle Cigars!  I wore my blue check Tommy Bahama shirt yesterday with my blue check Vans, it was quite the look.  Many thanks to Ryan at Island Lifestyle Importers for providing this wonderful present! I can’t say how much I like the Tommy Bahama branded stuff, my wife told me I was crazy to give it away! But, giving is so much fun, so it’s off to to find the winner!  I’m not sure how this happened, but the winner is Andy Klueber.  Every once in a while someone calls their shot, but Andy chose the opposite, pessimistically entering saying he wasn’t going to win, several times! His number came up this time, and I’ll be sending him some great stuff!


That’s all for now! I got some chicken harnesses for Christmas so I can try taking chickens for a walk instead of Macha, that should get the neighbors talking….until the next time,





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36 Responses to CigarCraig’s Holiday Contest Number Four: General Cigar Co. and the Tommy Bahama Winner

  1. Brian Impson

    Many thanks to our good friends at General Cigar for supplying the loot for this one. Sure hope someone from the Ward takes the win. Maybe even me! Thanks.

  2. I want to see a video of you walking the chickens–in harness.

  3. Ron Gadzalinski

    Happy Dec. 26th CigarCraig!

  4. Mike W

    Thanks Craig and General for another great contest! Happy Holidays to all!

  5. Steve C

    Thanks for another great contest!

  6. We definitely need video of the chicken walking session!! Have fun!!

  7. Frank Germaine

    A Punch Bobblehead man I gotta have that! I hope every one had a Merry Christmas!

  8. mike mccain

    Mr Punch needs a home at stately McCain Manor
    Thanks Craig

  9. Hope you and yours had a nice Holiday. Very nice prize package here, I know that Punch Bobblehead would look good in my man cave.

    Here’s to a happy new year to you Craig!

  10. Allen Chieze

    Merry Christmas Craig. Glad you were able to enjoy the holidays. Sounds like you were Warner there then here in California. Thanks for the reviews, need to start stocking up on a few things before deployment and your reviews help with that.

  11. Jeff Ketcham

    Sweet sign! Not to mention the other great stuff. Thanks as always.

  12. Thomas Kirkpatrick

    Thanks Craig and General Cigars for you generosity, especially love the bobble head with no disrespect to the other great options.

  13. Alan Price

    Craig, you are the man…Merry Christmas!

  14. MorganGeo

    Congrats Andy on the last win. Now it’s my turn. Lol. Thanks for contests.

  15. Randall Simon

    Great contest as usual Craig thanks.

  16. Chicken walking…..bad……it reduces the fat in their legs before you eat them.

  17. Jeremy

    Yea, another fan of the bobble head here. Merry Christmas guys!

  18. Ddhbkh1023@

    Cool swag I’m in!

  19. Kevin Shahan

    Merry Christmas!

  20. Congrats Andy. Thanks for the chance. This General Cigars prize pack looks awesome!!

  21. George

    To quote Andy, I never win, ever. So, I’m picking the same numbers as Andy!

  22. Joel Scott

    Happy Boxing Day, Craig.

  23. atllogix

    Dood your still at it! Hope the holidays were great for you and all!

  24. jjo

    Glad to hear you had a fulfilling Christmas Day!

  25. Patrick

    I’m with Mark, I got to see the video…lmao
    Life is good

  26. Swede214

    Love your holiday cigar contests!

  27. Freakboy791

    Hope everyone had a happy, healthy Christmas. I’m not gonna win…I’m not gonna win, I’m not gonna win

  28. Donald Santos

    Love to have the bobble head on my desk with that sign on the wall in my man cave

  29. Thanks Craig, Ms V and GCC for these great prizes! I too hope that a Ward B member wins this one!

  30. Jerry B.

    Merry Christmas!!

  31. DB Dronoff

    Bravo Craig!

  32. Paul 1954

    Congrats to Andy! Thanks, Craig.

  33. Adrian Quick

    Thanks for the contests. Hope you had a great holiday!

  34. TriMarkC

    Checking in Craig, to wish you a Happy New Year!

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