CigarCraig’s 12 Spectacular Days of Cigar Giveaways Day 9: Newest

The winner of the Day 8 prize of a box of the new ORTSAC 1962 San Andreas Robusto (and object of my envy) is Nathan Zimmerman.  Please forward your address ASAP so I can pass it on to Victor at The Cigar Agency so he can ship you your prize (it was best this way, as I may have had a hard time parting with this one! Terrific cigars, I enjoyed the heck out of my last one last night!)


We are at Day 9 of CigarCraig’s 12 Spectacular Days of Cigar Giveaways and by now I’m wishing I had done  CigarCraig’s 8 Incredible Nights of Giveaways!  It’s a good thing I didn’t, because I wouldn’t have been able to bring you today’s prize.  Today we are featuring, a new website which will be debuting shortly featuring news about the newest cigars.  The guys there wanted to get in on the fun here and have provided a box of a new cigar from the 20 Minutes Cigar Company based in Detroit called 20 Minutes in Detroit.  This is a 10 count box of  7″ x 56 Corojo wrapped cigars, and if you can smoke one of these in 20 minutes I’ll give you a dollar.  In all seriousness, this a really nice ten count box of the newest cigars out there. is the premium online destination to find out about the newest cigars coming out on the market and is dedicated solely on the emergence of those new brands. It is a platform that provides cigar manufacturers the ability to provide clear, consistent information to cigar retailers, cigar bloggers and cigar aficionados.
Key website features include: easy and advanced searchability, cigar detail pages for every size or brand extention, complete product details, social networking integration to Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest, professional photography, cross-brand promotion, geo-location to help find the closest retailer, instant Email and RSS Feed Alerts, and blogger reviews.


20Min Detroit_1

20Min Detroit_2







Thanks to Yoffy and Mike at for providing this box of cigars.  Stay tuned for the launch of coming to a browser near you.


You know what to do next!  Leave a comment for a chance to win and check back tomorrow!


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82 Responses to CigarCraig’s 12 Spectacular Days of Cigar Giveaways Day 9: Newest

  1. Adam

    Sounds good. I could go for some free cigars.

  2. Mike

    20 minutes in Detroit. I’m 20 minutes from Detroit.

  3. jyow617

    I wanna smoke some Detroits!

  4. James Stine

    Really interested in trying these, plan on making the trip to Jenuwine soon to pick up some but this is another great place! Thanks for the contest

  5. minkia38

    detroit made cigars? Sign me up!

  6. Mike Kestel

    Alot of great cigars out there!

  7. richard womer

    Ill take me 20 hours get to Detroit because I have to hit every cigar shop from Maryland to there brother have a nice holiday

  8. KOPTim

    OK. Here’s another try. So far, nuttin’ but coal.

  9. Smokin Aces

    Gotta love this one.

  10. peter

    I pay city of Detroit taxes…its about time I get something back! 🙂

  11. George Satterfield

    They look very nice but if you can snmoke any Churchill in 20 minutes you need your head examined.. Great contest Craig but I haven’t won yet ..
    Happy Thursday..

  12. TEEEM55

    Great website. This contest seems interesting and exciting. I’m in! 🙂

  13. Tom

    Great cigars – I’ve had quite a few.

  14. Steve C


  15. flexemus

    Great having a cigar named after the motor city.

  16. Puff Scotty

    Unconverted CC lover here! 🙂

  17. jdawg

    Thanks for the comp and to DB for sending me here! Free stogies are always good!!!

  18. BenSV650

    Never tried a cigar from Detroit before. Sounds interesting!

  19. Joe Lewis

    Never heard of them or the site….but I’ll gladly check them out

  20. John sigmon

    Interested to try these

  21. Randall S

    Interesting very interesting.

  22. Patrick

    Lets do this

  23. Travis S

    I’ll get up on this

  24. Swede214

    Yes, some new cigars, thanks.

  25. Lionhound.

    Nice site. Many thanks to DB for sending me the link.

  26. Acey

    Oh God…Detroit cigars? PLEASE let me not win this one! And Batmang rigged yesterday’s drawing! I know it!

  27. Dennis

    I can’t believe that there’s a cigar made right up the road from me that I haven’t heard of….

  28. Dave with a Y

    Detroit? Gotta try one of these for sure.

  29. Matthew Tan

    Thank you for the very generous giveaway and I would love to be included. Also a thanks to DB for informing me about this.

  30. Carlos a/k/a Tabacoman

    Detroit? They grow tabacco there??

  31. These sound great i’ll be keeping an eye for these