CigarCraig’s 12 Spectacular Days of Cigar Giveaways Day 7: A.J.Fernandez and Emilio

Yesterday we had a box of the Toraño Family Cigars Blends from the Vault. We had a record breaking number of entries for this, which says something for the popularity and quality of Toraño cigars. I’ve always enjoyed them and the people at the company have always been terrific.  Today’s winner is Duane Holmes!  Please forward me your details so we can get this out to you!


Welcome to the second half of this enormous project!  Kicking off the second half of the contests is the newest offering from A. J. Fernandez, the Pinolero.  Pinolero is a word used in Nicaragua for a “local” and this cigar is a Nicaraguan puro wrapped in proprietary Fernandez family leaves.  I’ve smoked a few of these and loved them. While many have said they are powerfully strong, I found it on the high side of medium.  It’s a delicious smoke and a box of these is a wonderful gift!  But, that’s not all!  I also have a five-pack of Emilio Cigars and an Emilio Cap! I see an Emilio AF 1 and 2, an Emilio Suave, what looks like Draig K and perhaps a La Musa, all exceptional cigars.  Emilio is one of the hottest names out there in the boutique cigar world and these cigars are outstanding.  It’s a holiday twofer!


emilio cap and 5er








Thanks to Clay and everyone at A.J. Fernandez and Gary and his team  at Emilio for providing the presents for today’s contest!   Leave a comment and check tomorrow to see if you won!


Until tomorrow,




Here’s how you enter: leave a comment.  That’s it, plain and simple.  Tweets don’t count, but feel free to spread the word, only comments on this page count as an entry.  Each day there will be a different prize and the winner will be drawn from that day’s comments. The winner will be announced on the next day’s post. The contest is open to everyone, even if you’ve won one of my contests in the past six months, but once you’ve won, you are ineligible to win again in this series of contests. All prizes will be mailed as soon as I get a chance to go to the post office, or whenever the sponsor decides to ship, whichever is the case, so don’t make me chase down your address!  Please e-mail your contact information to as soon as possible!



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87 Responses to CigarCraig’s 12 Spectacular Days of Cigar Giveaways Day 7: A.J.Fernandez and Emilio

  1. TriMarkC

    Looks like some great prizes! Well done! Merry Christmas!

  2. George Satterfield


    very nice prize pkgs you are offering.. Hope I win one. Also hope you are having a great Holliday season. Till tomorrow.


  3. Garry Cawthorn

    WOW’ These prizes just keep getting better and better… Thank you for all these chances to win some really great swag and some really great cigars… Thanks Craig!!

  4. jjo

    Haven’t tried the Pinolero yet, but have heard nice things about it. Can’t go wrong with the Emilios. Thanks to Craig and sponsors for their generosity.

  5. Joe W

    Those AJ sticks looks awesome. Hope I can win!

  6. Danny Griffith

    Very Nice! Hope i win this one today cause im feeling real lucky.

  7. Chaase321

    Awesome contest, thanks brother!

  8. allen

    O wow a nice bundle package there. Craig you come up with some nice contests. They keep getting better.

  9. kekoa kai

    Awsome contest guys.

  10. Smokin Aces

    I LOVE A.J. Fernandez’s stuff….the Oval, the MOW and the Pinolero. I have been dying to try anything from Gary. Please let me win this one!

  11. Great way to bring in new readers, Craig! I’ll let my cigar friends know and will be checking back myself daily. Hope I’m lucky enough to get in on the prize pack. Thanks!

  12. Jerry B.

    Count me in Craig. Great prize package! Thanks

  13. Tom Clune

    What a fantastic prize! I love AJ’s line, but never tried the Pinolero.


  14. revjava

    What an amazing set of contests…
    Emilio Cigars Rock my Socks!!
    Happy Happy to one and All

  15. Brian

    Count me in again Craig!

  16. Jeremy Savage

    Nice…feeling lucky!

  17. Gary Walston

    One of my favorites.

  18. Gary K

    Merry Christams to my friends if this prize is mine

  19. It gets better and better everyday, if only i could win one of them. Well happy holidays to all 🙂

  20. Swede214

    And a other great prize! Thanks

  21. John sigmon

    Need these!

  22. Albert Parker

    Great prizes! Have a very Merry Christmas!!!!

  23. jimbobber

    Congrats to Duane H. Who’s next?

  24. Randall S

    I hope I get to win before the END on Friday.

  25. Tryg V

    Great stuff. Merry Christmas!

  26. 007MI6

    Nice stuff! Keepmitmup Craig!

  27. Sandi Turnipseed

    Happy Holidays to you and your family! Duane Holmes told me about his contest winnings and I decided to stop by. Congrats Duane! Great contest your hosting Craig!

  28. Carlos a/k/a Tabacoman

    Great Smokes at an Even Greater Price!

  29. paul1954

    please! hook me up with those Emilios. and thanks for sharing.

  30. Marty Mitchell

    Great contest and super prizes! Thanks Craig!!!

  31. BigPhil

    Thanks for the Christmas cheer! I have been looking forward to these!

  32. Mike Kestel

    Great contests

  33. Joe Lewis

    AJ and Emilio….send it my way, please

  34. Dave with a Y

    I have liked every AJ I have had.

  35. Patrick J.

    Love AJ’s incredible lineup