CigarCraig’s 12 Spectacular Days of Cigar Giveaways Day 10: Drew Estate

Someone was spreading the word yesterday, because we had quite a few new readers enter.  I love that, and I hope some of you stick around!  Yesterday’s lucky winner of a box of 20 Minutes in Detroit Congress courtesy of  is Mike, who says he’s 20 minutes from Detroit!   Please send me your info ASAP so these can make it to your humidor!


It’s Day 10 already and what a special day today is!  Today we have an amazing collection of goodies from the fine folks at Drew Estate. They have really outdone themselves with a nice selection of stuff!  We have a Stinky Ashtray, but not just any old Stinky, a floor stand model! Also, there are three different cool Acid T-shirts (XL), a My Uzi Weighs a Ton Cap, an Undercrown cap and a Drew Estate Cutter (I love these cutters!).  As if that wasn’t enough of a prize for today, there’s a box of Acid Kuba Kuba to ice the cake!  Honestly, this could have been split up over more than one day, but it’s the 12 Spectacular Days of Cigar Giveaways!


Many thanks to John Brooke and everyone at Drew Estate for providing this copious bounty of goodies! Shipping on this one may break me! You know the drill!  Leave a comment to enter and check back tomorrow to see if you won (and enter tomorrow’s contest if you didn’t)!

 Until tomorrow,




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100 Responses to CigarCraig’s 12 Spectacular Days of Cigar Giveaways Day 10: Drew Estate

  1. Lee W

    Wow , great prize from Jonathon and the crew. Great site sir

  2. Chance Caldwell

    Kuba Kuba are my favorite!

  3. Steven Billing II

    What an awesome prize pack! Merry Christmas!

  4. SevereChase

    The ash tray would be PERFECT for tailgates, especially after passing out a box of Drew Estate Cigars!

  5. John Krump

    Wow, awesome giveaway! leave it to DE and JD to hook everyone up!

  6. Rob

    12-21-12, my day to win!!

  7. abraxas828282

    Well the world hasn’t ended so I guess I will still be around to enjoy these!

  8. Jerry B.

    Love my Stinky! Count me in.

  9. Garry Cawthorn

    Nothing like some Acid to get u thur the day…

  10. Come on, we only have so many minutes left on this earth.

  11. Swede214

    Thanks Craig and John, just an other great day in December!

  12. Danny Griffith

    Thanks for the chance. Would make my day if i won this

  13. Jake

    What an awesome prize pack. Thanks for the giveaway!

  14. Russ Page

    That floor stinky is absolutely amazing! Thanks DE and Craig

  15. Patrick

    Wow, that is an impressive prize pack

  16. George Satterfield

    WOW !! What a haul !! MERRY DE CHRISTMAS!!!!!

  17. Puff Scotty

    Somebody Drew a Winner!

  18. George Lebovitz

    Pick me! Pick me!

  19. Ralfy Gee

    Wow, this is an awesome gift pack!
    Definitely diggin’ the motorcycle shirt!

  20. Ricardo

    Great stuff! The Mayans got it all wrong! Now, where do I get my “I survived the apocalypse” t-shirt?

  21. TriMarkC

    I still love Kuba Kubas!!

  22. Joe W

    awesome! I want to win

  23. Chase Vadnais

    DE are my favorite cigars!!! It would be awesome to get some DE gear!!!

  24. John sigmon

    Yes please 🙂

  25. jyow617

    Awesome prizes! Thanks!

  26. Jeremy Savage

    Wow…that is a nice prize!

  27. Mike Info

    Need that hat before there is a ban on UZI’s…

  28. John w.

    Great Give away Prize!

  29. Eric Lund

    Great prize pack from Drew, love the merch

  30. Tyler A.

    Definitely a nice prize package!

  31. jimbobber

    Congrats to Mike!

  32. Tom

    This would sure look good in my smoking room at home!

  33. eggopp

    My old friend DB pointed me in your direction, very generous competition, well done to all previous winners..


  34. Randall S

    Drew Estate puts out great stuff.

  35. Frank Germaine

    Mine Mine Mine Mine Please Please Please Please

  36. K Ramos HV1

    It is good to see Drew Estates step up for the Contest. Big Cheer and everyone have a Merry Christmas

  37. Danno

    Keep up the great work…and here is to the last day of the great Mayan calendar.

  38. Lloyd L.

    Oh, Craig, I just gotta have this one! That Stinky ashtray is perfect for my patio!

  39. Tony Berube

    Lets do this!! Thanks again for the chance to win!

  40. Smokin Aces

    Now that is an Ashtray you could kill a Panther with! And some killers swag and smoke to boot! J-Dizzle and the kids at Drew Estates ain’t playin….that’s a big kids prize package right there Craiger!

  41. DocNJ

    Will this be the first day to break 100 comments? 2.5 hours left.

  42. Wow, the ashtray alone! Excellent.

  43. Christopher Burke

    GL go all and Happy Holidays!

  44. TomS

    Wow really nice combo. Love the Ashtray!

  45. Mark Ingalsbe

    Awesome line up!

  46. Foosh

    Dang! That’s a rad lineup of gifts!

  47. mark

    Another great prize Craig, thanks!

  48. Peter

    DEARMY Forever!!!!!!!!!