CigarCraig’s 12 Spectacular Days of Cigar Giveaways Day 1: Prize Pack

Welcome to the second annual CigarCraig’s 12 Spectacular Days of Cigar Giveaways!  Last year’s was so much fun I decided to do it again.  I think this year’s prizes are as good, if not better than last year!  I honestly don’t know how much better it can get!


We’re starting off the festivities with this nice prize package from!  Included in this prize is one Full Throttle Sampler consisting of 10 cigars, one Hurricane Torch Lighter, a Stogie Boys T-shirt, V-cutter and a deck of cards, as well as a sticker and a pocket guide.  Thanks to Sheryl and everyone at for kicking this thing off right!




Here’s how you enter: leave a comment.  That’s it, plain and simple.  Tweets don’t count, but feel free to spread the word, only comments on this page count as an entry.  Each day there will be a different prize and the winner will be drawn from that day’s comments. The winner will be announced on the next day’s post. The contest is open to everyone, even if you’ve won one of my contests in the past six months, but once you’ve won, you are ineligible to win again in this series of contests. All prizes will be mailed as soon as I get a chance to go to the post office, or whenever the sponsor decides to ship, whichever is the case, so don’t make me chase down your address!  Please e-mail your contact information to as soon as possible!

That’s it, leave a comment to enter and good luck. Check back tomorrow to see if you won and enter tomorrow’s contest!


Until then,





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63 Responses to CigarCraig’s 12 Spectacular Days of Cigar Giveaways Day 1: Prize Pack

  1. Joe W

    Thanks for having such cool contests!

  2. Phil Kohn

    Stogie Boys really stepped up to the plate with this gift array.
    And it’s very cool of you, Daddy-O, to take care of your cigar smoking friends.

  3. Thanks for the contest!

  4. Rick Bruce

    Here’s my comment/entry for this awesome contest. Big thanks to the Stogie Boys for the great swag for the first giveaway. Good luck everyone.

  5. I would love to win this. I am crossing fingers.

  6. paul1954

    good luck to all, but i hope that I win.

  7. Swede214

    Thanks Stogie Boys, Nice Gifts!

  8. Carlos a/k/a Tabacoman

    Those ain’t dog rockets..

  9. Jerry

    Thanks again Craig!

  10. jimbobber

    It’s starting to feel like Christmas around here!