CigarCraig’s 12 Spectacular Days of Cigar Giveaways 2015 Day 2: Selected Tobacco

Day two features some very special cigars courtesy of David Garofalo and the fine folks at 2 Guys Smokeshop, United Cigar Retailers and  Selected Tobacco.  It’s Saturday, so don’t forget to tune in to The Cigar Authority show at Noon Eastern Time, maybe the boys there give us a little shout-out?  Anyway, today’s present is a 3 cigar sampler consisting of an Atabey, a Byron and a Bandolero cigar in re-usable humitubes, and a super cool Atabey porcelain ashtray. Retail value before taxes is $200. I’ve had the good fortune to have smoked each of these cigars and they are of exceptional quality, all made in Costa Rica under the watchful eye and ridiculously high standards of Nelson Alphonso.  These are special occasion cigars that are a real treat!

PACK 3 BRAND - 2Atabey Ashtray 1


We are off to a fine start!  I need to get in the swing of getting up early and writing a little something and choosing a winner, but that’s my problem! It’ll get easier right up until it’s time to wrap the whole thing up!  I hope everyone enjoyed day one, there’s plenty more to come!  The lucky recipient of the Duality cigars from Best Cigar Prices is David Nichols! Please send me a message with your address so I can send these goodies out to you! The Cabinet is jam-packed and I need to make room! Thanks again to Jason and everyone at Best Cigar Prices, and keep in mind you can get 10% of and $.99 shipping every day with the discount code CRAIG1099.


Now is the Time to Contact 
Speaker of the House Paul Ryan & Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell
Since the Tobacco Control Act took effect, cigar patrons, retail tobacconists and manufacturers from across the premium cigar industry have been fighting in Washington, D.C. to preserve the simple enjoyment of a premium cigar – to protect that enjoyment from a threatening bureaucracy at the U.S. Food & Drug Administration.
At this very moment, Congress is debating the federal budget, and regulations that can be addressed to prevent massive loss of jobs and the destruction of the cigar industry is a part of that debate.
The House of Representatives and the Senate needs to hear from you! Now is the time to add your voice to the fight to preserve premium cigars.
Please contact today, the Office of House Speaker Paul Ryan (R-WI) and Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY)
and tell them Premium Cigars Must Be Exempt From FDA Regulation!
Please note, the lines may be busy, and voice mail box may be full, but please continue to reach out until your voice is heard!



If the FDA has their way, where will be no more giveaways like this!  Take a few minutes and make the calls!


You know what to do now, leave a comment here, check back tomorrow to see if you won!



All you have to do to enter is to leave a comment on the post of the day, if you can, try to post what you know or how you feel about today’s present, the folks donating the gift should get some feedback for their troubles! It’s not a condition to win, but it’s nice to have something to read. We did this last year and it benefits everyone. Once you’ve won, you’re out, let everyone else have a chance. Must be over 18 to win. Also, be sure to visit the links for each item. Comments on Facebook, Twitter, or anywhere else will not count, but feel free to spread the word!


Until tomorrow,





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88 Responses to CigarCraig’s 12 Spectacular Days of Cigar Giveaways 2015 Day 2: Selected Tobacco

  1. Luis Medeiros

    Great giveaway

  2. Donald Santos

    Awesome cigars

  3. George Maitland

    I’ll be watching The Cigar Authority as usual.Thanks for the prizes Dave.
    Thanks for the effort Craig.

  4. Good morning Craig. Congratulations David.Special occasion cigars indeed. I have only smoked an Atabey, it was truly special.

  5. Mike McCain

    no white xmas here yet, but i could try to ashh all over the lawn

  6. John Budka

    Not familiar with any of these, but everything looks great. Thanks again to all, and congrats David.

  7. Miguel Rocha

    Attabey! If you haven’t had one you are missing out! Congrats Dave!

  8. Derek Carpenter

    These cigars look fantastic!

  9. Tony

    I am a HUGE fan of the selected tobacco line. The Atabey Brujos is my favorite cigar hands down followed closely by the Byron Poemas. I have met Nelson and he is a true gentleman and has a passion for making the best cigars in the world and I think he has done just that. Atabey, Byron, and Bandolero are some of the top cigars in the world. Also, David Garofalo is a great guy and I love his stores and their staff.

  10. Mike Perry

    I haven’t tried any of these, but I keep hearing about them. I promise if I win, I’ll smoke them while calling the Speaker and the Majority Leader.

  11. Steve

    These have a great presentation

  12. Looks like a great selection, haven’t tried them yet.

  13. Jade

    I have not heard to much about these but I have to admit that I love trying new brands and sticks!

  14. JSCOTT

    By all means Craigettes, contact Speaker Ryan regarding the premium cigar exemption. Thanks for the reminder Craig.

  15. Duane Holmes

    Count me in!

  16. Patrick Geer

    Those humitubes look amazing! So cool.

  17. Steve C

    Great contest! Thanks Craig and sponsors.

  18. Day 2 has some talked about cigars which I haven’t had the pleasure to enjoy. Congrats David on day ones giveaway and thank you Craig for your yearly blessings.

  19. czerbe

    Well these are special

  20. Kevin Shahan

    I’ve never seen a humiditube before. It looks super cool.

  21. jay

    craig, those would look great in my stocking!

  22. Dave Y.

    looks like great stuff to me, I’m in.

  23. Tommy D

    Those cigars look fantastic and the ashtray is very sleep and modern. Thank you to all the prize contributors for this giveaway.

  24. Maineiac

    Great prize. I have stopped by Two Guys store for cigars and they are great.

  25. Thomas Totman

    Nice giveaway

  26. Joe K

    Another Awesome Prize! Thanks Craig

  27. Adrian quick

    Like always, a great giveaway. Thanks for the opportunity

  28. TriMarkC

    Congrats to David! Very nice start to this year’s excitement, Craig! Thanks for sharing with us!

  29. Tim S

    These are some sticks I’ve wanted to try. Thanks for the contest.

  30. Jeff Ketcham

    That is some nice packaging! Another I have not tried but they sound great based on your recommendation.

  31. Deb S

    Great contest and a great prize.

  32. Kyle Costanzi

    Joy and Cigars to the world!

  33. Tom Voltz

    Great looking sticks

  34. Matt Ross

    Oooh – nice prize!

  35. Commish

    Those would look great under the tree! Let Speaker Ryan he looks great with the new beard look and of course remind him how much we enjoy our cigars!

  36. Jerry B

    Count me in Craig. Thanks!!

  37. Brian Impson

    Love the reusable humitubes. What a great idea.

  38. Allen

    Great selection.

  39. Jeff Brooks

    Love the humitubes! As always, great giveaways! Thanks!

  40. Matthew Denico

    Always a good read

  41. Mark Pousard

    Sign me up!

  42. Greg

    Very Nice indeed….

  43. Thanks for the contest Craig!

  44. The stories about Santa don’t tell you that he smoked cigars and not a pipe. He would be coming to you guys for advice on what cigars to smoke. Happy holidays!

  45. Look forward to this every yer

  46. Congrats to David, and Merry Christmas to all! Thanks again Craig!

  47. mikecap62

    Recently, I’ve been become a HUGE fan of Dave Garofalo and Two Guys Smoke Shop. If you have not yet checked out their weekly show, The Cigar Authority, on Saturdays you must. It’s full of good cigar-related information and definitely a few laughs. This would be very cool to win. Thanks for the opportunity Craig!

  48. Special cigars for a special giveaway!! Congrats Dave!

  49. John Hateley

    Very unique packaging, another brand that is new to me!

  50. Christian Logay


  51. Chuck Nichols

    Getting a good start to Day 2. Thank you for doing this again this year.

  52. Gary

    Thanks again for the giveaways, definitely giving away some unique stuff.

  53. Patrick Hart

    I’ve not had the pleasure of any of these particular cigars and look forward to trying then someday, but the reusable tubes and ashtray are icing on the cake. Thanks for doing this again, Craig!

  54. Congrats David Nichols on day one. Now this is one heck of a 3 pack rite there!

  55. KRUK

    Alright alright alright!!! Time for a local boy to win this one! Bring it on!

  56. Chris Matt

    The tubes are a good prize. Dry cigars. No good.

  57. Perietta Migranté

    thx 4 great giveaway Craig. I’m unfamiliar w/ the cigar brand. crossing my fingers!

  58. Really interesting packaging. Thankd Craig.

  59. nice, hear these are great!!

  60. Beautiful cigars. I’d have to be on the beach at sunset with a distinguishing… drink to fully enjoy them.

  61. Those look like some fine smokes, great gift you’re offering today! These are something I have never heard of but I am quiet intrigued by them and whoever ends of with them, looks to be one lucky soul!

    Thanks for all that you do Craig.

  62. Jennie B

    Ashtray would look so nice on the back porch for my hubbie!

  63. Matt

    Congrats Dave!

  64. John

    Interesting cigars will have to try. Great contest

  65. Texican8

    Wow, awesome prize! That Attabey- so good!

  66. Jake P.

    Wow… That’s a very generous donation from David. I need to get my sh*t together and budget better to include a Cigar Authority shipment each month.

  67. zeegarboy

    That looks awwwwwwwwwsome!!!!

  68. Jesus C.

    Eager to try these cigars, I’m scared to pull the trigger because of price, thanks for the contest

  69. KOPtim

    Better than two turtle doves !

  70. April Bower

    As I trust in your taste of cigars, these would be an exceptional package to put under the tree….for ME!…hahahaha

  71. Craig

    Congrats to David on his win, enjoy. These Atabey are such an amazing presentation, I actually was gifted one from a fine BOTL and look forward to smoking it. Thanks again for all your work with these giveaways.

  72. paul1954

    These are cigars that I can’t get locally. Would love to try them. Called Rep. Ryan Thursday.

  73. Reusable humitube- now there’s a great idea.

  74. lonniemarci1991

    I contacted my representatives, along with Ryan on Thursday. I hope I get a chance to try some of these wonderful smokes on the 12 days.

  75. Dan Colley

    Woo !!! Woo !!! Woo !!! Navy sinks the Army !!! (barely)

    Thanks for putting on this event, Craig. Your generosity is without equal.

  76. Lee Sorensen

    Congrat’s David!
    Today’s special is a new brand to me!
    Would love to try them!

  77. Jared

    Never heard of them but you have peeked my interest.

  78. jjo

    I would love to give these a try. Thanks Craig and 2 Guys for the chance.

  79. Patrick

    Sounds amazing I’m in!
    Life is good

  80. Swede214

    Thanks Craig. Thanks to Two Guys Smoke Shop. I watch THE Cigar Authority,most of the time ”live”, or later in the week. Thanks Dave.

  81. Smoke770

    Thanks for the great contest