CigarCraig’s 12 Spectacular Days of Cigar Giveaways 2015 Day 10: Leccia Luchador

Here we are at Day 10 already! Last night my wife and I went out on the town, and ended up at Cigars International‘s Super Store in Hamburg, PA where they were holding an event with Sam Leccia and the MWF (Micro Wrestling Federation).  They had a 12 foot x 12 foot  ring in the center of the store and  the place was packed.  Sam greeted us at the door and we bought some Leccia Luchador cigars and hung out upstairs taking in the whole event. There were four rounds, one of which was a tag team, with much profanity and trash talking.  It was hysterical, not at all politically correct, and loads of fun!  There are a few pictures here to give you a little bit of an idea what was going on.  Of course, the main event here today is the giveaway, which is a box of Leccia Luchador El Gringo Frogsplash (and I saw that move last night!).  The Frogsplash is a 4½” x 70 box pressed cigar, featuring a dark Nicaraguan wrapper, Nicaraguan binder and fillers from Nicaragua and Pennsylvania. The box press makes the 70 ring gauge quite manageable, and it’s a very flavorful smoke. I smoked the Squared Circle, a box pressed torpedo, last night and it was really good.  Thanks again to Victoria at General Cigar Co. for sending this great Day 10 present, and to Sam for his hospitality last night and for making great cigars!





Yesterday we had a great pair of gifts from Smoke Inn, the latest in their Micro-blend series, Illusione Pactum and Drew Estate’s Pope of Greenwich Village.  The winner is a long time reader and a name I hear often in other social media outlets as a reader and listener, one who participates in chat rooms and comments. Swede214 is the winner, Carl, please send me your address so I can get these great cigars out to you!


You know what to do now, leave a comment here, check back tomorrow to see if you won!




All you have to do to enter is to leave a comment on the post of the day, if you can, try to post what you know or how you feel about today’s present, the folks donating the gift should get some feedback for their troubles! It’s not a condition to win, but it’s nice to have something to read. We did this last year and it benefits everyone. Once you’ve won, you’re out, let everyone else have a chance. Must be over 18 to win. Also, be sure to visit the links for each item. Comments on Facebook, Twitter, or anywhere else will not count, but feel free to spread the word!


Until tomorrow,





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94 Responses to CigarCraig’s 12 Spectacular Days of Cigar Giveaways 2015 Day 10: Leccia Luchador

  1. zeegarboy

    Looks like you had a blasť

  2. John Budka

    Congrats to Carl. Always have wanted to try to stop into one of the CI superstores, going to or from Knoebel’s. And I am always partial towards box pressed sticks. Thanks again, Craig, and to Sam as well. Kudos.

  3. Steve W.

    Sounds like an interesting event

  4. Jade Merkel

    Congrats to Carl! This is another awesome giveaway! *fingers crossed*

  5. Jeff Ketcham

    That looks like a great time! I have tried these and you get a lot of comments due to the unique size. It was very good also, thanks to Ms. Victoria and General for the prize. Only a few more days to go Craig…

  6. JoelScott

    That had to be hysterical! Thx for the contest.

  7. John Hateley

    The regular Luchador is one of my favorite smokes. I would expect the El Gringo is just as tasty.

  8. jjo

    Congrats Swede, you finally won something! 🙂
    Love the Luchadors.

  9. Brian Impson

    70 ring gauge? Holy mackerel that’s a bigun. How could I say no to that? Thank you General and Victoria. Cmon Ward B. Let’s bring it home.

  10. czerbe

    Wish I would have known you were there. I left around 500 last night. Glad you had fun

  11. Mike McCain

    i have just ordered a 10pack of these, like sam’s other sticks and yet to try this…good luck everyone

  12. Tom Voltz

    Nice looking sticks

  13. Matthew Denico


  14. jay s

    craig, it keeps getting better!

  15. Jeff M.

    Another great prize!

  16. Ed

    Sounds like a great way to spend and evening.

  17. Jerry B

    Thanks Craig & Sam! Count me in.

  18. Greg

    Come on baby! These would be perfect for the golf course!

  19. Tommy D

    Congrats to Carl on the win. That event looks fun! I love the luchador line with the Loco Perfecto and El Hombre being my favorites so far. Thanks to General Cigars for another great prize.

  20. Larry hanke

    Great guy, lookso like it was a lot of fun.

  21. Curt Williams

    Sam is a great person. Sign me up…time for a Ward B win

  22. Randall S

    Luchador frog splash.

  23. Chris Matt

    That CI event looks crazy…. We’ll, here we are at day 10. Haven’t had this Leccia. But, have you ever smoked the Black line? It has just enough American Dark Fire to make it interesting. I went through a box of those recently.

  24. Tom LINDNER

    Sounds like a fun event…with a great cigar!

  25. Patrick Geer

    Looks like a fun evening and an impressive cigar!

  26. Rachel Matt

    Thanks for another great giveaway!

  27. Mike McDonald

    Congrats Carl!

  28. Smoke770

    Have always enjoyed sam’s cigars

  29. Only been to one MWF event, but I agree it was a great time. Love Sam’s stuff and always liked the box pressed sticks.

  30. paul1954

    Sam keeps the cigar world an interesting place, doesn’t he? love to try these!

  31. Congrats Carl. Sam is a great guy really down to earth. I’m a big fan of the Luchador line. Thank you Craig and Sam.

  32. Craig

    Luchador….mmmmmmm. Looking forward to this one.

  33. I would love to try some Leccia Luchador! Ho Ho Ho

  34. I’m an unapologetic fan of bigger ring gauges and this smoke sounds fantastic. anither awesome contest, THANKS!!!

  35. Chuck Nichols

    Looks like a good one to try. Thanks!

  36. Congrats Carl! Sam is a great guy and really knows how to put an excellent cigar together! Frog Splash is Bad A** and wish him all the best moving forward! Thanks Craig!!

  37. Adrian Quick

    Please! I love luchadors! Great Contest and great reviews

  38. April Bower

    Coming down to the wire…let’s try this again

  39. Eric Hewett

    Never had a 70 RG before but the Luchador is a tasty treat. Please pick me.

  40. Mark

    Frogsplash, brilliant. Might try that move on the wife later. An early unexpected Christmas present. Thanks Criag!

  41. TriMarkC

    Event looks fun! I Met Sam Leccia several years ago at an event – great guy! Thanks to you & GCC for today’s prize!

  42. Joe K

    another sweet prize

  43. schon garrison

    Good one. Sam is such a nice guy. Had a chance to talk a few times.

  44. Dan Colley

    Getting down near the end of it. It’s been fun. Thanks, Craig. It’s been a blast as it is every year.

  45. Ed C

    What a great prize from a awesome company.

  46. Jesus C.

    I’m curious to see if the blend changed, thanks for the contest

  47. Miguel Rocha

    Looks good!

  48. Kyle Costanzi

    Santa Slice!!!!

  49. Okay. I am a pro wrestler. No gimmick – just facts. I’ve not had this cigar but one time. Would love to try it again!

  50. Karl Brooks

    Based on my experience with the Leccia White and Leccia Black, the Luchador should be a real treat!

  51. Lee S

    Congrats Swede!
    I have become fond of many of the box press cigars out there.
    Would love to try these, they look awesome!

  52. Steve C

    Would love to try them. Thanks for the contests. MERRY CHRISTMAS ALL!

  53. I really enjoyed the Luchador, even more than the White and Black. It’s a great smoke.

  54. oh man…if only i won this. LOVE the Luchador blends!

  55. Jared

    Terrific contest!!!

  56. Duane Holmes

    I need to try these, maybe this is my chance.

  57. Love the Luchador line!! Thanks to Sam and Craig!

  58. Texican8

    Loved the Luchador & actually just ordered some more! Would love to try the El Gringo.

  59. Mark Pousard

    Sign me up!

  60. Dave Y.

    I love all of Sams stuff, I am sure think will be no exception.

  61. Vance Johnson

    …mmm…Frog Splash…mmm…never have had one, guess I will put on my list of must-tries, regardless of whether I win the contest or not!

  62. Interesting name for a cigar. I’ve never had one, will have to be on my list. Thanks for the contest

  63. atllogix

    Congrats swede! Frogsplash is a helliuva vitola

  64. Charles Green

    Haven’t had a chance to try the Luchador yet

  65. Kevin Shahan

    This is one smoke that I have never heard of. Looks tasty though.

  66. Charlie H.

    IDK how I missed the Smoke Inn day but that was an amazing give a way Craig! Thanks so much! Congrats Swede!

  67. Jack

    Looks amazing!

  68. fich

    I already have a bunch of the Luchador robustos (and more coming – thanks CI sale!) but I am willing to take in these poor little lost souls.

  69. Donald Santos

    I love them

  70. Tim Brannon

    Great cigar gift! Hope I win! Everyday there’s another fabulous opportunity to win some terrific cigars. Thanks Craig !

  71. mwells

    Carl for the win!!!! Thanks Craig!

  72. Jake P.

    Midget. There, I said it. Jake 2020.

  73. Tim S

    Apparently I need to expand my cigar rotation, another cigar I’ve never tried.

  74. Sean

    I love the Luchador artwork, the concept, and the marketing of these cigars. Great product, and another fine prize.

  75. KOPtim

    Great Lords a leaping ! 70 ring size !! Now that would be a challenge

  76. Swede214

    Thanks everyone, Thanks Craig. I will smoke these with great pleasure. Merry Christmas.

  77. Patrick

    I’m in Sam makes great cigars. I’m sure it works well at its ring gauge.
    Life is good

  78. Matt Ross

    70 RG is huge, but I’m in!

  79. been wanting to trty!!! good luck Fooz!!!!!

  80. I have never had these but would love to try them

  81. Amy Dole

    I’ve been wanting to try these. Have heard good stuff

  82. George

    I haven’t tried this cigar yet, but based on the Black and the White, it should be just as good if not better. Hope I get to try one soon 🙂

  83. Morgan Geoghagan

    Love Leccia tobacco!

  84. Commish

    Great Box to put a bow on!!!!

  85. You’re going to have to send those just to prove that the 70 is smokeable!

  86. Robert Ritchie

    Excellent! What kind of smoking time are we talking about to finish the Frogsplash 4½” x 70 box pressed cigar?

  87. Perietta Migranté

    congrats to Carl!

    Leccia Luchador? never heard of it. does it pack a punch? 😀

    thx Craig + General Cigar Co. for sending this great Day 10 present.

  88. davewiz

    Looks like it was a lot of fun, never had the Luchador, would love to try it.

  89. Derek R

    Another great prize! Thanks to Craig and all the brands getting involved.