CigarCraig’s 12 Spectacular Days of Cigar Giveaways 2015 Day 1: Best Cigar Prices Duality

Welcome to the 2015 Cigar Craig’s 12 Spectacular Days of Cigar Giveaways!  I’ve, once again, assembled an all-star cast of great giveaways for the next 12 days, so strap in and get ready for the ride!  I’ll be posting a new present every morning and announcing the previous day’s winner, so check back often.  It will benefit you to subscribe to the e-mail list, Facebook page, Twitter or Google+ so you make sure not to miss a day. People put up with my crap all year for this!  We’re going to get things started with some cigars from Best Cigar Prices, Duality cigars.  These are made at Tabacalera Palma, the same Dominican factory that make Boutique Blends Aging Room, Señorial, and a bunch of other terrific cigars. These are a “dos capas” style, made with a Mexican San Andrés wrapper and finished with Ecuador Connecticut at the head. There is a Box of 15 Duality Robustos, and a box of 50 Duality Cigarillos.  Don’t forget that you can get 10% of and $.99 shipping every day at Best Cigar Prices with the discount code CRAIG1099.




I actually got confused and wasn’t sure which way this picture was supposed to go! There you have it, the start of this year’s celebration of cigars!  Thanks to Jason and the folks at Best Cigar Prices for getting us started off right!


You know what to do now, leave a comment here, check back tomorrow to see if you won!


All you have to do to enter is to leave a comment on the post of the day, if you can, try to post what you know or how you feel about today’s present, the folks donating the gift should get some feedback for their troubles! It’s not a condition to win, but it’s nice to have something to read. We did this last year and it benefits everyone. Once you’ve won, you’re out, let everyone else have a chance. Must be over 18 to win. Also, be sure to visit the links for each item. Comments on Facebook, Twitter, or anywhere else will not count, but feel free to spread the word!

Until tomorrow,




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88 Responses to CigarCraig’s 12 Spectacular Days of Cigar Giveaways 2015 Day 1: Best Cigar Prices Duality

  1. John Budka

    Thanks for the contest. In my experience, BCP usually has the best prices for particular items. Happy Holidays to all.

  2. Miguel Rocha

    Good stuff brother! Thank you for the contest! I hope you have a good Christmas and appreciate the opportunity to win some cigars. I have to say I’ve never heard of the brand though.

  3. Derek Carpenter

    Thanks for the contest! BCP always has good deals!

  4. Steve W.

    Never heard of this brand, but interesting concept.

  5. Alfred yard

    Thank you for the contest and the opportunity to win something.

  6. Dave Y.

    Never heard of this one, if I win I will give it a try.

  7. Estevan Hernandez

    I’ve personally never had or have heard of this brand but I love aging room cigars, I love the contest brother thanks for putting them on! Looking forward to what you have over the next few days!

  8. I am decently new to cigars so I would love to win and try this! Thanks for the opportunity!

  9. Steve C

    Thanks for the great contests and all your reviews

  10. RW

    I’m still fairly new to the finer quality cigars, but would be overjoyed to get the oppertunity to experience this particular specimen. Also thanks for introducing me to BCP, I’m sure I will be doing quite a lot of business with them.

  11. Nathan Wood

    Nice. Thanks for doing this!

  12. Eric Sturm

    I do not know anything about this cigar, but love Botique Blends! Thank you the contest!

  13. Tommy D

    Thanks Craig – never tried a Duality but the picture looks really good and I enjoy a San Andreas wrapper. Thank you to Best Cigar Prices for this prize.

  14. Luis Medeiros

    Great giveaway

  15. Merry Christmas Craig…..thanks for doing this again.

  16. Mike Perry

    It’s the most…wonderful time…of the year! WOO HOO! 12 Days of Craigmas!

    Obligatory cigar content: that San Andres wrapper sounds yummy!

  17. It’s that time of the year for St Craig to bless us with his 12 Spectacular Days of Giveways. Thanks to Best Cigar Prices. I saw these in their catalog and was intreged. Thanks Craig and good luck everyone.

  18. Thanks for another year Craig! I would love to try these!

  19. Matt Ross

    Another year! Thanks, Craig!

  20. Dave K

    Haven’t had the stick, but you can’t go wrong with a Mexican San Andreas. Thanks for the contest and happy holidays to all.

  21. These are new to me and Craig, you’re at it again…thanks for the contest and Merry Christmas!

  22. Can’t wait to try these

  23. Steven Dahl

    Thanks for the contest! Alays nice to spread some Christmas cheer!

  24. Jesus C.

    Another year another 12 fantastic days, thanks again Craig for doing this

  25. Jared

    Very interesting to read and try things I would never have smoked

  26. Jerry

    Count me in. Thanks Craig.

  27. Joe K

    Very nice Craig, i haven’t had those before.

  28. Tom Voltz

    Looking forward to this year’s contest.

  29. Gary

    Looks like an interesting cigar, never heard of them but certainly game to try them! Thanks.

  30. Chuck Nichols

    Not familiar with this brand, but looking forward to the giveaway again this year!

  31. JScott

    Best Cigar prices is an excellent online tobacco outlet. If you’ve never purchased from them, you should be. Also, the Duality cigars look awesome. Thanks Craig for running the contest.

  32. Happy holidays Craig. I can’t say I have ever heard of the Duality.

  33. John Hateley

    New brand to me, thanks again for running the twelve days!

  34. Zeegarboy

    Duality – looks tasty. have you burnt any?

  35. This is a new brand to me but would love to test it out!

  36. Patrick Geer

    This is the first I’ve heard of these, but I do like the Aging Room sticks I have had in the past. Thanks again for this holiday event!

  37. Tom Lindner

    Duality….bipolar cigars?

  38. Matt

    Thanks for the contest!

  39. Allen

    Thanks for the contest. Never heard of this brand.

  40. Really awesome you do this Craig! Thanks buddy

  41. Duane Holmes

    Thanks Craig for another great holiday contest!

  42. Thomas Totman

    Thanks for the contest

  43. April Bower

    I look forward to each year with your cigar giveaways! It reminds new of how close Christmas really is, and it’s time to get my butt in gear. 🙂

  44. Thanks for the contest. ITs always a fun time and some great prizes. Never heard of this brand but sounds interesting. i am always open to trying something new.


    My favorite time of the year! Thank you for the opportunity!

  46. Thanks for another year! And I love some Mexican San Andrés. Never heard of this release though.

  47. Russell Bender

    Nice giveaway looks interesting ! 🙂

  48. Another year in the books Craig!! Thanks again for the awesome giveaway!! I’ve never had a Duality, but I know they must be very nice if they’re from Tabacalera Palma!!! Merry Christmas!!

  49. Super intresting blend to say the least, anything from that factory I have had has been gold so these have me peaked. Thank you and have a good weekend sir

  50. CigarShark2015

    Awesome! Its been a while since i cruzed this page! I’m down for another contest!

  51. Donald Santos

    They sound like something I would like

  52. Dan Colley

    BCP has been a good outfit to me. Good prices, good service. No issues. It’s been a pleasure trading with them.

  53. Dan Bowden

    Always looking for new cigars to add to my humidor. Thanks for contest and merry Christmas.

  54. Thanks Craig, we’re happy to participate in the annual merriment. If anyone’s interested in checking out Duality in our Holiday catalog you can request a free copy here :

  55. Texican8

    Always interested to try something from Tabacalera Palma. Thanks Craig & BCP!

  56. Jeff Ketcham

    Haven’t ordered from them before, but I am aware of them through the web. Took a look around the site, may have to change that in the future. Also entered the contest on their page. Have never tried Duality, would like to. Glad the 12 days is back, hope you survive Craig!

  57. Commish

    Quite a few cigars that I need to try. It’s on the list. Thanks Jason and Craig

  58. Maineiac

    Great Contest. I would love to try them

  59. Michael P.

    Awesome man! I try a LOT of cigars, and havent seen those. Sound tasty!

  60. Adrian Quick

    Those look pretty interesting.

  61. TriMarkC

    Hey Craig! Congrats on another stellar year of blogging for the cigar community!! And Merry Christmas, my friend!!

  62. gpd4

    Those look interesting. I’ll check my local b&m for them.

  63. Mark Pousard

    Sign me up!

  64. Kyle Costanzi

    Here we GO!

  65. Austin Carroll

    Contests are always a beautiful thing

  66. Lee Sorensen

    I have not tried this specific Cigar, but everything I have had from that factory has been amazing.
    I will have to put this on my list to try!

  67. Craig

    First and foremost, thank you for all the work you put into the giveaways all year but especially the Christmas Countdown giveaways. That box is pretty cool looking and these sound like fantastic cigars.

  68. Tim S

    Sounds interesting. BCP is a great vendor, use them regularly.

  69. R Simon

    I have not had the opportunity to try Duality. I do use BCP often and have found them to be top notch .

  70. Kevin Shahan

    That box looks killer! I bet the smokes are just as nice.

  71. I liked the F55… But am always open. Curious about the cigarillos, as I only really like those when Cuban, but am still looking.

  72. Jake P.

    Nothing but great people at BCP. Have dealt with them for years now and have zero complaints. I own very few “advertising” clothes, you know — the ones that you pay the company for the opportunity to advertise for them. Shirts with logos (think Nike swoosh) just aren’t a part of my wardrobe. I tell you that so I can tell you this — I have a BCP polo that was gifted to me from them years ago and I still wear it with pride. Kudos all around.

  73. Chris Matt

    Here we go. That time of the year. Thanks Craig!

  74. Jack

    Never tried, but have heard good things!

  75. Mike McCain

    the most wonderful time of the year

  76. another awesome year of give aways!! thanks Craig!!

  77. Matthew Denico

    as usual Craig you blog is always informative

  78. Dave K.

    Thanks for another year of giveaways! Haven’t tried these cigars but would be happy to review them if lucky enough to win!

  79. Lorri Langmaid

    It’s so great you’re having the giveaway again! Happy Holidays!

  80. I have never heard of this brand, but I would be really appreciative to try them out. I like the double font box. Thank you.

  81. Lonnie w. Brooks

    I’ve been waiting, hoping to win something. Never heard of this brand, but would love to give it a try! Thanks Craig!

  82. paul1954

    I had not heard of this brand, but I looked them up. It is a fine looking medium-bodied cigar. I would love to try one.

  83. I could always use some new cigars to add to the humidor. Can’t wait to try it out.

  84. I’d love to try these with my mom and her old friends!!!

  85. Comments are closed! Check the next post to see who won!