CigarCraig’s 12 Spectacular Days of Cigar Giveaways 2014: Wrap Up!

Well folks, it’s finally over!  It was a great couple weeks worth of great cigar giveaways!  We had a never before seen 14 days!  For that we have a bunch of folks to thank.  Please let all these folks know that we appreciate their generosity.  Nobody HAS to give away their cigars!  We certainly appreciate the opportunity to make a bunch of folks happy and maybe turn people on to some new cigars and brands.  Thanks to the following sponsors:



The Flor de la Reine was the only cigar in the whole 14 days that I had never smoked, but Barry at The Cigar Authority (which is associated with United Cigar Retailers) gives it the thumbs up, so I didn’t have any reservations about including it.  The rest I had smoked in maybe a different size or shape, but I’ve sampled the brand and they are all cigars I really like. There were a total of 274 cigars, three hats, two ashtrays, two t-shirts, two backpacks, a knife, a metal poster, a lighter and a cutter. Shipping costs are yet to be calculated, but I should loo for an official shipping sponsor for next year! Also, there are a couple of people who I missed seeing this year. Please join me in remembering George Satterfield and Dawn Christopher, who’s untimely departure from this plane of existence left huge voids in their families lives. I never met them, but they were frequent visitors to the site, and the 12SDoCG event.  I missed seeing their comments, and their families have my sincere condolences. If it means anything, I dedicate this year’s contests to their memory.  On a positive note, the next contest will be on New Years Eve, and I’m wiping the slate clean, everyone is eligible to enter this one, and it will be some good stuff!



2014-12-23 08.34You probably want to know who won the crazy Day 14 prize from Miami Cigar and Company, right?  The lucky recipient of the box of Nestor Miranda Collection Habano 46×6, T-shirt, ashtray and back pack is comment number 110, as selected by the random number generator at  I adjusted for a post from a prior winner and arrived at Joe K as the winner!  Joe, send me your address so I can get this to you! I actually met Joe at an event a few months ago, so I might be able to save some shipping money and meet him for a smoke someplace!


ArandozaWhiteFinally, the winner of the Arandoza White Labels back on day 7 never sent me his address, and I tried e-mailing twice and both e-mails came back as undeliverable So I picked another name from Day 7’s comments!  Smokin_Dave, please send your address! (I’ll e-mail and hope you gave the right address).  It’s probably best if you enter a contest to check to see if you won (although I’m guilty of forgetting that myself!), but at least leave the right e-mail address! I’m not selling the addresses to spammers or anything, I just would like to be able to contact you to send you cigars!


That’s all for now!  I hope you all enjoyed the last few weeks!  Thank you for participating, I wish I could send each of you a box of great cigars, but I can’t so you’ll just have to keep taking your chances on these contests! 🙂


Until the next time,




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22 Responses to CigarCraig’s 12 Spectacular Days of Cigar Giveaways 2014: Wrap Up!

  1. JScott

    Thanks again Craig and to the many suppliers/companies who donated to you, for running the 12 days of Cigar Giveaways! As you had in the title, it really was SPECTACULAR!

  2. Matthew Denico

    Thanks Craig for a great contest, hope you had a great Christmas.

  3. Allen

    Thanks for a fun contest and supporting these vendors.

  4. Smokin_Dave

    Thank you. I will send my address!!!

  5. Thank you Craig and to all your sponsors for 14 wonderful days if giveaways. Have a Happy Holiday season!

  6. Tad Smith

    You have outdone yourself once again sir.

  7. BImpson

    Nice of you to thank your sponsors, but you are the one that deserves much of the credit. You put in a lot of time and effort which probably goes unrecognized by many, but please know that it is appreciated.

  8. Jeff Ketcham

    Thanks again for the great contest and for the blog. Congrats to all the winners. I hope everyone sticks around to follow your cigar adventures!

  9. Lee S

    Thanks Craig for the Awesome contest!
    This contest has been so much fun!
    Thank you to all the great Cigar companies for there amazing generosity!
    I have never tried this cigar before either, but I always love trying new cigars!
    Merry Christmas!

  10. Thanks Craig. You and all the suppliers do a great thing every year. And congrats to all the winners.

  11. Paul

    Well Done! Great contest! Congrats to all winners!

  12. Congratulations to all of this year’s winners and a HUGE thank you to you, Craig, and to all of the sponsors that donated prizes. As usual, that was a lot of fun!

  13. Patrick

    Great job again Craig by you and your sponsors. It was fun to participate and dream of burning all those fabulous sticks. Thanks mate.

  14. foozer6976

    awesome year craig!! thanks for you did this year!!

  15. paul1954

    thanks again to you, Craig, and to the many vendors who made this a fun contest!

  16. This was great! I’m excited and grateful. I still want to get my hands on some Tortugas. I’ve only tried the Coyote Negro, how do the others compare?

    • There have been a couple instances where people have said something after I packed up their boxes that I would loved to have “accidentally” dropped something else in for them and this is one! I love the Coyote Negro, but the box pressed and cedar wrapped Tortugas are special also, each bringing a little something extra to the table.

  17. Steve Christopher

    Thanks for all you do, Craig! I am glad and thankful to have had you for an online friend for several years now. Especially Thank You for dedicating the contest to Dawn, the world lost a bright special light with her passing. Thanks to all the sponsors and I base my future purchases on the ones that participate. Thanks again, Brother.

  18. Travis Reynolds

    Thanks Craig, for the great contest, and for the amazing blog. I like how you talk about cigars in your blog like I can talk about them with my friends. Thanks for all the companies who made this possible. Thanks again!

  19. Swede214

    Thanks Craig!

  20. Dan Colley

    Craig, thanks a lot for putting on such a great contest. As always, the prizes were superb. Thanks to all of the kind folks who donated these prizes. Where would we be without them?

    Here’s wishing you, Craig, and all of your readers a very happy new year.

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