CigarCraig’s 12 Spectacular Days of Cigar Giveaways 2014 Day 9: Nomad Cigars

Welcome to Friday, Day 9 and my last day of work for the year!  I’ll still be getting up early for the next few days to do this, butI won’t have to run out the door when I’m done!  Last night my employer had our holiday party, so I didn’t get my evening walk in, but I smoked a Foundry War of Currents West Orange on the way there.  Like all the Foundry cigars, this is a unique cigar with bright flavors, and an aromatic room note (car note). I enjoyed the crap out of it, much like I’m sure Steve W will enjoy the Cayleys that he won! Please send me your address!  Now, on to number 9, number 9…


Nomad Cigar Company


Day 9 features an outstanding boutique cigar from Fred Rewey’s Nomad Cigar Company.  New this year is the Connecticut Fuerte, featuring an Ecuador Connecticut wrapper, Ecuador Habano binder and Dominican and Nicaraguan fillers. This isn’t a mild Connecticut cigar at all, it’s got a little bit of power to it, hence the “Fuerte” designation.  It’s not going to blow your head off, it’s balanced and flavorful. The Corona is 5½” x 44 and the come in boxes of 20. In addition to the box of cigars is a Nomad T-shirt (Lg) and some stickers. Many thanks to Fred for providing this great gift.



All you have to do to enter is to leave a comment on that day’s post and if you like, in one sentence tell us what comes to mind when you think of Nomad Cigars.  It’s not a condition to win, but I’d like for the folks who make this all possible to come away with some consumer feedback.  Also, be sure to visit the links for each item. Comments on Facebook, Twitter, or anywhere else will not count, but feel free to spread the word!


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139 Responses to CigarCraig’s 12 Spectacular Days of Cigar Giveaways 2014 Day 9: Nomad Cigars

  1. lorri langmaid

    Nomad is the best!

  2. SeanT

    This would be a great late Christmas gift. Nomads are fantastic.

  3. Matt T

    Today’s my lucky day, I feel it. Come on nomad!!

  4. Gary D

    A car note in a cigar? I’m intrigued…

  5. Jeff Ketcham

    Hear good things about these, need to try them.

  6. Jason Meyers

    Nomad makes awesome, spectacular, amazing cigars!

  7. Matt

    Congrats to Rich and Steve on their wins, and thanks a bunch to Craig for the opportunity.

  8. Thomas Totman

    I like the shirt

  9. Narek Bazikyan

    I think that’s pretty cool what your doing, but where can we actually talk about cigars? I’m trying to get my hands on some Cubans that JFK had. Great giveaway Congrats everyone.

  10. Swede214

    Thanks Fred,Nomad Cigars, and Craig.

  11. Kevin D. Shahan

    Another one I haven’t had the pleasure of trying yet.

  12. Ben M

    Never had these, but I like the shirt

  13. Chuck N

    Love to give those a try.

  14. My number one choice for the next brand I want to try

  15. Andy W

    I would love to share a Nomad with all my wanderful friends.

  16. Jeff Brooks

    I would give these wandering Nomads a nice home.

  17. paul1954

    I am always surprised that Fred didn’t work a camel into the logo somehow. Guess we have different ideas about the term nomad. that being said, the Connecticut sounds incredible!

  18. Charlie H.

    Oh boy I love me some Nomad Lots! Great cigars blended by a great guy (Fred, love ya!). Thanks for the shot at swooping some of these Corona’s love the size and I love the Fuerte’s!! Thanks again Craig!

  19. Dave Huey

    The connecticut fuerte is an awesome smoke. NOMAD yes please. Be Anywhwere be Nomad.

  20. Chad Miller

    Another Cigar I have not yet had the pleasure of trying.

  21. Great cigars and a great presence. Always awesome to find companies who interact with those who support the product.

  22. Nomads are quite good. I won some of them in one of the cigar dojo contests a while back.

  23. Kyle C.

    I’m not giving up!

  24. Mike Young

    I’m waiting on the cubans!

  25. David Gale

    Fred makes great cigars and is a very funny guy, too!

  26. Dan Colley

    Nomad. Yet another brand I’ve not heard of. Not that it means anything !!!

  27. K LO

    Never had a nomad, but like my wife says you got to try everything once…….

  28. Adrian quick

    Love the nomads. Hard to find but greatly enjoyable

  29. Mike McCain

    the godfadr and craig…win win

  30. Ingrid Gonzalez

    Normad cigars,that’s the perfect gift for my man 🙂

  31. Tried some Nomads. They weren’t my favorite. I think it was the AJF thing.

  32. I’m a huge fan of this brand. There’s nothing like relaxing with a Nomad.

  33. Donald Santos

    Always wanted to try but don’t have the cash would like to win

  34. Joel Mandel

    When I think of Nomad Cigars I think of well designed premium cigars that keep getting better

  35. Never even heard of these.

    Craig if you see this, have you tried the Torano Brick? Best 4.50 I’ve ever spent.

  36. Travis Reynolds

    Nomad Cigars are fantastic. I also really enjoy this blog.

  37. Terrific turnout for Day 9! Comments are closed!