CigarCraig’s 12 Spectacular Days of Cigar Giveaways 2014 Day 3: Smoke Inn

Day 2 is in the books and we are going to keep forging ahead!  I’m up at the crack of dawn on a Saturday and can’t think of anything to write, so the winner of the Drew Estate present is Matt Henrich! Many thanks again to all the folks at Drew Estate for providing these gifts!



Smoke Inn/Kiss My Ash Radio


Smoke Inn


Day 3 brings us to the fine folks at Smoke Inn and Kiss My Ash Radio.  Since today is Saturday, if you are reading this early enough, you can tune into Kiss My Ash radio and listen live at from 10am to noon Eastern Standard Time, or download the podcast and listen whenever you want. Abe at Smoke Inn has provided two boxes from his Microblend series, the 601 La Bomba Bunker Buster, a 5½ x 56 box pressed Figurado (box of ten) and the Quesada Oktoberfest Dunkel, which is a Broadleaf wrapped version of the Oktoberfest line (box of 15).  These are both delicious, both limited production and will look great sitting on the rim of the huge KMA Ceramic Ashtray. A KMA cap rounds out today’s present.  Could I have split this up into two spectacular days? Sure, but whats the fun in that? Thanks to Abe and his gang at Smoke Inn and Kiss My Ash Radio!



All you have to do to enter is to leave a comment on that day’s post and if you like, in one sentence tell us what comes to mind when you think of Smoke Inn.  It’s not a condition to win, but I’d like for the folks who make this all possible to come away with some consumer feedback.  Also, be sure to visit the links for each item. Comments on Facebook, Twitter, or anywhere else will not count, but feel free to spread the word!


Until tomorrow,





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101 Responses to CigarCraig’s 12 Spectacular Days of Cigar Giveaways 2014 Day 3: Smoke Inn

  1. KRUK

    Kiss my ash huh Craig? Thats how you really feel about me huh? =) Haha just kidding!

  2. Another great prize. Love those Quesada Oktoberfest cigars. Quesada does some great cigars. I discovered them this summer. Thanks for the blog and contests.

  3. Chris Matt

    When I think Smoke Inn, Quality and Massive Selection come to mind. (Great resource)

  4. Patrick

    Another great prize today. I just was at a micro blend release at smoke inn last week. Abe and his gang are awesome. Thanks

  5. Rachel

    The smoke inn is a great website!

  6. I’ve enjoyed a number of the Smoke Inn micro blends.

  7. Mike McDonald

    Never tried these but I would like to.

  8. Anthony Franco

    I’ve never had a Smoke Inn. I’m still new to the cigar world, but maybe this is my chance to try some.

  9. Mark

    I am one of the many fans of KMA Radio with Abe and the gang. Superb prize package!

  10. April bower

    Sounds interesting and tasty

  11. Steve Bates

    Sound like a good addition to my humidor!

  12. Vernon E. Warner Jr

    Awesome company

  13. Tom V

    haven’t tried those yet.

  14. KOPTim

    I love quesadias. Never smoked a Quesada though.

  15. justin lowman

    Haven’t tried Amy of those yet but wouldn’t mind to.

  16. Lloyd Ladrillono

    Splitting this into two giveaways would’ve been enough, but you’re right, it would be more fun to win the entire lot!

  17. When I think of Smoke Inn that Bunker Buster always comes to mind and KMA radio is Saturday morning. Great day 3. thanks,

  18. Kiss my ash? La Bomba? Bad puns, but great stuff!

  19. JScott

    Any Saturday morning I have free, I always try and listen to Kiss My a Ash! Funny show! Thanks Abe for supporting Craig’s blog and for the tasty treats.

  20. Ray Holthaus

    I really like the radio show. Keep up the good work.

  21. Kyle Costanzi

    No, kiss MY ash!

  22. Luis Medeiros

    Great prize.

  23. Don

    Nice stuff. Can always use an ashtray.

  24. Carlos

    Just received some sticks from smoke inn. Always have a great selection and the HAND written note is a nice touch. Thanks to smoke inn for the prizes.

  25. Paul Tyler

    Wow…what a prize! Have ordered from Smoke Inn before and top notch customer service comes to mind…a hand written note of thanks and maybe an extra surprise inside are all nice touches.

  26. Jeff Ketcham

    Haven’t tried these. As usual, your description makes me want to. Happy day 3!

  27. Ray Pruett

    Oooh! Pick me! Pick me! I have no experience with the folks at Smoke Inn, but will definitely check out their site.

  28. Kevin D. Shahan

    I tried tuning in today for the first time but I am having trouble with my computer not wanting to load their audio. Hopefully I can get it fixed, this is something that sounds pretty cool.

  29. Jeff Brooks

    Great website!

  30. Sean Tivald

    Oooo I those would look great in the new humidor and taste even better. Sounds like the perfect radio station.


  32. Timmc71

    Looks and sounds like a great place to enjoy and the Kiss My Ash crew seems to have a lot of fun there. Thanks

  33. Joe K

    Smoke inn has great prices

  34. The first time I listened to Kiss My Ash my wife walked out and asked, “What are you listening to?” With a cigar in my mouth I answered, ” Kith My Ath!” Yeah that took a while to explain!

  35. jay

    throw my name in the hat again. thanks craig.

  36. TriMarkC

    I haven’t tried either of these cigars! Here’s hopin’! And thanks to you & Abe!!

  37. Adrian quick

    Love the Dunkels! The bunker busters ar good as well. Thanks for the great prizes,

  38. lorri langmaid

    Hoping for a win!

  39. bob langmaid

    What an awesome giveaway! Was not previously aware of Smoke Inn, but now I’m following on Twitter and look forward to interacting with them!

  40. Kiss My Ash and Smoke Inn is awesome.. Abe, Adam and Lady M are great people. I listen to KMA Radio every Sat morning.

  41. Jerry B

    Smoke Inn has a great selection and always the hottest cigars.

  42. Texican8

    Strong supporters of Cigar Rights.

  43. Matt thomason

    Great prize!!!

  44. Steve Christopher

    Thanks to Smoke Inn for sponsoring and thanks Craig for your great reviews. MERRY CHRISTMAS ALL!!

  45. ryan

    Need a new Ash tray. Have to say the octoberfest is ok.

  46. DB

    Morning you two! Let’s give this another go shall we?

  47. Jesus C

    Seems to be getting better by the day

  48. Allen

    Another great selection.

  49. Tad Smith

    Love these guys, great show but even better for specialty cigars!

  50. Sean

    I love the 601 La Bombs. Strong as all get-out, but full of syrupy sweet flavors. Never tried the Oktoberfest.

  51. Pat

    Awesome deals and the SmokeInn website is really easy to navigate with some nice looking specials.

  52. rob little

    Great deals and quality smokes!

  53. Mark Mc

    Need to get myself over to America and get me some

  54. Commish

    601 – Smashing!!

  55. Randall Simon

    Love the show and great deals at Smoke Inn.

  56. Tom

    Would love to try both

  57. jjo

    Abe is a terrific retailer and a boon to the cigar industry.

  58. yossi770

    Thanks again for this contest!

  59. Dave N

    Huge prize! Thanks Craig, the guys from KMA and Smoke Inn

  60. i’ve never previously wanted to try these cigars, but i do now! the only thing i can think of when i hear quesada or 601 is i’ve heard good things.

    didn’t read the “comment on smoke inn” part. all i can think of when i think of smoke inn, is ABE!

    • Great prizes, and another great 12 days of goodies Craig, thanks again. Well What comes to mind with Smoke Inn for me is of course Abe, and the KNA staff. Been listening for over 2 years and I made some purchases in that time to Smoke Inn.

      I always like they they will include a handwritten note with your purchase… me that’s class, and great Customer Service. I also like they they offer HTF cigars are competitive prices……they have also been known to throw in some extra goodies with their packages. Thanks to the entire staff at Smoke Inn for the the generous gifts & Merry Christmas to you and yours Craig and the Smoke Inn staff.

  61. What a great line up of gifts, Craig you always have the coolest stuff going on at Christmas. Hope your Tri-pod is doing good.

  62. paul1954

    I have gotten a couple of sweet deals from Abe, but I haven’t tried the LaBomba yet. of course, Quesada makes a couple of my fav’s. I am anxious to try the CasaMagna Dominicans that I just ordered!

  63. AWESOME prizes, Craig and Abe!
    What do I think of when I think of Smoke Inn and KMA Radio? Hard-to-find cigars and, of course, Lady M =)

  64. Craig

    Awesome prize pack. I would love to try those Bunker Busters. The 601 line is awesome, I have never had a bad cigar from them. I routinely order their samplers and take them to work. Thanks to the people donating this stuff.

  65. F


  66. Dan Colley

    I’ve always wanted to try one of those Oktoberfest varietals. Everything I’ve read about that particular one tells me that it is quite good … a nice seasonal smoke … pairs well with a pint of good beer … and is hard to obtain at times. Sorry about the writer’s block. Fortunately, they usually go away quickly.

  67. Chuck N

    The cigars sound great!

  68. 601 La Bomba is da bomb … Manuel Quesada makes an awesome smoke . Love pretty much anything he does .

  69. I’ve never heard of any of these, the cigar or the show…so it was great to learn of them today!

  70. Matthew Denico

    have never tried one, but will try one next time at the shop.

  71. Narek Bazikyan

    Something new for my box, keep on puffin

  72. Tom

    Great prize guys…thanks!

  73. Duane Holmes

    I’m in!

  74. atllogix

    First off, Smoke Inn is one of the best retailers out here. I have nothing bad to say and a lot of good. Another thing is the Microblend Series has been on point every time, though I can not speak on the Padron SI-15s. If I some way was able to win this it would complete my Microblend Series minus the Padron SI -15s, I have already decided I’m not going to try to track those down.

  75. Richard M

    Luv the 601’s!!

  76. Zane Gamble

    I always think of kiss my ash radio! Listen every week.

  77. Chris Kirton

    AMAZING quality and perfect smoke.

  78. foozer6976

    im in!! thanks

  79. Charlie H.

    Great Job Craig! Smoke Inn is always a great place to buy cigars….haven’t smoked the Bunker Buster yet but I hear they are a powerhouse cigar!

  80. Deron Johnson

    Those sticks sound good! Thanks to both.

  81. Swede214

    Thanks Craig, have been a long time fan of the show.

  82. Love Smoke Inn, great place to shop, and they are great with pain in the ass customers like me!

  83. I have heard a lot of good things about the La bomba from the guys at the Dojo but I honestly don’t know enough about Kiss My Ash.

  84. John Hateley

    Me, me, me!

  85. Blaine Winkleman

    the 601s are high on my list of favorites.

  86. smoke770

    Great prize and love me KMAR. Thanks!

  87. schon garrison

    Love smoke inn and the show. Thanks schon

  88. Matt

    Thanks Craig, congrats Matt, and I have just realized I have not spent enough time at the Smoke Inn site!

  89. Brian D

    Seen the ads online and have been wanting to try them out.

  90. Chris kurz

    Good deals and nice smokes

  91. Wesley Smith

    This would make a great present!

  92. Never had the chance to deal with Smoke Inn yet, but I’m sure I will here in the near future. Thanks for the giveaway guys. Really awesome of you!

  93. Terry Eldrige

    As a relative newbie, I’ll be honest and admit I’m MIT familiar with Smoke Inn — yet. Looking forward to educating myself on the offerings available, though!

  94. Ingrid

    I believe I’ll have another cigar!

  95. David Wisniewski

    Honestly, I never heard of Kiss my Ash. I did check out the website, looks like Ming & Co. have a lot of fun while talking bout stogies. I’ll have to check in more often.

  96. Andrew

    I hope I’m not too late!

  97. Jason Meyers

    Smoke Inn is a great shop. Wish I lived near them

  98. Giveaway’s over! Comments closed. Thanks for all the great comments!