CigarCraig’s 12 Spectacular Days of Cigar Giveaways 2013 Day 6: Two-fer Tuesday! Flor de Gonzales and Kings Cigars

I can’t believe this thing’s almost half way over!  The response continues to be enormous.  I was looking at some numbers and this week alone will come close to the total number of visits I had the first year I was online with  Amazing and humbling, thank you all for visiting, that’s one of the reasons I run this annual giveaway. For those interested, chekk12 did come through with his address and his Atabey sampler will be shipping his way today. Today I need John Hateley To kindly send me his address, as he is the winner of the Tortuga and Ora Vivo sampler from Victor Vitale at Legacy Brands! I smoked an Ora Vivo last night and these, along with the Tortuga 215 Reserva, are really very special cigars. I encourage you to give them a try!  On to today’s giveaway!

Day 6

I try to do one thing a little different every year, so this year I’ve decided to have a “Two-fer Tuesday”!  There’s a mess of stuff under the tree today!  First, from Flor de Gonzales we have a five-pack of their cigars, a T-shirt and a pen. I’ve long been a fan of the Flor de Gonzales line, and there’s one from each line represented here. The 90 Miles 1980 is particularly exceptional, but you really can’t go wrong with any of them. They are all very flavorful and perfectly constructed cigars. Even their bundle line (not represented here) is a great cigar for around $2. My thanks to Yadi Vargas for providing this fine present.



Our second gift comes from Kings Cigars.  We met the Kings folks at the IPCPR show last July and they were the life of the party.  Their cigars are darned good too.  In today’s gift bag is a couple Kings Cigars T-shirts, some hats, long matches, a nice stainless steel cutter, and a five pack sampler of their excellent cigars. I’ve smoked the King of Kings and the Conde and enjoyed them greatly! These guys are new to the market, but their cigars are three years in the making and they are doing it right. Thanks to Anwar, Pete and Marlene at Kings cigars for sending this gift bag!


Kings Cigars

There you have it.  A bunch of T-shirts, goodies and excellent cigars!  Thanks again to Flor de Gonzales and Kings Cigars for making Two-fer Tuesday possible! You know the next step, load up the comments!



Here’s how you enter: leave a comment.  That’s it, plain and simple.  Tweets don’t count, but feel free to spread the word, only comments on this page count as an entry.  Each day there will be a different prize and the winner will be drawn from that day’s comments. The winner will be announced on the next day’s post. The contest is open to everyone, even if you’ve won one of my contests in the past six months, but once you’ve won, you are ineligible to win again in this series of contests. All prizes will be mailed as soon as I get a chance to go to the post office, or whenever the sponsor decides to ship, whichever is the case, so don’t make me chase down your address!  Please e-mail your contact information to as soon as possible!

That’s it, leave a comment to enter and good luck. Check back tomorrow to see if you won and enter tomorrow’s contest!


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  1. Luis Medeiros

    Once again, thanks for the great prizes.

  2. KRUK

    LOVE ME SOME YADI!!! Such a doll!!!

  3. Kris Johnson

    One time Craig. Myself and my Recon buddies need something to smoke before we head back to Afghanistan!!!

  4. Bob Scott

    Great contest and Merry Christmas!

  5. Miguel Rocha

    2 fer! 2 fer! 2 fer! 2 fer! 2 fer!

  6. George Maitland

    Day 6 is mine, perhaps!

  7. fich

    I’m going to win the MegaMilions tonight, but I would accept this instead. Too, I mean.

  8. Congrats Craig! You’ve built a nice site and following. Keep up the great work!

  9. Bruce Lange

    Maybe this time.

  10. Richard Caswell

    Great prizes, would love to be lucky one time.

  11. Jessica Eyrich

    Great bunch of prizes!

  12. Eric Fryer

    Good luck everyone!

  13. Alain Montefo

    Yikes!!! Two prizes..WOW! Thanks to Flor de Gonzales and Kings Cigars someone is going to have a Merry Christmas. Good Luck to everyone.

  14. paul 1954

    Kings cigars – how appropriate at Christmas time!

  15. Gabriel Schreiber

    A 2fer! Double the chances to win more awesome gifts. the bundle king put together looks especially amazing!

  16. Michael Brubeck

    Two is always better than one!

  17. Swede214

    Again, Thanks Craig and Kings Cigars.

  18. JD

    Great idea for a contest

  19. Andrew Cusson

    Oh man I hope I’m not commenting to late I had a busy day!

  20. This contest has ended and the comments are closed! Check the next post for a new contest!