CigarCraig’s 12 Spectacular Days of Cigar Giveaways Day 5: Miami Cigar and Co.

We’re into the second third of the contest series, it’s coming along nicely. There are still quite a few goodies to win.  You aren’t getting bored with the barrage of contests, are you?  Anyway, once again I’ve consulted with’s random number generator and it looks like TriMarkC is the winner of the Monte Pascoal Sampler! Mark, e-mail me with your mailing address so that I can get these goodies to you.  I’ve been trying to get stuff shipped ahead of schedule, mostly because I ran out of room in the humidors for all this stuff! So, without further ado:


Today on CigarCraig’s 12 Spectacular Days of Cigar Giveaways we have a Nestor Miranda Collection Special Selection five pack of the 5 5/8 x 48 x 52 “Ruky” cigars.  These perfectos are wrapped in an oscuro wrapper and made in the My Father Factory in Nicaragua.  I’ve never had one of these, but I bet they are excellent!



Thanks to Jason Wood and Chris Lenzo at Miami Cigar and Co. for providing this excellent prize!

You know what to do!  Leave a comment to enter and good luck!

Until tomorrow,




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58 Responses to CigarCraig’s 12 Spectacular Days of Cigar Giveaways Day 5: Miami Cigar and Co.

  1. Duane Holmes

    OMG these are so tasty,good luck to me!

  2. Chris McCann

    Nice looking sticks. Count me in!

  3. Lloyd L.

    Pick me (randomly)!!!

  4. Agent 86

    Nice looking.

  5. Mmmmmm…..Love Nestor….never heard of these ether, thanks again for the contest and Merry Holidays!

  6. Tommy Berry (quo155)

    Congratulations Mark!!! I am glad to see a member of “Ward B” win…way to represent!!!

    Craig, count me in today!!!

  7. Dawn

    Great prize my husband would love it!

  8. Steve C

    Great prize!


  9. Freakboy791

    The nestor ss’s are very nice.

  10. Marc Baker

    I’m down for some tasty Nicaraguan Sticks!

  11. Steve H

    They look amazing, the box looks really nice too.

  12. jake

    Thanks for the contest.

  13. kekoa kai

    These sticks just look magnificent!

  14. Marcia Norvell


  15. Rod Easter

    Great job. I’m in.

  16. Kyle Keckler

    No way am I getting bored with these cigar contests. I look forward to seeing the smorgasbord of stuff that you put on the site to give away. Continue the great work.

  17. TriMarkC

    Awesome! Thanks!! And Merry Christmas BOTL!

  18. TriMarkC

    Rules didn’t say I can’t win twice! But if I win again, I promise to share all my winnings with my BOTLs/WOTLs.

  19. czerbe

    count me in thanks again

  20. Brian

    Love Nestor Miranda and Perfectos! Count me in!

  21. foozer69


  22. Parnell

    Put me in coach!

  23. rick waldron

    looks delicious

  24. Nicaraguan Cigars are the Best.
    Thanks Craig,
    Merry Christmas and a Long Ashes New Year!

  25. Jakob

    Congratulations, TriMarkC! Enjoy.

  26. Jerry

    I’m in!!

    Merry Christmas

  27. Big fan of Nestor Miranda personally and all the cigars he puts his name on.

  28. Shnibby

    Look good.

  29. David L

    Congrats again Mark! Happy Holidays, everyone!

  30. Smokin'JoeL

    Boy, they look nice. Happy Friday!

  31. Freakboy791

    The nestor ss’s are very good.

  32. These look great. I’m getting in late for all these prizes, but better late than never.

  33. Big fan of the Nestor Mirandas & all the great things happening at Miami Cigar.

  34. jimbobber

    Another line of cigars I haven’t tried.

  35. Joel Scott

    Thanks again for the contest.

  36. Nathan Zimmerman

    Can’t pass up a try for Nestor’s cigars.

  37. Billy Cannon

    Congrats TriMarkC on the win!!! These Nestors look awesome!!! I want some!!

  38. Ray

    Leave a comment…take a comment. Just my two cents.

  39. DDoramus

    Great Cigar to give away…

  40. Jeff Ketcham

    I want to play! Thanks.

  41. Paul

    Count me in on the Nestors- Congrats TriMarkC!

  42. Kyle Costanzi

    Wasn’t Nestor the long eared Christmas donkey?

  43. Jim Maino

    Those look great – I’m in!

  44. Cigaredness is next to Godliness

  45. Congrats botl TriMarkC. Shall we have another Ward B. winner with me?

  46. Swede214

    Five nice looking cigars,again, thanks Craig.

  47. Patrick Essary

    Don’t worry I’ll Share with yah mark, and the guys in the Ward. Where’s my Jello?

  48. jjo

    Great looking set. Very nice of you to run these giveaways, Craig.

  49. Mark

    I must win on my birthday, surely

  50. Thank you for giving away free stuff!

    Also thank you for reviewing and doing what you love.

  51. Lara

    My hubby loves cigars and this would make an awesome Christmas present for him!

  52. Joe

    Interesting Perfecto-like shape. I haven’t had a Perfecto in a long while, would be nice to smoke one of these.

  53. DB

    As usual another great contest Craig with a very generous give-away.

  54. allen chieze

    looking like a new cigar to taste sounds like a winner.