CigarCraig’s 12 Spectacular Days of Cigar Giveaways Day 4: Monte Pascoal

Wow, another record breaking day!  People sure like a chance to win cool stuff!  I’ve once again consulted the Random Number Generator and the winner of a one year subscription to Cigar Journal is comment number 30, which was Elliott!  Congrats!  Please send me your address so I can pass it on to the folks at Cigar Journal to get your subscription started! Once again, it’s time for the Day 4 offering:


Today on CigarCraig’s CigarCraig’s 12 Spectacular Days of Cigar Giveaways we have a sampler of Monte Pascoal cigars courtesy of Tabacos Mata Fina USA,  Included here are a 3 pack of Belicosos, and one each of the Minuto, Corona and Robusto.  These are Brazilian Puros and they are delicious and was awarded “Best Brand from Brazil” by Cigar Journal!



Many thanks to Wesley Gensel from Tabacos Mata Fina USA for providing these fine cigars!

You know what to do!  Leave a comment to enter and good luck!

Until tomorrow,






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44 Responses to CigarCraig’s 12 Spectacular Days of Cigar Giveaways Day 4: Monte Pascoal

  1. Kyle Keckler

    I have not heard of these cigars, but would love to try them. Have you reviewed them?

  2. Chris McCann

    I’ve smoked a few of these. Nice sticks!

  3. Duane Holmes

    I’ve not seen these, look tasty though.

  4. Parnell

    I’m all in! Need a win!

  5. Lloyd L.

    I was hoping to win the magazine subscription! lol

  6. kekoa kai

    I’m game! Thanks.

  7. Rod

    Not familiar, awesome!

  8. Awesome. Im in, these sound great

  9. Agent 86

    Haven’t heard of these, they sound interesting.

  10. DADoramus

    Like the give away idea…

  11. foozer69

    ;ooking forward to these!

  12. Never heard of them, would like to give them a try, thanks for the contest and Merry Christmas!

  13. Paul

    I have not heard of these cigars but would love to try! Thanks for the opportunity!

  14. Smokin'JoeL

    Lucky #13

  15. Mark

    They look very good. Great prize Craig.

  16. Steve C

    Another great contest! THANKS GRAIG.


  17. Dawn

    Husband would love this!!! Thanks for the contest Craig.

  18. Tommy Berry (quo155)

    Congrats Elliott!

    This looks like a great prize…awesome job Craig!

    “Put me in Coach!”

  19. Acey

    “Survey says….!”


  20. Craig loves playing Santa…
    Merry Christmas and A Long Ashes New Year!

  21. Brian

    Outstanding contest, keep up the great work

  22. Jerry

    Count me in!!

  23. Freakboy791

    Something new to try. If I’m lucky :-/

  24. Rayapple

    I am a girl who is in need of a cigar 🙂

  25. Marc Baker

    I’m in!

  26. Tim

    I’m in too !

  27. smoke ’em if ya got ’em!

  28. Like the majority of the comments, haven heard of them BUT will gladly smoke them if I win

  29. jimbobber

    I’d really like to try a Brazilian puro!

  30. Joel Scott

    Thanks again for running a great contest.

  31. Tailfeathers

    Craig, Just found your site througha friend of another site. Way to limk things together and keep us BOTL on track. Thanks for the contest.

  32. Hey, these are some great prizes. Thank you.

  33. czerbe

    They look yummy can’t wait to try them

  34. Keith1911

    Heard lots of good things about them. Would like to try them.

  35. TriMarkC

    I haven’t heard of this brand! And so what a great way to get to know them … by winning them here on! :0D

  36. Billy Cannon

    Great Contest!!! Congrats to Elliott!! I want in on this!

  37. Kyle Costanzi


  38. allen chieze

    Sounds like some nice smokes

  39. Swede214

    Again, love those free cigars, thanks.

  40. Patrick Essary

    Big Money! Big Money! whoot!

  41. John Monaghan

    I hope I like Brazilian cigars as much as I like Brazilian women.

  42. Jakob

    Congratulations, Elliott!
    [big money, no whammies!]

  43. David L

    I think a Brazilian puro would be a first for most of us! Happy Holidays!

  44. Joe

    Those look tasty! Hope I win!