Cigar Contest Winners: Gotham Heroes Alec Bradley Robusto From Gotham Cigars

Gotham Heroes Alec Bradley RobustoThis is going to be a short post with the winners of the Gotham Heroes Alec Bradley Robusto From Gotham Cigars.  I’m waiting for some more info about some new cigars I smoked this week so I can bring you my thoughts on them, hopefully I’ll have that for you tomorrow.  For tonight, We have two winners to announce from last weeks contest. The goodies that these two folks will win are five packs of the Gotham Heroes Alec Bradley Robustos, along with some other Gotham items, generously provided by Manny and Stephanie at Gotham Cigars.  As you will recall, I really enjoyed these, so much so that I voted with my wallet and bought some.  They are still reasonably priced at $19.99 per five pack, and I highly recommend them.  The winners, as selected by the random number generator at are George and Chris m!  Please send me your addresses or I’ll track you down if I don’t hear from you!


Than you all for entering and stay tuned for the next giveaway, whatever that might be (they are always good, aren’t they?).  Until the next time,







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12 Responses to Cigar Contest Winners: Gotham Heroes Alec Bradley Robusto From Gotham Cigars

  1. Miguel Rocha

    Congrats to the winners! Thanks for the recommendation I’ll be grabbing some soon!

  2. jjo

    Congratulations guys! I enjoyed my first one, and I’m sure you will, too.

  3. Congrats George and Chris m & thanks for the contest Craig

  4. Jared

    Unbelievable cigar

  5. Congrats guys! You’re in for a real treat!!

  6. Dan Colley

    And I wanted so badly to be like Batman !!!

  7. Congratulations Chris and George. Enjoy the tasty smokes.

  8. Patrick

    Enjoy your prize fellas. Thanks Craig, always fun.
    Life is good

  9. Lloyd Ladrillono

    Congrats to the winners!

  10. TriMarkC

    Congrats guys! Let us all know how they are!!

  11. George

    Craig – If I am the George who won, my address is (address redacted). Thanks for the contest!

  12. Congrats to the winners! Seems like a great cigar. Better luck next time for myself, then…

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