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Guest Reviews: The Brick by Toraño and Viaje Exclusivo

As you may or may not know, my father, Paul Vanderslice, passed away on Thursday morning, he would have been 81 today.  I am honored to present not one, but two reviews from honorary Craigs today. These two gentlemen generously lent their talents to give me a day off, which I greatly appreciate. The upside for you, the reader, is that you are treated to some actual cigar reviews. 🙂 My dad was a career music educator, US Navy veteran, lover of baseball and Moosehead beer, and a good dad. He touched a great many lives in his career, and he worked right up until the end of his life as a church choir director.  We will miss him, and, although he was almost 81, he left us too early. I’ve been dipping into some of my best cigars over the last couple days as I think about life. Please enjoy these reviews from honorary Craigs for a Day, Anthony and Jeff, many thanks to them.



The Brick by Toraño – by Craig Anthony Lund (Agent 86)


I just want you to know my prayers and my brothers prayers are with you. We had the same kind of situation a couple years ago and it is one of the hardest things to do. All I can say is to think of all the good times. I know my brother and I talked about all of the great times we had with our father, most of which involved cigars (at least for the last 10 years or so).


For tonight I decided to revisit one of my regular favorites, in fact one that Craig has already reviewed, though he was having some dog issues that night. I don’t pretend to have quite as exciting of a review as that one, but I am quite content to be enjoying my cigar from the sedate location of my couch while watching Expedition Unknown. This cigar is The Brick, from Toraño. This one is in the Churchill size because, quite frankly, I’m somewhat of a size junkie with cigars lately and would much rather be having the 6X60 BFC but my local B&M doesn’t have it right now. The Brick is a nice, big, box pressed cigar with a dark, chocolaty look. The wrapper is a nice even color with a couple of prominent veins. The smell fresh out of the cellophane is the rich smell of a recently turned field of dark soil.


Upon using my punch the wrapper cracked, this is a problem I have seen a few times with this cigar, I believe it has to do with Toraño using a thin wrapper. Of course this particular one had been in my humidor for a while and apparently I had let the humidification level drop a bit. Hopefully this won’t affect the flavor. Right after taking my first draw I noticed the sweet flavor and large amounts of smoke. Not a lot of cigars give quite the level of smoke that these do, the larger one puts out even more. As it burns the ash is a nice light grey and holds together really well. The flavors are strong in chocolate and coffee with just a hint of a peppery taste. The burn remains pretty consistent as it goes, with just a little bit of canoeing that required a touch up from the lighter. As I smoke this cigar, there isn’t a huge change in the flavor profile or strength. It is exceptional at remaining completely consistent beginning to end. The pepper notes rise and fall but the chocolate and coffee flavors remain steady throughout. As I got past the mid point the ash did flake up a bit and I wound up ashing my keyboard a couple of times.


As I reach the end this cigar remains as just a nice pleasant smoke with a great flavor. It doesn’t really vary in taste or intensity as it reaches the end. All in all this is a really great cigar with a solid, medium body and a consistent medium flavor until the end. The best part of this is that the cigar is priced right. I find it rare to find such a good, solid stick for under 5 bucks. Also, this is one of the least marked up cigars in my local area coming in at $4.60. The Ecuadorian Sumatra wrapper is thin, but holds together pretty well, though I have had some cracking and splitting on other ones I’ve had. I have in the past really disliked Sumatra wrappers but with this cigar it really melds well with the Honduran binder and filler. I really lean heavily toward the Nicaraguan made cigars, and this is one out of Nicaragua that really shows why. If you’re looking for a really solid stick at a great price this is the one. It works perfectly for a good every day smoke and works well in every situation as long as you have the time, it does burn pretty slow and steady.


Viaje Exclusivo Double Edged Sword II – by Craig Jeff Oda (jjo)


Hello all.  I am an unofficial member of the Casas Fumando cigar review website, and a long-time fan of Cigar Craig.  When Craig put up his last post alerting us to the condition of his father and asking for a contribution of a review, I didn’t hesitate to volunteer what little I could for a guy who I consider to be not only a great BOTL, but a good friend.  We have communicated via email over the last few years, and I have always had a great deal of respect for not only his blog, but for his viewpoints on ethics and life in general.  I have not yet met Craig in person, but hope to someday, and I am honored and grateful that he would allow me to contribute to his blog in a time of need.  I would like to dedicate this review in honor of Paul Vanderslice, and hope that you will all join me and Casas Fumando in wishing the all the best to his family.  With that in mind, I scrapped the review that I had originally had set up, and went ahead with one of a limited release that carries a bit more cachet to it.


P1000682The Viaje Exclusivo Double Edged Sword II was released in 2013 as a more widely available (700 jars of 19 cigars) follow-up to the ultra-limited 2010 Double Edged Sword, of which only 125 boxes of 25 were released.  The 2013 version comes in a slightly different vitola:  a 6.5×50 open footed perfecto, as opposed to the original’s 5.75×52 double torpedo shape.  According to, it was manufactured at Fabrica de Tabacos Raices Cubanas S. de R.L.  While the price of this cigar is something that would normally cause me to hesitate in grabbing one, this one was generously sent to me just over a year ago by Mike Forry of Stogie Review and Stogie 411 as part of a pay-off of a wager on last year’s Super Bowl, so a big “thank you!” to Mike.


Wrapper:  Nicaraguan Criollo

Binder:  Nicaraguan

Filler:  Nicaraguan

Size:  6.5×50 Perfecto, with an open foot

Price:  $18.63

Smoking time:  1 hour, twenty minutes

Pairing:  Silver City Brewery – The Giant Made of Shadows Belgian strong ale




The Viaje Double Edged Sword II comes draped in a reddish milk chocolate brown wrapper showing some minor veins and a few soft spots, including a rather large one just above the lower band which identifies the cigar as a part of the Viaje Collector’s Edition series.  There are also a couple of minor cracks present in the wrapper.  There is not much of an aroma to the wrapper, but that may be due the fact that it has been sitting un-cellophaned in my humidor for over a year.  The scent off the foot is mostly a mild tobacco.  Upon clipping the sharply pointed cap, I experience a nice draw, with light, mild spice, tobacco, and a hint of cedar.




First third

P1000683Firing up the $18.63 Double Edged Sword II with my trusty $2.69 Hong Kong torch, I’m greeted by light charred wood, pepper, and cedar, all of which are surprisingly light on the retrohale.  A half inch in, the cedar had moved to the forefront as the charred flavor recedes, and the pepper has strengthened on both the palate and retrohale.  A slightly sweet spice plays in the background, while the burn that started out quite wavy is trying to even itself out.  While the Double Edged Sword II started out needing double puffs to get a good amount of smoke, by the 1” mark, this is no longer necessary.




Middle third

P1000686Rolling into the second third of the Viaje DES II, the cedar continues to lead the way, with toasty bread, white pepper, some aged tobacco mustiness, and the lightly sweet spice also in the mix.  The ash had held on for the entire first third, but not wanting to tempt fate, I tapped it off into my ashtray. Subsequent ashings would be in the 1” – 1-1/2” range, with one of them landing unceremoniously in my lap.  The burn has continued to waver, but I have not had to think about touching it up, and it has burned through that largish soft spot without a problem.  At this point, it has been right at a solid medium in terms of body, and at the lower end in strength.  The smoke has been smooth both on the tongue and retrohale, but has been leaving a peppery tickle in the back of the throat.




Final third

P1000687Entering the final third of the DES II, the burn has continued to meander, but has not been a problem at all, nor have the few cracks and soft spots affected the smoking characteristics of the cigar.  The flavors have remained pretty much unchanged, although they have gotten a bit deeper and more cohesive, and I’m beginning to feel a slight nicotine kick.  With 1-1/2” left, some char has re-emerges, but a quick purge takes care of that.  I’m duly impressed by the lack of harshness and how cool it smokes all the down to a little nub.




The Viaje Double Edged Sword II was surely an enjoyable smoke that behaved quite well despite my misgivings on construction when I first did my extended once-over.  I can’t say, however, that I think it is worth the $18+ asking price.  A more realistic $10 – $12 would be more in my ballpark, but if Mike wants to send me another, I would gladly smoke and enjoy it, lol!  I would also add that based on how slowly the first third went, I was expecting it to be an hour and a half smoke, but the middle section went pretty quickly.



P1000679Although I know that Craig is a teetotaler, I wanted to salute his father properly, and in my world, that is with a proper alcoholic beverage.  The Giant Made of Shadows from Bremerton, WA beer crafter Silver City Brewery is a limited seasonal release Belgian style strong ale aged in Temperanillo wine barrels, and sports an ABV of 9.9%.  If I didn’t already know that it had sat in wine barrels, I probably wouldn’t be able to identify the flavor that the barrels impart to the beer, but it is definitely there.  The Belgian fruitiness and deep malt give it a nice sweetness and makes for a nice match with the flavors of the Viaje Double Edged Sword II, without overwhelming it, while the wine barrels contribute a depth of flavor and roundness that goes quite well with the cigar.  I think that any Belgian style beer, and even a Dunkel, would provide a good complement to the DES II, as well.



Once again, thank you to these two great friends and long-time readers. Their contributions are always welcome here, along with anyone else who would like to be a Craig for a day.  I also appreciate all the thoughts and encouragement you’ve provided me with over the last very difficult week.


Until the next time,




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A Gurkha, a Couple More Villiger NicaRomas, a Leccia Black and a Guest Cigar Review

Gurkha_GhostIt’s the eve of Independence Day, and I have a four day weekend ahead of me.  Then it’s five long work days before heading to Vegas for the IPCPR show.  I’ll be throwing out videos and photos from the show as wireless access allows.  We are looking forward to bringing unique content from the show.  Gee, I hope there’s something new and interesting there to see!  Anyway, I smoked a few cigars this week. starting with a Gurkha Ghost Asura (6″x52) Sunday evening.  This is a cigar that was released at last years IPCPR show, and has a Brazilian Arapiraca Maduro wrapper.  I picked this cigar up a few weeks ago at Señor Juan’s Cigars in Belmar, NJ.  It being New Jersey, it was not inexpensive!  Anyway, this is a heck of a nice cigar.  It burned very nicely and had a pleasing flavor with some coffee flavors. The website notes cinnamon in the profile, which I didn’t get, but will look for the next time I smoke one.  In truth, I’ve only ever gotten cinnamon once in a cigar, and that was a Havana Bolivar Coronas Gigantes many years ago which was gifted to me by my friend Bruce at a party at my house.  I can still remember smoking it in the house and looking at it in amazement. This was many years ago! Anyway, The Ghost was a nice cigar, and the holographic band is pretty darned cool.

Villiger_NicaRoma_HabanoMonday evening I grabbed the Villiger NicaRoma Habano for my evening walk.  Once again, this is a budget cigar made with 60% long filler and 40% picadura (scraps).   This one, as the name implies, has a Habano wrapper. One would never know this is a mixed filler cigar as it burned well and, with a V-cut, it didn’t leave scraps in the mouth.  It’s a solidly medium cigar that has a nice flavor and is a pleasure to smoke.  I think I liked this as much as the Maduro I smoked last week.


Tuesday I selected the Villiger NicaRoma Connecticut, similar to the above cigar, but with a Honduras grown Connecticut wrapper. Like it’s siblings, this isn’t a pretty cigar, just a solid mild to medium cigar with a decent flavor.  I enjoyed this one quite a bit,  I would rank this third after the Maduro and Habano, but that’s just my personal preference.  These all have Nicaraguan fillers and binders, with the only difference being the wrapper.  Nice, smooth, flavorful cigars that won’t break the bank. Try them if you see them.

Recently I send some of these to a reader who left a comment that prompted me to declare a spontaneous contest.  Agent86 smoked a couple of the cigars, including the Villiger NicaRoma Maduro and was kind enough to send a review.  So Agent86 is now an honorary Craig for the day, here’s his thoughts on the Maduro:

Agent 86 reporting from a top secret assignment.  Recently I had the pleasure of trying a couple of smokes courtesy of our own CigarCraig.  This was a pleasant surprise and the smokes were different enough to draw me out of my semi-retirement to report on them.


First up is the NicaRoma Maduro from Villiger.  I know Craig recently reviewed these on here, but I want to see if I had any impressions different than his.  This was a Toro with a Mexican San Andreas Maduro wrapper and Nicaraguan binder and filler.  Craig has more information in his write up about the actual make of this cigar.


Villiger_NicaRoma_ToroAfter unwrapping the cigar I took the time to feel and smell it.  The feel of the cigar is really loose, almost too much so for my preference.  The smell was actually very non-descript without anything in particular to set it apart.  After lighting it produced a dark grey and black ash that flaked and crumbled quite frequently.  The cigar also was prone to going out in the first half requiring three relights.


One thing that is very unusual to my tastes with this cigar is that it actually seemed more like two cigars.  The first half was a medium flavor, medium strength cigar with a lot of bitterness and kind of a “tarry” flavor to it.  Not altogether good or bad, just kind of uninspiring.  The second half is a different story.  After the halfway point the cigar started to really open up and the flavors expanded.  The bitterness I detected faded down to a tolerable level and there were some really good flavors with just a bit of spice.  The really strange part was that the strength increased too.  By the time I got down to the last couple inches it was actually pretty strong and left me feeling more than a bit light-headed.


I’m not positive on what the pricing on these would be around where I live, if they were available, but as a budget cigar it would work for a pleasant change of pace.  If it came out at 7 bucks or higher though I think I would stick with a Gran Habano #3.  This is a competent budget smoke, but not something I think will ever replace any of my regulars.

Thank you to Agent86 for sharing his experience with that, and considering his second review, I chose to smoke a Leccia Black myself tonight. It’s a unique smoke, for sure.  The example I smoked was a bit tighter than I would like, but it still had the smoky, barbecue flavor that the “Darkfire” tobacco that is featured in this cigar. This is a nice smoke, and I have one more that I’ll let rest for a while.  Here’s what AgentCraig86 had to say:


The second cigar that I would like to review is the Leccia Tobacco Black, also courtesy of CigarCraig.  This, as was mentioned on here, is part of the new line from Sam Leccia, Black and White.  I have had mixed impressions of Sams cigars in the past when he was working for his previous employers, so I really didn’t know what to expect.


The Black Robusto I picked out had a nice firm construction and the “cow pasture” smell I expect from a good stronger flavored cigar with the added boost of a smoky odor that was particularly pleasant.  The cigar lit well, burned evenly and had a nice grey ash that held together 3/4 of the length of the smoke.


LecciaBlack_RobustoThe flavors started out pleasant, but not anything really different from any other medium/full flavor cigar.  After the first couple inches though things really changed.  A nice strong smoky flavor similar to that of good barbecue or a pleasant campfire started to make itself known.  This flavor continued all the way to the end of the cigar and remained on the taste buds even after the cigar was done.  The strength of the smoke never went beyond medium for me, but the flavors stayed nice and strong, but never overpowering.  It was so pleasant I was able to smoke this cigar far past where I normally would have.  Also, something was different about the cigars construction since it never became too hot for my fingers or lips.  I guess all the time rolling Nubs gave Sam a few extra tricks for helping someone squeeze out those last few minutes of cigar enjoyment.


If this cigar becomes available locally and isn’t too expensive I could easily see it becoming one of my regular smokes.


Reporting from parts unknown, Agent 86 is out.

Once again, thanks to Agent86 for sharing his experiences with us.  I’m always happy to include reviews from readers, especially on prizes they won here, even if it was an impromptu contest I made up on the spot.  There are rumors of some pretty good contests coming on the horizon, so stay tuned! Also, if you’re shopping this weekend, take a look at, they have a special  page with some specials for readers.

That’s it for now, please try not to blow anything up this weekend!  Keep it safe and smoke a bunch of great cigars!  I’ll be enjoying a cookout tomorrow with family and will smoke something exceptional after they’ve left (I make a point to wait until the grandchildren leave before sitting down to enjoy a smoke).  My wife and I also celebrate our wedding anniversary on July 4th, so Happy Anniversary to my greatest supporter.

Until the next time,




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Sunday Guest Post: Find The Best Cigars

Since I will be travelling today, Conrad over at has agreed to provide today’s post.


A new way to search: FindTheBest, a new search and comparison engine that has been featured on the New York Times and TechCrunch, has developed a comparison utility for Cigars. The tool offers users access to a vast database of different brands and labels and allows them to search, filter, and compare by country of origin, body/strength, name, price, shape, manufacturer, shape, construction, and other factors.



FindTheBest’s Smart Rating for its cigars comparison is determined by the weighted average score of 4 sources: Cigar Aficionado, Cigar Inspector,, and If a cigar has a score of zero, then it has not been rated by any of these sources.


The website realizes that something as subjective as individual experiences with different cigars cannot be presented entirely objectively, which is why in addition to the smart rating, it also welcomes user reviews. FindTheBest welcomes and encourages all registered users to submit a review and rating. Users can also submit their own listings if they find that the comparison does not currently include a particular cigar.


[findthebest container_style=”width:400px;margin:0 auto;” width=”400″ height=”300″ style=”vertical-align:top;” src=”″ after_style=”text-align:center;” link_href=”” link_style=”font:10px/14px arial;color:#3d3d3d;” link_text=”Compare Cigars”]


The website also allows its users to compare different brands side by side, matching each relevant data point, such as individual description of taste, approximate price per cigar, size, and origin. Make sure to also look for a discount on cigar shipping or other cigar deals if you plan to purchase any products online.


– Thanks to Conrad for taking the time to educate us on the tools available at! I will make every attempt to post some trip content, be it pictures or videos or something over the next few days.  Stay tuned!


Until the next time,





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Take A Cigar For A Walk with Tommy Berry, Jr.: Acid Kuba Kuba, Montecristo, Diesel

Here’s a couple of “Take A Cigar For A Walk” installments from Tommy:

Well hello fellow cigar smokers! This past weekend, I took the opportunity to enjoy a recently purchased Acid Kuba Kuba. I was sitting on my front porch, enjoying the warm weather and this great smoke, when it dawned on me…what am I doing…sitting! So, I got up…at the point where you see my cigar in the photo and began to walk. I loved every minute of it. It was mid-afternoon…hot and loads of humidity. But, that is one sure way to lose some weight! So, I ended up walking for about 60 minutes while enjoying the Kuba Kuba. Now, I don’t care for many flavored cigars, but I really like the infused collection of Acid. The Kuba Kuba starts off very sweet. The flavors are then switched around between several noticeable spices and sweet tones. You’d really have to try one as I can never explain the actual “infused flavors” as Acid takes these to a whole new level. This cigar burned evenly throughout and I only had to relight one time. I think that was due to me not puffing on it often enough as I walked briskly. Overall, the Kuba Kuba was a new one to me but I enjoyed every minute of it…I would highly recommend you try this one.

Boot camp is going well, I have lost a total of 21lbs to date but I am feeling a lot of difference in my energy, my strength, and a lot of this has to do with my modified diet as well. I have a goal to get from where I started at 326 to 185. That is a big goal, so I am taking it one day at a time. I have had some slip ups on my eating, but my trainer and fellow recruits have really helped push me to stay on course. The TACFAW really helps give me the extra cardio that I need to sustain weight loss and keep moving forward. Signing up for this has definitely been one of the best things I could have done…in a long time!

It looks like we may get to close on our new home sometime next week…my fingers are staying crossed and hopefully I will have more to give on this come the next entry.

Most importantly, make sure that you are staying at it if you too are taking a cigar for a walk. Craig is doing awesome, and now I want to hear your stories too! Be sure to comment often on your success and even failures as myself and others may can help you stay on track to a better, fitter you…all the while enjoying your passion of a great cigar!

Long ashes to ya!

Tommy Berry, Jr.”


I enjoyed a Montecristo Peruvian Buena Fortuna Maduro on a walk last night, thanks to waterboy…a friend of mine over at General Cigar’s website. I took my little dog with me so he too could enjoy the breeze (and we both needed the exercise!). This particular cigar came out of an 8 pack of two different cigars that “JR Cigars” offers in a small hard case “shopping bag”. This was my first time to smoke such a cigar and I have to say that I loved every minute of it. It was a great smoke, full of flavor, stayed lit the entire walk and burned perfectly. I tend to lean towards these sizes (5×47) and I was able to smoke it for about 45 minutes, a little short on the smoke time but still well worth it. The hints of coffee and “woods” that came from this also peppery smoke was a pleasant surprise indeed.

The walk was great and it ended my Father’s Day on a great note. I bought me some new shoes last week for boot camp, some Sketchers Shape Ups…which drove me to another walk last night, where I normally, on a Sunday would have just stayed home. I have to say that I love these shoes!

Anyway, I hope you are able to get out the door and on the sidewalk to enjoy a great cigar with a little exercise. Let us know…

Coming soon, I plan on doing a contest for other fellow TACFAW “players”…more details later!

Long ashes to ya!

Tommy Berry, Jr.


The last Kuba Kuba I smoked was a maduro in Nicaragua and it was the last cigar of the day (about the 8th).  It was not a bad cigar!  Once the saccharine sweetness on the wrapper disappeared, that is.  The Kuba Kuba is probably one of Drew Estate‘s best selling cigars, and I recall Marvin Samel telling a story of hearing that Johnny Depp was seen buying some Kuba Kuba’s and passing them out on a movie set and Marvin sent him a box.  There was a similar story about Steven Tyler.  Also, there was a news article about the Cuban government suing Drew Estate over the use of Kuba in the name.  How many of us ever thought the Acid Kuba Kuba might be a Havana cigar?  Pretty laughable….

I took a Diesel Unholy Cocktail for about a 2 mile walk last night that Tommy very kindly sent me a few weeks ago.  It was a fine cigar, I really like the flavor of the Pennsylvania broadleaf wrapper.  This one could have produced more smoke, but it was enjoyable none the less, and I deeply appreciate the gift!  Thanks to Tommy for the cigar and for your contributions!  As nice as it is to lounge around with a nice cigar, it doesn’t hurt to do some walking along with it.  I keep thinking about my visit to the Vulcan Masaya volcano in Nicaragua and how I probably would have struggled with the 177 steps to the observation area had I not been a fairly avid walker.

Don’t forget we have a contest going where someone can win a box of Oja Meztizo Artefactos courtesy of Luis of Oja Cigars!  Submit a patriotic picture link in the comments of the last post ( for a chance to win!  Also, pay a visit to and check out their selection.

Until the next time,




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Take A Cigar For A Walk: Tommy Berry and the La Gloria Cubana Serie N


Here’s another installment of Tommy Berry Jr’s exercise in exercise, otherwise known as “Take A Cigar For A Walk”!

Today was a great day, I received a package in the mail from General Cigar that contained my winnings from a recent ‘La Gloria Cubana Serie N’ photo contest. I usually let my smokes rest for awhile after traveling across the country, but today…I grabbed one of the LGC Serie N – JSB’s and hit the pavement for a walk during my lunch break. I work downtown, and there is no excuse for me to not chose to take a walk any day. I sit in an office all day and today I decided to get up and do some walking!

The LGC ‘N cigar is a rather strong, full body smoke and they have not let me down yet. I lit this sucker and immediately smelled the (fancy word here…) “greatness” this cigar has to offer. The flavor profile was busy, but I will let your own senses detect what you get from yours…but nonetheless, this one has many great aromas and flavors while smoking. I walked around the downtown Tyler area and with the nice weather, I really enjoyed smoking this cigar. I can say that it had no bad aftertaste, stayed lit well, drew pretty hard but overall it is one of the best LGC cigars I have had since they changed them many years ago. Now the ‘N has only been around about eight months or so, but I still choose this cigar as my favorite all around LGC.

The walk was great too…I enjoyed the scenery and the weather. I got my exercise in for the day while walking the 75+ minutes. I have boot camp on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays…so I try to get a walk in on the other days to help with my weight loss. If you have been reading my posts for some time, you’d know that I started taking a cigar for a walk to help me get off my rear and start to lose the 150+ pounds of excess weight that I have put on my body over the years. With this “walk plan”, boot camp (my Marine Sgt. Is whipping my rear-end) and by eating right…as of this past Monday (6-6), I have lost a total of 20lbs! Thats got me pretty excited…and more reason to get my cigar walks in every other day or so.

So, if you have been trying to walk with a cigar, and are struggling…know that it does make a difference in many areas of your life. I mean, come on! Who wouldn’t enjoy a fine smoke…let alone knock out a good smoke and some exercise all in one? I ask you to get up out of that computer chair…and take that cigar thats in your mouth…for a walk! You can do it!

Long ashes to ya!

Tommy Berry, Jr.

Great to hear that Tommy’s lost 20 pounds!  I’m sure the boot camp is doing wonders, but the activity along with the reward of a fine cigar is helping with the motivation!  Keep up the great work!  I love the LGC Serie N, it’s a wonderful cigar, and I had the great pleasure of taking part in their Webcast for Serie N Day a few months back.  The presentation is excellent, but the cigar is even better!  That dark, oily wrapper is a thing of beauty and the lighter colored “N” applied to the wrapper exhibits an attention to detail that carries through to the rest of the cigar.  A serious winner!  Take a look on the Team La Gloria site to see Tommy’s winning photo which he referenced above, I tried to link to it here, but couldn’t figure out a way! Silly Flash!

That’s it for now! Until the next time,


Watch for a new discount code from coming soon.




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