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I think this is a really cool way to select the next CAO blend.  There is a promotion currently running where when you purchase six CAO cigars at your local retailer, you receive a tin containing three cigars.  The idea is to smoke the three cigars and go to the CAO Website and vote for your favorite of the three.  The cigar with the most votes is the next CAO cigar.   When I received the samples, I was asked to submit a video for inclusion on their website, which is something I’ve never done before.  I’m not sure how it will go over, and I suppose I’ll do more in the future if it’s not utterly repulsive.


I smoked the three cigars over the course of  four days. The cigars were banded with “C”, “A” and “O”.  Since I’m borderline CDO (that’s OCD in alphabetical order, as it should be) I smoked them in order.   I found that they were three distinctly different cigars, “C” was a leathery Honduran tasting cigar, “A” was a milder, sweeter, almost Dominican flavored cigar and “O” was a heavy Nicaraguan style.  Obviously, these are just my opinions, I have no clue what the blend is on any of them.  I kind of liked the “A” the best, I don’t know if it’s because I thought it was a little different from the other cigars in the CAO stable, or that it’s bright, almost citrus sweetness surprised and delighted me.  Whatever my thoughts were, don’t miss the chance to have a say in the next CAO cigar, hunt down a Last Stick Standing tin and decide for yourself.  I will say that all three cigars were perfectly constructed and smoked really well.  Let me know what you think of the video!



I reported on this event last year, and they broke last year’s record this time.  I always appreciate when those of us who are maligned for doing such socially unacceptable things as enjoying the occasional cigar do wonderful things for society.  Here’s the press release:

G&G Golf Outing Raises $14,800 for Cancer Research

When long time friends and West Chester business partners, Pete Garzia and Doug Gianforte, both lost parents to cancer a few years ago they decided to do something to support cancer research. The men, owners of G&G Cigar Company, decided to hold a benefit golf tournament with all proceeds supporting Fox Chase Cancer Center’s research. The just concluded Third Annual G&G Golf Outing raised $14,800 for Fox Chase. This brings G& G’s total donations to over $57,000 to various charities the past 6 years with Fox Chase being the chief beneficiary. Doug’s mother was treated at Fox Chase for 2 years and Pete lost both parents to cancer. The partners, also well known members of the construction industry, rallied their friends, clients, business associates, and suppliers for a good time at Downingtown Golf Club for golf, lunch, dinner, prizes and a congenial cigar. The event has been sold out annually.

Another great job by Doug and company up at G&G Cigars in West Chester, PA!

Also, please join me in welcoming our newest advertiser, Smoke Inn.  These folks have a bunch of retail stores inn Florida and a really great web store.  I met Abe several years ago through a mutual friend, and he’s a heck of a guy.  Give them a look when you get a chance, they have some awesome stuff!

That’s more than enough for now, until the next time,




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12 Responses to CAO Last Stick Standing Cigar Reviews and News

  1. Agent 86

    Great vid Craig. I’ve really been wanting to get in on this promotion, but I’m in one of those unlucky areas that aren’t participating.

  2. Swede214

    Alright Craig, great job,enjoyed that, you make me feel better about how I have a hard time of describing the taste and favors of the cigar. I have said this before,I like them or I don’t, thanks again, looking forward to the next one.

    • I smoke cigars because I like them and they relax me. When I have to think about them too hard it’s like work…it’s more about the overall experience for me, and that’s what I try to present on this site. Thanks for reading!

  3. CigarFriar

    Like the video, Craig! I don’t know how you walk and smoke at the same time. I tend to take too big of a draw when I walk and smoke and that screws my whole experience up. I preferred the “O” blend just for the fact, like you said, it had a bit more of a kick to it. But the video was great, it was nice to see a reviewer doing more than just sitting down, smoking, then talking. Nice change of pace.

    • Walking and smoking isn’t a problem, if I have to throw in rubbing my belly and patting my head we have a problem! thanks for your kind words on the video, I was apprehensive about it. Thanks!

  4. jjo

    A job well done, Craig. It’s hard to tell this is your first video. It sounds like all of these are worth at least trying.

  5. czerbe

    Nice Craig do you know B&M in the area that is doing this promo

    • Do you know a shop in Wyomissing called Cigar Plus? How close are you to Limerick? Gooses may have them as well (I have to get by that shop, heard good things) They are listed on the CAO site as having ordered them…look under “get the cigars” on the CAO LSS site.

  6. Thanks for your informative and entertaining video! CAO has can advertising ‘hit’ with this promotion, to be sure. Who wouldn’t like the idea that a cigar company has the smoker’s preference in mind? Just thinking that I have a say in what they will next produce is flattering. I have no idea what this blend is, other than being Very GOOD, and Strong, with plenty of Vitamin N. I’ll hold off voting until I’ve had all three, but based on what you and others have said, I suspect my vote will be for the ‘O’.
    Thanks again for your fun video.
    I started with the ‘O’ for no particular reason

    • Thanks for your flattering comments. I had fun making the video and more fun smoking the cigars. I have to say that it bothers me a little that you smoked them out of order, but I guess we all have our proclivities :-). Enjoy the other two cigars, I think they each have something to offer!

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