C and C, Berger and Argenti, Undercrown Cigars and a Hoyo de Monterrey Contest Winner!

After a long weekend of work and play, I finished up with a  C and C Connecticut Robusto.  Purchased in a three pack along with a Corojo and a LRMD a bunch of weeks ago, this was the final cigar.  If I had been smoking the three of these in one sitting my inclination would have been to smoke them in the opposite order, Connecticut, Corojo and LRMD.  The Connecticut was an excellent cigar considering the $3.33 price tag.  I’d put this up against many Connecticut cigars priced higher, just as I think the Corojo and LRMD are comparable to similar cigars.  C and C cigars offer a really good smoking experience at a really fair price, and there’s something for everyone.  This is certainly a cigar line I wouldn’t mind having on hand, expecially the LRMD which is my favorite of the bunch. The Connecticut was a nice, smooth smoke, everything I’d expect from a Connecticut wrapped cigar.


Monday I picked up a Berger and Argenti Entubar v32 Khilla Korona for the evening walk with the dog.  This oddly shaped cigar takes a little care to light properly and I almost forgot to take the foot band off!  I chose it because it was a relatively smaller cigar, I was in a maduro mood, and I was up against the clock.  This badboy burned really slow.  It took about an hour and a half to smoke, but it was pretty darned good.  It burns well, but the draw was a little bit firmer than I would have preferred.  Either way, nice cigar on the stronger side, with good coffee/cocoa flavors.


With the 4th of July holiday falling on a Wednesday, Tuesday was a little like a Friday (a short week, a really short weekend, and another short week!).  I selected my last Undercrown Gran Toro for the evening’s walk.  Mexican maduro strikes again! This cigar was excellent. It’s burn was perfect, draw perfect and was fantastic with a nice cold IBC root beer.  This particular example, which has been in my humidor for eleven months, held it’s own with it’s Liga Privada brethren.  It was great, everything I wanted in a cigar at the time.  If I were forced to choose between this cigar and the Emilio AF1, I think The Emilio has the edge, but not by much.



General Cigar Co. has been having a contest on their HoyoDeMonterreyCigar.com site where they are giving away a box of their Reposado en Cedros cigars every day so head over there and try to win a box!  In the mean time, I’m having four weeks worth of contests myself giving away two (2) three-packs of Reposados en Cedros cigars, I’ll announce the contest on Sundays, and reveal the winner that following Wednesday.  This being Wednesday, I need to announce a winner, so I turn to Random.org‘s random number generator to pick from the 27 entries. The winner is comment number 9, which is Allen!  This was a totally random selection, but I’m pleased with it, since Allen is serving in the Navy and it couldn’t be more fitting to send a member of the US military some smokes on the Fourth of July!  Thanks to reading Allen, and of course for your service!  Stay tuned for the next round on Sunday!  I appreciate everyone who reads and leaves a comment, thanks very much!!


As it’s Independence Day in the US, and, more importantly, my wife and my 25th wedding anniversary today, I’m going to head out and smoke some great cigars to celebrate!  Everyone keep it safe out there!


Until the next time,




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9 Responses to C and C, Berger and Argenti, Undercrown Cigars and a Hoyo de Monterrey Contest Winner!

  1. Swede214

    Congrats to you and your ”bride”!

  2. Mark

    Happy 25th Anniversary!

  3. czerbe

    Very cool Craig congrats we are going for our 10th in a month.

  4. Steve C


  5. jjo

    Happy anniversary! Looks like you had a nice smoke week.

  6. Allen

    Thanks Craig and Happy Aniversary!

  7. Lloyd l.

    Happy Anniversary to both of you! Best wishes, Craig. By the way, I really dig that Undercrown!

  8. Allen R.

    Oh so close 🙂 Congrats Allen.

  9. jimbobber

    I don’t know why I haven’t gotten around to picking up an Undercrown at the local B&M. I keep bypassing them for some reason, but right now a Mexican maduro wrapped stick and an ice-cold root beer sounds great!