Bugatti Cigars Ambassador Robusto

  1. Bugatti_Ambassador_RobustoIf the worst thing I can say about a cigar is that the company website is annoying, I guess that’s pretty good. Before I get into the cigar, let me bitch about the website a little. If one is going to have music playing on a website, please allow me the option of turning it off. As much as I love Jean Michel Jarre’s Oxygene, a 30 second loop playing over and over gets annoying. I shouldn’t have to mute my whole system while the site is open. I know, cigar company websites are a pet peeve of mine and your sick of hearing me bitch, but it’s a necessary marketing tool in 2016, and it’s really not hard to keep them updated, user-friendly and free of typos.  Rant over.  All that being said, the Bugatti Ambassador Robusto is a really good smoke.  Bugatti cigars used to be made by Perdomo, but they have re-tooled and returned to the market with some new blends, which I suspected were coming out of PDR, and was able to verify that suspicion through some research (I did ask directly, but received no response). The cigar is 5″ x 52 and is beautiful to look at. It has a Ecuador Habano wrapper that is smooth, milk chocolate-brown and has a distinct triple cap, with Dominican and Nicaraguan BugattiAmbassadorBoxfillers. Construction on the samples I smoked was perfect, they cut well, drew well and smoked perfectly. Considering these are priced in the $10 range, this should be a given. I was impressed with the medium bodied, smoothness of the smoke, with sweet, creamy flavors with a hint of spice. There was an interesting change about midway though that caught my attention, an increase in the exotic spice flavor.  I had some trouble letting these go, and smoked them to a nub. The presentation is very nice, the bands have a mix of holographic, prism lettering on a background of a black carbon fiber design, with red accents, and the boxes look really slick as well. These come in a Toro as well as a half corona in tins (which is what tipped me off to the PDR connection), I would happily sample either size if I were to encounter these in a store. My research didn’t turn up many outlets for this line, so I’m not sure where you might find these, but if you happen to come across this cigar it’s certainly worth a try. I enjoyed them fully.


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  1. The cigar sounds great, the website, not so much.

  2. Might just make it a mission to find some of these!!!

  3. jjo

    Haha, you touched on one of my pet peeves regarding cigar company websites: lack of response when you try to reach out to them via the contact page. It’s as if once the site is launched, they forget all about it.

    Anything coming out of PDR is worth trying.

  4. Great review Craig. I have never smoked any of the Bugatti cigars but I might after your glowing review… good job

  5. Dan Colley

    Because of the nature of my local B&M, I will likely never see one of these cigars, but that’s OK because I have yet to smoke a PDR cigar that I liked. Nothing personal, just taste. And, I wholeheartedly agree with the comments about websites that ignore queries. This lack of response is typically a clear and telling sign about their level of customer care.

  6. Patrick

    I never understand the companies that evade or outright refuse to give leaf stats or what house is rolling their product. Makes me feel like something is wrong.

  7. To be fair, my question was not through the contact form but direct, not that that excuses the lack of response. There should be more information on the site, but my main gripe was with the audio without a way to turn it off.

  8. Charlie H.

    LOL that song is horrible! Doesn’t get me pumped up to go buy the cigar HAHAH. If your going to put a song on your website do what Casa Fernandez did and play some Hispanic tunes…something with soul not 80s porn music! Next time you visit the Bugatti website Craig your going to have to turn your computer volume down…I have heard these are much better than the Perdomo version.

  9. Galileo

    I smoke that cigar two weeks ago on the first time, and since then I smoked another 12 sticks, excellent smoke unique taste.

  10. lonniemarci1991

    Thanks for the review, they look and sound really nice. I love the look of the box! I will have to keep my eyes open for them in the future. Thanks Craig!

  11. TriMarkC

    These Bugatis sound great!

  12. Frank Dreier

    Thanks for the review – I did a bit of research and found this cigar on the Cigar International site – they even have a promotion going on. I will get myself a box.

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