Berger & Argenti and Toraño Single Region

Sunday evening, after a very busy weekend, I had a hankering for a Berger  & Argenti Mooch Loll maduro.  This was a really nice looking 6″ x 52 torpedo, perfectly proportioned with a beautiful dark wrapper.  I have to say that in this case, I really enjoyed the natural wrapper more.  Still, it was a delicious cigar that performed admirably.  I had spent the afternoon at a street festival in my town, I had hoped to smoke a cigar or two while there, but it rained and was cold.  My youngest son was playing in one of his bands at the festival, they played at one of the locations, but their set at the main location was cancelled due to the weather.  I had planned on smoking one of the camouflage wrapped American Eagles cigars, so if someone complained, I could act like I didn’t know what they were complaining about!  This joke probably goes over better in my head, just like when I run into the rack of camo clothes in the sporting goods store and saying I didn’t see it.  Anyway, I still like the Berger & Argenti Mooch line quite a bit, the name may be a little odd, but the cigars are good.  This one was a sample from the IPCPR show.


Tuesday I selected a Toraño Family Cigars Single Region Serie Jalapa, which I bought at G & G Cigars on a recent visit.  This one was the 6″ x 54 Toro  Grande.  I;m not usually a fan of Criollo wrapped cigars, but this one, with it’s entirely Jalapa grown tobaccos, was sweet and rich, and I really enjoyed it.  It didn’t burn arrow straight, but I still was a very relaxing and enjoyable cigar.  My son, Corey, joined me on the front porch with a Cain F Nub and it didn’t kill him.  The Single Region Serie Jalapa is made completely from tobaccos grown on the El Estero Farm in Jalapa, Nicaragua.   A unique cigar, very nice.


Here is a little video I took with Charlie Toraño a the IPCPR show last July.  As with all my videos, don’t forget to turn your computer speakers down after watching!


That’s it for now, until the next time,




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