Berger and Argenti, Smoke Inn’s Quesada Micoblend and Fratello Cigars

BergerArgenti_Fatso_DipperI’m still working on smoking IPCPR show samples, but a couple smokes came into my possession since the show that I thought needed mentioning. Thursday evening I smoked a Berger and Argenti “Fatso” Dipper.  This funny little 4″x 62 perfecto is severely square pressed.  It actually measures about one inch x one-half inch, giving it the same proportions as a 2×4.  The first example I smoked a couple weeks ago left me in quite a quandary as to how to cut it.  I tried the V cutter and ended up butchering it pretty good.  This time I used my new Xikar MTX scissors and was able to get a clean cut. I’ve been getting used to using these scissors and they are razor sharp.  The last thing one should to is try to wipe any bits of scrap tobacco off the blades with ones finger.  Just saying.  Anyway, back to the Fatso.  This cigars have Nicaraguan fillers, an Ecuador Sumatra binder and a Nicaraguan maduro wrapper.  I’ve enjoyed a bunch of cigars from these guys, the Mooch Schnorr being my favorite, but this little cigar is fun to smoke and has some interesting and unique flavors that keep my attention.  The unusual shape in the hand and mouth take a little getting used to.


SI_QuesadaOctoberfest_DunkelAbe Dababneh at Smoke Inn has had some terrific smokes in his Micro Blend series.  Of the couple I’ve had the pleasure of smoking, most have been right up my alley in flavor, notably the Tatuaje Apocalypse and the Room 101 Big Delicious. This week they are releasing the next in the series, the Quesada Octoberfest Dunkel.  Full disclosure: I’ve not smoked any of the previous Octoberfest cigars, and my experience with Quesada cigars is limited to he Casa  Magna lines to the best of my recollection.  The Dunkel wraps the standard Quesada Octoberfest blend with a Connecticut broadleaf maduro wrapper, finished with a thin strip of  Ecuador Connecticut at the foot.  This makes it look a little like a dark beer with a head on it.  This cigar is blended to pair with beer.  I quit drinking 20 years ago so if I were to pair this with anything it would be root beer or ginger beer.  Having neither of these on hand, I just hitched up the dog and took a nice long walk.   The little bit of Ecuador Connecticut at the foot makes it start out with a creamy flavor, which gives way to the sweet, rich broadleaf quite quickly.  For me, this was a great way to spend a Saturday afternoon.  I loved the flavor. It probably would have burned perfectly if not for the breeze, and the fact that I was lazy and threw the bag with the cigars and a Boveda pack with a 72 on it in he humidor instead of talking them out.  I have a second one that I’ll let dry a little.  Smoke Inn is launching this cigar on Friday, so I figured if they were nice enough to send me a couple, I should write about it before then. Thanks to Abe and his gang.


Fratello_CoronaToday I smoked a cigar that was new at this year’s IPCPR show.  Fratello Cigars made quite an impression at the show.  Omar de Frias is a former professional basketball player, worked for NASA, and grew up next to a cigar shop in the Dominican Republic.  He’s also very tall.  I came home from the show with a Fratello corona, and an appreciation for Omar and his cigar line.  First off, the band is not shaped like a normal band.  Off of the cigar it has a chevron shape, and must take some extra effort in the factory to apply properly.  It’s red and clearly states the name of the cigar.  The wrapper is a Nicaraguan Habano, the binder is Ecuador Sumatra and the fillers are Nicaraguan and Peruvian.  These tobaccos all team up to make for a very nice smoke, medium to full bodied with loads of flavors.  I enjoyed this cigar for a little over an hour on this beautiful, late summer Sunday on the back deck.  If you happen to find yourself in the Washington D.C. area on Friday, September 20, 2013, stop in to W. Curtis Drapers in Bethesda, MD for the release party.  Omar is a terribly nice gentleman and he’s making some very tasty cigars! The video interview I did with Omar tells the story better than I can:


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2 Responses to Berger and Argenti, Smoke Inn’s Quesada Micoblend and Fratello Cigars

  1. JScott

    I enjoyed the interview. Thanks for letting us smoke vicariously through your “cigar excursions”.

  2. czerbe

    I’m excited to try this Fratello I have seen a lot about them! I hope all is well Flyers are just around the corner!!!!