An Undercrown, A Six-Zero, a Nomad and a San Lotano Cigar

Undercrown_GorditoAt some point last week, probably Friday, I grabbed an Undercrown Gordito from the Drew Estate Humidor and took it out for a walk. I enjoy the undercrown line, especially the Corona Viva, but there are some sizes I like better than others. This 6” x 60 turns out to be one of my favorites oddly enough (not including the Viva, which is a slightly different blend). Of course, I love the San Andrés wrapper, and I feel like the larger girth smooths out the blend for me. This was an eminently enjoyable cigar that was hard to put down. It was rich with a little bite to let you know you’re smoking something great. I continue to be a fan of this cigar.  


SixZero_RoboloSunday evening I wanted something enjoyable but unchallenging, if that makes sense. Sometimes you just want to grab a cigar and enjoy it without thinking about it. A month or so ago a picked up a fiver of Six-Zero Robolo’s from This is a 4½x60 San Andrés wrapped cigar made for BCP by Boutique Blends. While I haven’t sampled a lot of the Boutique Blends products, this is my favorite. I really enjoy the medium strength and full flavor of this fat rubusto (or short Gordo?). These are a no-brainer at around $3 each for flavor, construction and burn. As I said, I purchased these, they weren’t provided for review. I dig these cigars, I’d buy a bundle in a heartbeat.  


Nomad_VagabondMonday I selected possibly the most appropriately named cigar for my evening walk, the Nomad Vagabond. I purchased this nice little Dominican perfecto last year at the end of my vacation week after I came home from Nicaragua. Fred Rewey (@Godfadr) of Nomad Cigars was at a local shop (The Wooden Indian) along with the Ezra Zion guys and Nate McIntyre of Team Emilio. It was technically an Ezra Zion event, but I had to buy a handful of Fred’s cigars as well. This is a really nice, smooth Dominican cigar with hints of sweetness and a really nice draw, at least after I cut it a second time. Funny thing, I gave it a little snip with my Xikar scissors and it was fine, but about an inch into the cigar it kinda clogged. Very strange, but once I cut another eighth of an inch off it drew fine! This is a neat shape, very fun and enjoyable to smoke. I think this is the best in the Dominican line I’ve smoked.


SanLotano_Maduro_RobustoTuesday I wanted a sure thing, and I happened to come across a lonely San Lotano Maduro Robusto. I think I bought this a couple years ago at an AJ Fernandez event at another shop in Lancaster, PA. I really like this blend, and the box pressed robusto really worked well. It possessed my favorite aesthetic feature in a cigar, a nice, flat coal. I know what you’re thinking, again with the San Andrés wrapper, but what can I say, I’ve been in the mood for that flavor this week. This Robusto is 5½ x 54 and is sweet and creamy with a hint of spice. I have trouble finding anything wrong with most of AJ Fernandez’ work. I had actually thought earlier in the day that I wish I had a Man ‘O War Dark Aged Maduro, so when I saw this San Lotano I knew it was the one.


That’s about all I have this time around! I’m REALLY looking forward to consistently warm weather!  I certainly won’t be complaining that it’s too hot this summer after the winter we’ve had! Until the next time,





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8 Responses to An Undercrown, A Six-Zero, a Nomad and a San Lotano Cigar

  1. Craig, I got some of the BCP Six-Zeroes based on your earlier review, and you are dead-on. Definitely bundle-worthy. The longer sizes are good too. Great sticks!

  2. Lloyd L.

    The San Lotano Maduro is good, even though I haven’t smoked one in over a year…

  3. jjo

    I smoked my last Viva a couple of nights ago. Damn, I’m going to have to get more.

  4. Commish

    Have always had a place in my heart for the San Lotano. Always a good taste.

  5. I like how you did 4 mini reviews. Gets the palate going!

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  7. Those Six-Zero smokes are a great deal – can’t go wrong. Nice reviews!

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