An Ortega, an Alec Bradley and A Special Cain Cigar

Have you ever heard about a new cigar and, sight unseen, knew you’d love it?  When I heard Eddie Ortega of EO Brands/601, Murcielago, etc., was striking out on his own, and I knew he loves the Murcielago, and I love the Murcialago. I had a strong suspicion that his new cigar, the Ortega Serie D would be right up my alley.  Of course, I adore a San Andreas wrapper, and the Serie D has that wrapper!  I love a nice corona gorda, whattaya know, there’s a corona gorda!  While I was at the cigar shop on Saturday I picked up a couple of the Serie D finally, and fired up a No.7 after a nice day out with my wife having dinner at a friends house.  Obviously, I had built this cigar up in my mind pretty well, which can be a recipe for disaster.  No such luck here, it was a fantastic cigar.  Well made, beautiful maduro wrapper and D-licious!  I have a No. 12 that I got at the same time, looking forward to smoking that one too.  Eddie has a real winner here, but I never doubted that!


Monday evening I had to pick up one of the cars from the shop, so my oldest son and I decided to walk to the shop and took some Alec Bradley New York cigars with us that we had picked up at De La Concha on a visit last year.  I smoked the “Gotham” torpedo and my son had the “six two” robusto. These are only available from New York State retailers.  I don’t usually like a Criollo wrapper much, but this one was tasty, and it was a reasonably strong cigar.  It was pretty tasty and it lasted the entire 3 mile walk to the garage.  I picked up some of the other New York State specific cigars at the time, a Gurkha and a La Aurora, and I think this was my favorite.  Unfortunately, it’s tough to justify buying cigars in New York if I can help it, but having something exclusive like this makes it difficult to pass up. Nice cigar, try one if you have the opportunity.


Tuesday evening I broke down and grabbed one of those special cigars that you look at every time you open the humidor, but find a reason to save it for a special occasion or something.  I finally said “screw it” and selected a Cain Daytona Lancero which was gifted to my by my friend and local Oliva rep, Mike Staiber, last year at the IPCPR show.  I really enjoy the Daytona line, I find it milder than the Habano, Maduro and “F” lines, and well balanced.  This lancero was no different. I always feel a little fancy smoking a lancero, it’s an elegant size.  Unfortunately, it’s not a real popular size, but it’s one I really enjoy as long as I take my time and “sip” the smoke from it so it doesn’t get too hot.  Absolutely fantastic cigar, among the best I’ve had recently.  Fortunately I have another one floating around, as well as an “F” lancero or two.  I understand the Daytona lancero is available now in the special Studio Tabak sampler that is available at their store events.  I’ve liked the flavor of all the Cains I’ve smoked, but some are just too darned strong for me.  The Daytona solves this problem by giving me that great flavor in a friendlier package.  Very nice!


It’s a short one this time.  Memorial Day is just about upon us!  I hope everyone can squeeze in a few great cigars over the weekend!

Until the next time,




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5 Responses to An Ortega, an Alec Bradley and A Special Cain Cigar

  1. jjo

    I still need to get my hands on an Ortega, having heard such great things about them. I’d also like to give the Daytona lancero a try if I can find them, since I’ve been disappointed so far with the No. 4 and robusto, and I really like a good lancero. Thanks for the post.

  2. Freakboy791

    Craig. I really enjoyed the Ortega too. The wrapper is quite nice, the flavor profile is strong but unique. The price point cannot be beat.

  3. czerbe

    Craig enjoy your Weekend my friend great article. I have also had the Cain Lancero and loved it. My luck with the Eddi O didn’t go as well I picked one up down in Delaware and it was plugged from the start i will have to try another one.

  4. Eddie Ortega

    Hey Craig,

    glad you enjoyed it buddy, looking forward to hanging soon.

    **czerbe – sorry about the issue you had, sometimes it does happen…no matter how much we try. If you go to gary’s event in Delaware…will make it up to you 🙂



  5. Sounds like you had another great week. I gotta try a cain daytona, still haven’t picked one up, I like the straight ligero habano and maduro, yet never grabbed a daytona.

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