An Old La Aurora, Emilio Visits The Wooden Indian, and Another Hoyo de Monterrey Contest!

Friday evening I decided the time had come for a La Aurora Preferidos No.2 that has been knocking around my humidors for years.  I’m going to assume this was a Corojo wrapper, as it certainly wasn’t maduro or Connecticut, and it sure didn’t taste like Cameroon. On side note: on the La Aurora website they either have the Maduro No.2 pictured incorrectly, or the Maduro No.1 labelled incorrectly – Barry: get on that, would you bro!)  This cigar is a handsome 5″ x 54 perfecto, really quite a unique shape these days, although it used to be the standard, what cigars looked like 100 years ago.  As you can see from the picture, this poor cigar had a couple chips in the wrapper, no doubt from so many years rolling around naked in various humidors over the last 5 or 10 years, I honestly can’t remember how long.  This cigar burned perfectly, the draw and smoke were perfect, and it had that smoothness and refinement of flavor that years of age bring. I saved this cigar for a special occasion for so long, I finally decided it was time and went for it.  Glad I did, because it was a terrific experience.


Earlier in the week I received a message from Dave, the owner of the Wooden Indian Tobacco Shop in Havertown, PA letting me in on the fact that Gary Griffith and Nathan McIntyre of Emilio Cigars would be visiting Saturday at 9am.  Of course, my initial response was something like “9:00 on a Saturday morning?” But I sucked it up, threw on some clothes, and drove out to have a rare morning cigar.  When I arrived, the guys were all in the spacious walk-in humidor looking at the selection of Emilio cigars.  As I had yet to try the AF Suave, I picked up a handful of corona on Nathan’s recommendation, headed to the cash register, and fired one up.   What a tasty cigar, perfect for the morning, although it would certainly be satisfying any time of day.  Another winner from the Emilio stable.  It was great meeting Nate finally, always a pleasure spending time with Gary, and seeing  Alan Price, Emilio rep, CRA ambassador and all-around good guy was an added bonus.  As always, Dave and his staff at the Indian are always exceptional and entertaining.  If you ever find yourself in the Philadelphia area and want a great selection as well as a very comfortable Liga Privada Lounge (the first!), head west on Market street and find the shop, you won’t be sorry.  I wrapped up the day with an Emilio AF1 Toro, which was just delicious and may be my favorite in the line.



What am I going to do in a few weeks when I don’t have a Sunday contest to post?  We’ll, I suppose I’ll be at Disneyworld with my wife, and then getting IPCPR stuff ready for you after a short travel break.  Anyway, there’s still time to enter the Hoyo de Monterrey Box-a-day give-away at, and I have another pair of Reposados en Cedros 3-packs to give away to a lucky reader who leaves a comment here and send me his (or her) address after the winner is announced on Wednesday.  The latter part is critical!  My last two winners, Allen and Joel, were very prompt and their packages are on their way. Let the games begin!


That’s it for now, until the next time,




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    Possible free stuff? Sweet!

  2. Steve C

    Thanks for the contest! Thanks for the reviews! Hope you have a great week.

  3. Duane Holmes

    I met Gary last year at the Chatweetup. Great guy and equally great cigars!

  4. JeffK

    Looking forward to trying these when I win! Thanks for all the contests and reviews.

  5. foozer69

    ive been wanting to try the #2 cant wait to get my hands on those!! thanks for the contest!!

  6. TriMarkC

    Hey Craig! Great contest and sounds like a great way to start your Saturday. I love the perfecto shapes, but seems nowadays the few cigars that have that shape are usually outta my normal price range. Thanks!

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  8. jimbobber

    Early morning and late evening (well, let’s call it sunrise and sunset) are my favorite times for a cigar.

  9. jjo

    Thanks for another great write up. I wish that Gary and/or Nate would make it out here to the PNW sometime.

  10. Lloyd L.

    It’s been a long while since I’ve won anything!

  11. Jeff Giese

    Always look forward to a great cigar, especially when it’s free.

  12. Nathan Zimmerman

    Still looking for those HdM’s! Keep up the good work Craig!

  13. Joel


    The reviews are awesome, keep up the good work.

  14. Michael Faryna

    Nice blog. Always nice to find new reviews, sites, blogs etc. Have a great week and may your ashes stay long!

  15. Zigarboy

    I’d love to win those HDM’s

  16. FF184

    Thanks again for the contests.

  17. czerbe

    IPCPR!!! enjoy I’m jealous.

  18. David

    Can’t get enough of your weekly updates, I need to find a local who carries the AF1!

  19. I’m wondering if that huge sword is your new cigar cutter, and if you get many volunteers to hold the cigar while you take a swing at the cap?

  20. As always, thanks for the contest.
    Stay hydrated! A cigar smoker’s summer (in the evenings at least).

  21. CigarFriar

    I really make a point of reading your posts throughout the week and truly do appreciate your opinion and the effort you put forth on your site. Thanks. Wish you could make out to the Rocky Mountain Cigar Fest in August. Way out of your way, but would love to talk cigar with you.

  22. Jerry

    I’m in. Thanks Craig. Have a nice vacation.

  23. Gary Fritz

    Thanks for the contest Craig!Stay cool my Friend!

  24. Tom

    I recently had a fresher La Aurora Preferido and it was a splendid experience

  25. Wil Sawers

    Thanks for the blog and the regular contests.

  26. Swede214

    Thanks Craig, said it before, I’ll say it again, always a good read.