An Exceptionally Good Saturday: A Celebration Cigar with Guillermo Leon and a contest!

Yesterday was a fantastic day.  It kind of began Friday evening with a call from our daughter that her water had broke (it’s VERY important to know at this point that she was pregnant at the time, but not due for a couple weeks).  We received a text message at 3:30 yesterday morning that she has delivered a 6 pound, 13 oz baby girl, much to our delight.  Naturally, there’s no getting back to sleep after receiving such news!  We were at the birth center before 7 to meet our first grandchild.  We spent a couple hours admiring the child and left them alone to get their new parent training.  They were in a “birth center” that was very small, not really conducive to visitors, and very busy.  Under normal circumstances they would be sent home twelve hours after delivery!  Crazy stuff.  So we went about our business running usual Saturday errands. “Pop” and “Tynnie” are very proud grandparents!

After lunch I took a ride down to The Wooden Indian in Havertown, PA (coincidentally where my daughter and son-in-law live).  They were having a La Aurora event with a longest ash contest (in which I didn’t participate), hosted by Guillermo Leon, as well as Chris Lenzo of Miami Cigar & Co.  Another point relevant to this story: Our daughter’s name is Aurora, and the first box of premium cigars I purchased were LA Aurora Bristol Especiales back in 1996.  So with the intention of smoking a celebratory cigar, and meeting Señor Leon, I picked up a La Aurora 107 Lancero and a Guillermo Leon Signature Corona Gorda and got to work celebrating.  I expected a large crowd.  Previous events I’ve attended at the store have been packed. I wish the event had drawn a bigger crowd, but it was much more comfortable and I was fortunate to have the opportunity to hang out with Guillermo and really get to chat with him.  Such a gentleman, very easy to talk to and really embraces the “new media”.  Of course, I had to smoke the Signature Corona Gorda that he handed me, and it was a dynamite cigar.  Very smooth and flavorful. He told me that it has two binders, one of which is Cameroon which definitely comes through midway through the cigar.  Very complex and interesting, and ideal cigar to celebrate the day.  Havertown is about 45 minutes from Downingtown, and the ride home was wonderful.

When I got home I watched the last period of game one of the NHL Eastern  Conference Semifinals in which the Flyers lost badly.  Besides that it was a great day.  My wife and I then went shopping for baby girl stuff and went back to the hospital to visit baby and parents, who had been checked in as a precaution and are going home today.

I’m often asked what this blog is about, and I tell them it’s about what I’m doing when I smoke a cigar, and why I like the cigar I’m smoking.  I am not a good technical reviewer, there are plenty of them, ( and come to mind immediately.  BTW, many thanks to Tony at CasasFumando, I recently won a pair of Para Japón cigars by La Aurora from him!) see the sites in the  left hand sidebar for some of my favorites,  so I don’t feel the need to compete.  I simply relate the things I’m doing, some my be exciting, some may be mundane, but it’s my way of enjoying cigars!

In my estimation, the recent turn of events calls for a contest!  I have another 5 pack of La Gloria Cubana Serie N JSB cigars, generously provided by the fine folks at General Cigar Leave a comment with your guess of my new grand daughter’s name to enter. Just leave a comment.  In the moments after publishing this article, my daughter and her husband settled on the name Willow, so guessing it would be very easy.  I’ll select a winner randomly.  Contest rules can be found on the Winner and Rules page.  Keep in mind that I don’t know the baby’s name at the time of writing!  She was a couple weeks early and the kids hadn’t decided yet!!  Honestly I’ll accept any comment as an entry, just trying to make it a little interesting, guessing baby names isn’t exactly a guy thing, is it? I’ll pick a winner next weekend sometime (it’s Mother’s Day, don’t forget!)

Anyway, I’m trying to decide between the enormous La Aurora Puro Vintage 2003 or the 107 Lancero for today’s walk, or there’s a really old Perferido someplace, or even a Bristol Especiales that’s probably 10 years old….

Until the next time,


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26 Responses to An Exceptionally Good Saturday: A Celebration Cigar with Guillermo Leon and a contest!

  1. Rod Warczak

    Congrats Craig! Grandkids are the best and you have many enjoyable years ahead of you. Guess the name? Do we get more than one guess? LOL! How about Tynie?

  2. Steve C

    I guess Jasmine, THANKS FOR THE CONTEST, would love to try these. Congrats on the grandkid, I have 4, and 3 daughters, and of course my other half, my wife. The greatest gifts the Lord could give a man. Appreciate your blog and the the fact that it isn’t so techmical.

  3. Duane Holmes

    Congratulations Craig!!! I have a 7 year old gran daughter that the light of my life. I sure she will be yours too. BTW, exclude me from the contest as I won the first contest you had for the LGC N .

  4. Chris McCann

    Congratulations, Craig! Thanks for the contest and the excellent blog!

  5. Kyriakos

    Congrats m8, wish the best, thank you for your time and the gr8 blog.
    Keep up.

  6. Allen

    Congratulation on the new grand child. I have 4 boys of my own the oldest being 14 and down to 2. Your own kids are great but i have been told grand children are even better you get to spoil and enjoy them and send them home with mom and dad. Sounds like a day for a nice celebratory cigar. Congrats again and thanks for the contest.

  7. JohnG

    Congratulations Craig. Enjoy her.

  8. Wayne Nye

    Congrats Craig I know she will bring you manys years of joy! Thanks for the coupon code!

  9. jimbobber

    Congratulations to the proud parents, and to “Pop” and “Tynnie”!

  10. Joel Scott (doblemaduro)

    Congratulations GrandPa! I hope to be equally as blessed with grand-babies someday. I’ll smoke one on behalf of the newest edition to your family. I have a lone Liga-Privada #9 that should do the trick!

  11. DB

    Congrats Craig (Pops, Pa, Grand Dad, etc) I know you are very proud and I wish you and your extended family all the best!

  12. TriMarkC

    Congratulations Gran’pa! That’s so cool! Wishing you and your now extended family all the best!!

  13. Twitchysteve

    Congrats again Craig! Must be an exciting time for you and your family. Wish you all the best.

  14. Joel

    Congrats! My son is 14 months old and was the best thing to ever happen to me! I’m sure you are feeling te same right now.

    God Bless!

  15. Robert Ritchie


  16. Dave with a Y

    Congrats Craig! Surprize! Enjoy the new addition to the family.

  17. Brendan

    Congrats on the grandbaby! I’m a father, my son is 3, I hope to have grandkids one day! Wish you the best!

  18. Ryan

    Thanks 4 the contest

  19. Jeffrey

    Congrats! Hope all goes well with the rest of the pregnancy and that the delivery goes smooth. Also, thanks for the contest.

  20. Matt

    Congrats Craig! I appreciate the contest too.

  21. Not sure if the contest is still on but congrats anyway!

  22. Swede214

    Hello Craig, just saw you web site for the first time, I like it, I’ll be back.

  23. Justin

    Congrats! Willow is a great name.

  24. Richard M.

    Congrats Craig!

  25. Richard M.

    Congrats Craig! It must be exciting to be a new granddad

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